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Tripawd Kitty Bloggers Sharing Their Feline Amputation Tales

Jerry first wrote about Nemo the three legged cat in November, 2007.

We first reviewed “Henry’s World: A Three Legged Cat’s View of Human Absurdity” here in the Tripawds News blog back in 2009.

Then in 2011 we reminded readers that Tripawds is not just for cancer dogs.

In 2013, we announced a wide selection of fun three legged cat designs now available on t-shirts and gifts in the Tripawds Gift Shop.

three legged cat bookNEW: Download How to Help Your Three Legged Cat for fast answers to common feline amputation recovery and care questions!

More recently, we published a guest article in the Tripawds Nutrition blog discussing The Basics of Cat Nutrition.

Now, as the Tripawds community continues to grow, we have an increasing number of tri-kitty bloggers! Please visit their blogs below or leave a comment if we left anypawdy out!

Top Three Legged Cat Amputation Recovery and Care Tips
Tri-kitty Fang
First Tripawds Kitty Blogger Fang

Tripawds Three Legged Cat Blogs

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Fang’s Story*

Cat Amputation – Our cat’s transition to having three legs instead of four

Jill’s Journey*

Hopping her way towards a (hopefully) cancer free life three legs at a time

The stumbly tale of a rockin’ old cat

Rear leg may be gone but he doesn’t half-ass it.

Freya’s tale

Our journey starts with a single step on three legs

Little Man

Loving Life on 3 Legs

my tripawd story

Another Amazing Tripawds Three Legged Cat Blog

Tripawds Three Legged Cat designs inspired by Jill.

A Blind Eye and a Tripod

A Tripawd kitty and her friends

Henry Blue Eyes

A Three Legged Cat Blog


Masters Harold, Claude, & Spiderman Presiding

Salem Bynx’s Second Chance

Our three legged adventure

Deva the Wonder Cat
Deva the Wonder Cat

Deva the wondercat*

Another Amazing Tripawds Three Legged Cat Blog

Holly’s journey to become a super tripawd kitty!!*

Another Amazing Tripawds Three Legged Cat Blog

Lemmy & Hailstorm

Two Cats, Seven Legs

Niko’s Story

A story to health and happiness!

Sebastian’s Story*

A three legged, still shockingly handsome, black cat.

Misty Grey X-rays
Misty Grey’s X-rays

Misty Grey*

She has things to do, like occupying sunbeams, drinking out of the bathroom sink, and being beautiful – on four legs, or three!

Ian Fluffypaws

A Tripawd Kitty Dreaming of World Domination

Steve the Pretty Tripawd Kitty*

The Prettiest Tripawd Kitty You Ever Did See

Bobby’s Big Kitty Blog*

Living and Loving Life on 3 Legs

three legged cat bookNEW: Download How to Help Your Three Legged Cat for fast answers to common feline amputation recovery and care questions!

More Tri-kitty Bloggers

We’ll do our best to update this list as more cat bloggers join the Tripawds nation! If we missed you, please comment with a link to your Tripawds blog.

Three Cats, Eleven Paws*

Jerry Kitty’s Story

Vinny Boy

My Cuddly Gentle Giant


Mona shares her three-legged adventures after Vaccine Associated Sarcoma.

Kender’s Tripawd Journey

The Tales of Tri-kitty Kender

Smore the Kitten

The Journey of a Sweet Kitten with 3 legs


The Tri-pocalypse Chronicles

Tripawd Misha

Misha lost a leg to an osteosarcoma in August 2014

Oscar the Tripawd Kitty

Oscar is a kitty who values his independence and still loves to curl up on the couch with his humans.

Rory the Tripawd Kitty

Rory, Tuxedo Cat, battles forepaw tumor with amputation


Purrkins Soft Tissue Sarcoma*

Cat 6 years old Diagnosed soft tissue sarcoma left front leg

Painy’s Progress

A vision-impaired cat loses a front leg to cancer

The Elf Himself

Living beyond a feline hemangiosarcoma diagnosis.

Fredo’s Fight

Fredo’s journey through rear-leg amputation

Dao Dao the Chinese Cat

Balancing life on three paws.

Leila and Me

A semi-tripawd’s story so far…

 The Dipster

The story of my 3 legged feline friend.


