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Tips for Three-legged Cats During and After Amputation Recovery

We understand how the Tripawds community seems like it’s gone to the dogs. That’s because in our early days, it was indeed exclusively focused on canines. But today we have a growing contingent of incredible Tripawd cats who teach us so much about caring for a three-legged cat. For all our new members seeking tips for three-legged cats, here’s a list that makes it easier. We present a list of helpful blog posts for all the Trikitties in the house.

Cool Tips for Tripawd Cats bookNEW: Download the first Tripawds Cat E-book for fast answers to common feline amputation recovery and care questions!

As more Tri-Kitty members join us and start a Tri-Kitty blog we’ll add more tips for three legged cats, and only about cats. For now many of these posts include both cats and dogs, we hope you find the information helpful.

Three Legged Cat Tips

From Our Tripawd Cat Members

Tripawd Kitty Bloggers Sharing Their Feline Amputation Tales

DIY Baby Onesie/T-shirts Cone of Shame Alternative

Litterbox Mods for Severely Disabled Kitties

Feline Rehab/PT Work Paying Off (Videos)

More Feline Physical Therapy Videos

Purrkins 4 months update –  Weight Loss and Exercise

From the Tripawds Forums

Three Legged Cat Discussion Topics

From the Tripawds News Blog

Purrkins Lessons for Tripawd Kitties

Ten Things To Know About Tripawd Cats

Front Leg Tripawd Cat Tips and Tricks

Litterbox Tips for New Tripawd Cats

Sebastian Shares His Best Tips for Tripawd Cats

Tripawd Kitty Bloggers Sharing Their Feline Amputation Tales

All About Tripawd Cats with Dr. Kennedy

From the Tripawds Foundation

Feline Rehab Checkup for Cheesecat

Three Legged Cat Walking Backwards Benefits from Free Feline Rehab

The Maggie Moo Fund for Tripawd Rehab

From the Tripawds Downloads Blog

star Cool Tips for Three Legged Cats – First ever cat amputation handbook!

Tripawd Cats Share Tails About Amputation, Life on Three Legs

Learn About Feline Tripawds with Dr. Marty

Emergency Amputation for Dogs and Cats

Download the Tripawd Talk Podcast on Cats and Dogs Holistic Care

How Integrative Holistic Vet Care Helps Cats and Dogs Fight Cancer, Stay Healthy

Is Your Vet Following Current Pain Management Guidelines?

From the Tripawds Amazon Blog

How to Pill a Dog or Cat

How Pheromone Anti-Anxiety Therapy Helps New Tripawd Cats, Dogs

Post-Amputation Abscess Care Tips for Tripawds

Four Paws, Five Directions Deciphers Veterinary Chinese Medicine

Learn to Release Your Pet’s Hidden Health Potential with Holistic Care

Tripawd, cat, three-legged, eat, diet, nutrition, amputation, recovery
Steve shows how Tripawd cats eat.

From the Tripawds Nutrition Blog

Natural Remedies for Amputation Recovery

What’s the Best Nutrition for Tripawds?

The Basics of Cat Nutrition

Do Cats Need Joint Supplements?

Rotating Foods Keeps Dogs and Cats Healthy

How to Cook Liver Treats for Dogs and Cats

Amputation Recovery Supplement Helps Tripawds Get Healthy

Weight Loss Resources for Tripawd Cats and Dogs

Pumpkin Pulp Treats for Cat and Dog Weight Loss, Digestion and More!

Easy Grain-Free Salmon Treats Recipe for Tripawd Cats and Dogs

Natural Ways to Get Fast Cat and Dog Diarrhea Help

Ease Tripawd Cat Arthritis

How Yunnan Baiyao Stops Bleeding in Pets, People

From the Tripawds Gear Blog

Drug-Free Pet Pain Relief with the Assisi Loop

DIY Tripawd Cat Traction Socks for Slippery Floors

All Natural Organic Pet Toys for Healthy, Safe Fun

Would you like to write a guest blog post exclusively about tips for three legged cats? We would LOVE that! Drop us a line anytime and let us know what you’d like to write.

NEW: Download the first Tripawds Cat E-book for fast answers to common feline amputation recovery and care questions!

Cool Tips for Tripawd Cats book


Sharing is Caring!

4 thoughts on “Tips for Three-legged Cats During and After Amputation Recovery”

  1. Love seeing a familiar face, but the kitty labeled as Esteban isn’t Esteban (I don’t know who it is)! The kitty labeled as Steve is actually Esteban!!

    Steve’s ampuversary and colectemy surgiversary are next month! We’re ready to celebrate because she’s healthier than ever!!! 😀 <3 <3 <3

  2. FANTASTIC information and links all in one place:)
    Jerry would of never guessed he would be helping kitties and all kinds of tripawd animals too!
    Thank you for all you guys do for all animals and there humans!


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