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Tripawd Tuesday: The Cat in the Fridge

Our visit to the BlogPaws Conference had many highlights but one of the best was discovering Crepes, a Tripawd kitty causing a sensation around the world after making a hilarious appearance in the hit video, Catalogue.


Well, we’ve been hearing it from Jill the Tripawd Cancer Fighting Kitty and now we know it must be true; Tripawd Cat Bloggers are taking over the world!

Meet the Cat in the Fridge

Crepes is a Tripawd because she’s missing a foot. She is working hard to make the world better for unique animals by blogging about her life and special needs animals at Cat in the Fridge. Check out this fantastic post she wrote about muscular imbalances in Tripawds, specifically cats.

Photo by Alana Grelyak, pictured with Crepes

Her Mom Alana is an energetic animal advocate, musician and the primary script writer for the CATastrophes web series, where funny things happen when cats appear. She and Crepes started the blog, Cat in the Fridge as a way to help more special needs kitties get adopted and profile special needs adoption rescues:

many people who are aware of special needs animals are concerned about the extra care that might be involved and shy away from that. In fact, many special needs pets, such as blind pets, three-legged pets, etc. don’t require very much extra care at all and are, in fact, one of a kind in a way that a normal animal isn’t. In a world where animal groups are fighting hard to end euthanasia, it is imperative to make people understand that animals who aren’t perfect on the outside are still perfect on the inside, and shouldn’t be overlooked. — Crepes

We are so hoppy that we met this dynamic duo and look forward to following along with Crepes’ adventures. Be sure to hop on over and say hello!

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