A very special cat who lost his leg to bone cancer.

Crumble the cat loses a leg to osteosarcoma and bounces back!

Charlie the Cat Amputee
Charlie lost his leg to cancer in November 2015.

Jack the Cat does one-pawed gymnastics!

Harley Davidson: Cancer Being Defeated by Hope
See how a fibrosarcoma tumor won’t slow this kitty down.

Pookie’s Planet
“My world revolves around him.”

The Big Meowski
After being fostered by TriKitty Steve’s pride, Esteban joins Watson for grand adventures!

Join Sebastian in his new life on three legs.

For the love of Simba
Simba Post-op

Jack the Kiwi Cat
Jack bounces back after losing a leg to something other than cancer.

Romeo the Kitteh
Because black and white cats are the best!

Jessy’s Page
Jess was shot and left behind. See how this amazing kitty bounces back!

Tia the Tripod Cat
Journey of my cat Tia becoming a tripawd kitty

Batman’s place
This site is about my three legged cat batman

My three-legged furbaby
Tripawd Trio

Our Fur Babies
kitties and puppies/cats and dogs

Three-legged, cat, tripawd, tripod, amputee, feilne
Becca the Tripod Tabby

Trin’s journey to becoming bionic
Bionic Trin

Twister: from deformed rear legs to tripod kitty
Sweet TriKitty gets ready for his furever home.

Learning To Love Again
Loss, Love, and learning to open my heart again

My Brandy and Me
The journey of my cat’s amputation and her life.

Midnight’s Amputation
Midnight’s Left Leg Amputation

Anne Bonny Swimmer Kitten
Annie had Swimmer Syndrome and an amputation

Feta the Three Legged Cat
Feta Cat’s Journey to Mobility

Feta the Three Legged Cat
Feta Cat’s Journey to Mobility

Bruno: Our Awesome-sauce Tripawd
(and how he changed our world)

Tripawd since January 9, 2017

Leo’s Life on 3 Legs
A 6-year-old cat’s journey after a hemipelvectomy

My tripod, Rockie
Rockie loses a leg from fibrosarcoma

Sweet Pea
16 year old Sweet Pea bounces back!

Romeo and Juliet

Jet the Tripawd Cat

Midnight’s Left Leg Amputation

JJ the Bengal Cat

Becca, the life of a Tripod Tabby

Charlie’s Story

Maceo Cat’s Cancer Journey

Rusty the Bunnyman

Life for Levon

Getting ready for our tripaws cat

Howl’s Moving CASTle

Missy Hissy

Cream Puff the TriPawd

:Chococat the Tripawd Kitty

Adventures with Tripod Dupuis

Frank the Tank


Adventures in Three Legged Fostering

One Eyed Jack

Whimsy Wondergirl


Pkitty Catnanigans

Scout’s Tripawd Experience

Cajun Kitty


big e

Oliver’s journey

Lana the lovely 3 1/2 legged kitty

Amb and Clyde

Samba The Brave

Horus’s Story

Mausi’s journey


D.W. — Feline Superhero

Adventures of Nubs

Simba The Tripawd

Rocky Remembered

I am Selina Kyle, hear me purr

Lloyds’ Story

Lyla Kitty Rear Amputation

Tripawd Razzle


Three wheels can go



Little Tripawd

Ming’s Journey

Nando’s Story

Shannon and Leah

Nockmarr, Tripedal Boy

Harley: Amputee cat rear leg


Marlo the cat

Simbas Journey

Amber the Calico Cat

Lucky’s amputation story

Draco the 3 Legged Cat

Tag’s Fantastic Voyage

Team Nolan “Champion”


Scully On 3 Legs

Smudge The Tripod





Skippy’s Remaining Leg FHO Surgery

Tiger’s Story

Castiel, parlor panther

Harold the Mighty


Stanley – Senior Cat with Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Meet my Doodlebug

Tigers Adventures

Watch Stevie Thrive

Lyla Kitty Rear Amputation



Alternative limb muscle spasms

Luanne: Updates about about a tripawd kitty

Nini Love

Little Miss and her Three Legs

Leo’s Journey

three legged cat bookNEW: Download How to Help Your Three Legged Cat for fast answers to common feline amputation recovery and care questions!

