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If you need pet amputation help and are visiting Tripawds for the first time, you are likely overwhelmed, and not sure where to begin. First, Breathe, slow down and learn how to Be More Dog. Know that you have found the best place for pet amputation help, resources and support from others.

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Please take a moment and follow these steps below to get the most benefit from this website. Read all the way through and enjoy a special gift too!

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1. Take a minute to read this page.

We are sorry to hear that your dog or cat may need an amputation, or perhaps is now recovering from surgery. But we are glad you found us! Please know that everyone who joins Tripawds understands exactly what you’re going through.

For now, please read on to learn how to connect with the world’s best place for pet amputation help. 

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3. Get familiar with this website.

Tripawds has a wealth of information for pet amputation help. In fact one of the only complaints we receive is that there is too much information. Take just two minutes to watch this video describing the site’s primary features.

Still need help navigating the site? Don’t know how to post in the forums?
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And that’s just the beginning!

Like we said, this site has much more to offer than the blogs, forums and chat…Watch the Tripawds Tutorial Video for more help navigating the many available resources!

Tripawds is a network of blogs, not just one website. You are currently viewing the main site.

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Use the navigation menu in the yellow band across the top of every page to easily find the many other resources the Tripawds network has to offer:

Review all Tripawds Foundation Assistance Programs to see if you qualify.

4. Bookmark the reading list.

One of the best places to start here is by reviewing and bookmarking Jerry’s Required Reading List. Do that now, we’ll wait… This ever-growing list includes links to many of the best blog posts, forum topics, veterinarian interviews, videos and podcasts in Tripawds history.

5. Search the blogs and forums.

If you have questions—and we’re sure you do—they have likely been answered in the Tripawds Discussion Forums. The forums are this community’s most popular, and most helpful resource.

  • First, take a moment to search the thousands of topics for any specific concerns.
  • Next, pick a forum and start a new topic. Introduce yourself, tell us about your dog or cat. Oftentimes you will receive replies from members within minutes.

Remember, Tripawds hosts five featured blogs and 2,000+ member blogs too! Many members share their success stories, treatment plans, helpful recommendations and more. You can search all blogs here.

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6. Download e-books for fast pet amputation help.

No time to search our site? No worries…take a breath and download the Tripawds e-books for fast answers to the most common concerns about canine amputees. (In the future we’ll have feline-friendly e-books t00, so stay tuned!)

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9. Support your Tripawds community!

The free Tripawds blogs, forums, live chat and many other resources cost money to maintain. It’s only made possible through generous Tripawds Supporters and our charitable organization, the Tripawds Foundation—a 501c3 public charity formed with the mission to help amputee pets and their people everywhere.

If you find this site helpful, there are various ways to Support Tripawds! Or, make a charitable contribution to help keep this community online, and we’ll pay tribute to your three legged hero or angel on the Tripawds Honor Roll.

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