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Thanks, Henry! Changing Lives and Helping Tripawds Everywhere

At Tripawds, we talk a lot about our three legged canine pals, but here’s a story about our awesome new feline tripawd friend.

Meet Henry, the Three Legged Cat.

Henry’s Mom, Cathy, recently wrote to us to share his story, and tell us about their heartwarming book, “Henry’s World: A Three Legged Cat’s View of Human Absurdity.”

“Henry would like to take this opportunity to share his book with people worldwide and to particularly help Tripawds raise money for their website.

For every book that you buy, $12 will be given to Tripawds.

You can buy them at Henry’s website :, through PayPal. Just write in the message part the word “Tripawds” so we know where to send the profits.

Now, a bit about the book:

The more we expose our children to books that promote respect for diversity, compassion, courage, and resiliency, the more we will see children who thrive in this incredibly complex diverse world. We would love to get this true tale about Henry the three-legged cat into the hands of all children!

At its core, it’s about so much more than a cat. Henry’s owners were devoted “dog only” people who didn’t even like cats.

Sometimes, we don’t always get to decide what happens to us in life. What we do get to decide is how we respond. When Henry shows up with a front leg beyond repair, his owners respond in a way that changes their lives as well the lives of thousands of others.

There are many powerful messages in this book, but I love how Henry’s life reminds us that we are not defined by our misfortunes, but by our responses to them. In the back of the book are “Kibble for Thought,” life lessons from Henry himself.

The end of Henry’s World actually is only the beginning, as we learn that Henry is now a cat with a mission to help animals and children in need. To date, he is answered over 33,000 letters from around the world and over 30,000 of his two books have found their way into the hands of humans who need them. This is without being in one bookstore, so that all the profits can go to animals and children in need. Buy a bunch now, you will not be disappointed.

Henry is happy to announce that his canine sister, Dollydog, finally has her own book, “What About Me? I’m Here Too.” Visit Henry’s World for details.”

Cathy Conheim, Cat Scribe >^..^<
La Jolla, CA

Winner: What’s the Matter with Henry?
ASPCA Humane Issues Award 2006
Best Gift Book 2006 Cat Writers Association

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