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25 thoughts on “Tripawd Kitty Bloggers Sharing Their Feline Amputation Tales”

  1. I have a 9 year old cat, Arizona, that had her foot amputated when she was a kitten, before I found her at the Humane Society. She gimps along okay but I feel like her stump hurts when she sometimes walks on it – she’ll hold it up higher than usual. I’ve never found a boot that will stay on it. Does anyone know of a product or have any suggestions I might try. I would hope to find something that doesn’t hamper her ability to jump or climb but that protects her stump.

  2. I am glad to hear so many amazing stories! Here is the start of Clawde Meownet’s story:
    Last week and outside stray that I had become attached to, showed up at my back door dragging his left front leg. I took him to the Sunday emergency room at my vets office. They said he had been shot and I could pay to amputate or euthanize. I could never euthanize.
    I paid for the amputation, for him to neutered, and for all his shots and aftercare.
    Unfortunately, I could not keep him because of a 14 yr old territorial rescue cat I have…and allergies.
    I found a wonderful home for him and they have kept me informed of his progress and how he is becoming part of their family as he realizes they care for him as much as I do.
    Thank you a, for all these inspirational accounts!

    • Awww thank YOU Diana, what a great human you are! Thanks for sharing Clawde’s story, I hope his people come back to share his journey with us. Best wishes to you and your own kitty!

  3. I am new to the tripawd world. My almost 11 year old cat, Dexter has VAS . He had 2 surgeries to remove the sarcoma from his rear left leg. The last was 12/29/2015. My vet told me it was VAS stage 3. She said it would be a good idea to see an oncologist.
    The oncologist scheduled radiation therapy (20 session 5/wk). But 10 days later when we were going to start therapy, the oncologist found 2 nodules. After a consult with a surgeon, it was determined that the only option other than palliative would be amputation.
    After many tears, I realized he just wasn’t ready to go. He had his left rear leg and 40% of his pelvis removed. He was in the hospital for 3.5 days as he wasn’t eating and was aenemic. The hospital sent hi ho e to see if he would eat. I was given bupenorphine for pain, clavamox for antibiotic and onsier.
    He still wasn’t eating and had already lost almost 2 lbs! I was really feeling so much guilt just thinking of how much pain and agony he was in. The next day (Fri 2/11), I brought him back for another blood test. The oncologist prescribed an appetite stimulant.
    For these past 6 days he’s has been eating, playing and hopping! I can’t believe how well he is doing
    I wanted to thank people in this forum. As I was making that decision to amputate I reAd all of the blogs. These gave me hope

  4. Miss Kitty’s surgery is scheduled for Friday [05/30/14]. As you all know, it’s been a tough journey. Kitty had a VAS removed four years ago, followed by chemo. Then a couple of weeks ago, I discovered a growth on her left hip, the same area as before. Her vet aspirated it. It was cancer and we were referred to Avets. She went in for surgery and was anesthetized for radiology, CT scan and surgery. Her lungs are clear but the scan revealed a mass inside the elbow of her left hind leg.

    The surgery was postponed so we could talk about what to do. The first thing the vet mentioned was amputation. I was horrified and saw no way that I could do that. Really struggled with it and came to the decision to have minimal surgery followed by chemo. It didn’t take long for me to become uneasy about that. Then, last evening, a friend and I searched the Internet to learn more feline fibrosarcoma. [It was this friend who found Tripawds.] Thinking and praying about what I was reading brought me to the conclusion that minimal surgery followed by chemo was about as good as doing nothing. I’d be putting Kitty through the trauma of surgery and chemo without the best possible chance of survival. And so it comes down to amputation. I haven’t told the surgeon yet [that will come tomorrow] and I’m still horrified but I do believe it’s best…

  5. THANK YOU for writing this piece 🙂 It warms my heart to see all these new tri kitty bloggers!!! And we owe such a big thanks to our leader FANG!
    If it were not for Fang, I may not have stuck around this place and boy, who knows where I woulda wound up 😉

    • Fang, if it weren’t for you, I probably wouldn’t have found this place. I was totally uncertain about the whole amputation thing. I was totally worried about quality of life, and then I ran into your blog.

      Rory is less than a week since the amputation, and so I’m still learning and in some moments, still wondering. But I have to thank you for making my decision a bit more clear.


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