In our continuing efforts to provide the best advice and support for those facing amputation for their cats and dogs, we have developed the Tripawds Required Reading List.

Jerry poses at Gros Ventre Campground

These links answer many of the most commonly asked questions about:

  • amputation for dogs and cats
  • pet cancer treatment options and care
  • how to keep your Tripawd strong and fit from puppy days to the senior years.

We began as a dog-centric community, but each day we are adding more information to help cats facing amputation of a limb. Thanks for your patience as we grow our Tripawd cat information knowledgebase.

This extensive list is just a small sampling of informative posts from the Tripawds Featured Blogs. Much more advice can be found by searching the Tripawds Community Discussion Forums.

Oscar the Tripawd Cat

Tripawds eBook Answers Most Common Dog Amputation Questions

From the Tripawds News Blog

Cat and Dog Amputation Surgery Tips

Frequently Asked Questions About Tripawd Dogs and Cats, Part 1

Top Ten Questions About Amputation And Coping with Bone Cancer
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Choosing a Vet for Amputation Surgery

Partial vs. Full Leg Amputation for Pets, What’s Better?

Pain Relief Tips for Tripawd Dogs and Cats

Prevent and Manage Pain After Amputation for Tripawd Dogs and Cats

Side Effects After Amputation

Amputation Wound Care for Post-Surgery Dogs (good for cats too!)

Suture Reaction After Amputation Surgery

Amputation Surgery and Recovery Tips from One Vet

Fluid Build-Up and Amputation Seromas: What You Need to Know

Amputation Not an Option? Consider Bisphosphonates

Tripawd Cat and Dog Cancer Information

Diagnosing Bone Cancer in Dogs: What to Expect

Oncologist or Family Vet: Which is Better?

MRIs versus CT Scans: What’s the Difference?

X-rays vs. CT Scans for Bone Cancer Staging

Why Biopsies Matter if Bone Cancer is Suspected

Bone Cancer Tumors and Treatment Options for Dogs

Pet Cancer Clinical Trials and What You Need to Know

Prednisone and Dog Cancer Tips

Metronomic Chemotherapy Information Links

How Many Chemotherapy Sessions are Best for Osteosarcoma in Dogs?

Tripawd Mobility & Getting Around Tips

Prosthetics for Tripawds: Learn About Pros and Cons from OrthoPets

Orthopedic Health Tips for Tripawds from Colorado State University

Wheelchairs for Tripawds: When and How They Can Help?

Rehab Tips, Exercises and Stretches (3-part video interview)

Chiropractic Care Basics for Tripawd Dogs

Massage Tips for Tripawds

Acupuncture and Rehabilitation Therapy Tips for Tripawds

Tripawd Dog Pawrents; check out the Tripawds e-books
for fast answers to most common questions.

Tripawds Gear Blog

Strengthening and Fitness Tips for Keeping your Tripawd Strong, Healthy and Fit

Rehab Therapy Tips to Help Tripawd Dogs Stay Strong

Strengthen Your Dog’s Core Muscles with these Exercises

Swim Your Three-Legged Dog Safer and Longer with a Float Coat

Harnesses: Best Mobility and Walking Harnesses for Helping Three Legged Dogs

Harnesses: Popular All-Purpose Webmaster Harness

Boots and Shoes: Dog Boots Protect Paws and Provide Traction

Raised Bowls: Elevated Feeding Stations Help Tripawd Posture

Crates and Confinement: Best Pet Gates, Pens & Crates for Safe Amputation Recovery

Pain Management: Farabloc EMF Shield for Post Surgery Comfort

Tripawds Nutrition Blog

Cancer Therapy: Jerry’s Canine Cancer Diet & Supplements

Cancer Therapy: Aloha Medicinals K9 Immunity & Transfer Factor

Cancer Therapy: Power Mushrooms Immune Boosting Supplement

Cancer Therapy: Learn About Apoptosis and Canine Cancer

Hip/Joint Pain: Dasuquin with MSM for Dogs Promotes Healthy Joints

Dog Diet: Links and Resources for a Healthy Dog Foods

Tripawds Downloads Blog
 Download the Tripawds fitness e-book for tips on staying happy strong.

Cancer Treatment: Dr. Dressler’s Dog Cancer Survial Guide Kit

Phantom Pain: Tips for Managing Phantom Limb Pain in Dogs
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Dog Diet: Healthy Pet Diet eBook Offers 245 Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Tripawds Amazon Selections Blog

Amputation: Never regret your decision to amputate.

Cancer Therapy: Help Your Dog Fight Cancer Advice Book

Emotional Recovery: Guardians of Being Teaches You to Think More Dog

Pain Management: Vet-recommended Nature Made SAM-e

The Tripawds Story

Jerry’s Story: How Tripawds Came To Be

Tripawds on TV: Watch Jerry in the PBS Documentary: NATURE “Why We Love Cats And Dogs”

Spirit Jerry: How We Coped with the Grief, and our Search for Jerry’s Acres

Spirit Jerry: Video Tribute to a Canine Cancer Hero

Tripawds Leg-a-Cy: Meet New Tripawds Spokespup Wyatt Ray Dawg

Coping With Loss

Tripawd Forums: Question Yourself to Prepare for Pet Loss

Spirit Jerry: How We Knew His Time Had Come

Emotional Health: Fear, Guilt and Anticipatory Grief

Emotional Health: Free Counseling from the Argus Institute

Emotional Health: Acknowledge There Is Nothing Left To Lose

Emotional Health: Understand The Truth and Welcome Reality

Fun Stuff

Tripawd Gifts: Show Your Tripawd Pride with Three Legged Dog Merchandise!

Tripawd Gifts: Pay Tribute with Unique Pet Memorial Jewelry

KillBarney Blog: What is the KillBarney Tour