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Tripawd Tuesday: Jill’s Joyful Journey

In December 2012, Jill the Tripawd Cancer Fighting Kitty underwent amputation surgery for osteosarcoma — an exceptionally rare condition in felines. Jill’s Mom Erica was one of the first two feline members to bravely join our dog-centric commuinty and start a TriKitty blog. Like the disease itself, the duo was a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime addition to the Tripawds Nation.

Tripawd, cat, osteosarcoma, feline, cancer, amputee, amputation, surgery, recovery

Jill, her brother Jack and Erica brought us so much laughter and smiles through the years. From the crazy costumes Jill wore on her ampuversary celebrations, to the funny videos of her and Jack, every  update was met with loud cheers and applause.

Tripawd, cat, three-legged, amputee, amputation, surgery, recovery, osteosarcoma
Jill the Super Kitty!

Last week we were heartbroken to learn that Jill suddenly got her angel wings and is now with her kitty brother Jack, who preceded her earlier this year. Today for Tripawd Tuesday, please join us in celebrating Jill’s joyful journey on three legs. We’ll never forget her.

A Tripawd Tuesday Tribute to Jill, the Cancer Fightin’ Tripawd Kitty

Thank you Jill and Momma Erica for educating us about feline osteosarcoma. We learned so much about how cats cope with this disease (they kick butt even better than dogs!).

Tripawd, kitty, cat, amputation, osteosarcoma, cancer, surgery, recovery
Jill celebrates three years as a Tripawd kitty.

Thank you Jill and Momma Erica, for teaching us so much amputation recovery for cats. Like using baby onesies as adorable cover-ups for the amputation incision!

Tripawd, cat, feline, kitty, amputation, surgery, recovery, tips
Tripawd Jill in a onsie after surgery.

Thank you Jill and Momma Erica, for sharing your brave journey with metronomic chemotherapy. With virtually no data on this therapy that’s so common for dogs, you took the courageous step to give it a try. You truly made a difference treating feline osteosarcoma.

Jill says “Metronomics? Big deal!”

Thank you Jill and Momma Erica, for showing us that despite the ups and downs of a cancer battle like yours, kitties can still emerge like prize-fighting champs.

You will be dearly missed. We owe you and your Mom such a debt of gratitude for all you’ve done to open our community, our hearts and our minds to the beauty, courage and strength of Tripawd kitties.

We hope you and your sweet brother Angel Jack are having a joyful reunion at the Bridge. We’ll see you again some day pretty girl.

Tripawd, cat, three-legged, amputation, osteosarcoma, amputee
Jill and Jack, a love story.



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8 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Jill’s Joyful Journey”

  1. This tribute blog is lovely. What spirit Jill had and what humor and grace she showed along with Erica and Jack. Wishing both Jack and Jill the sweetest catnip scented dreams with sunlit meadows to romp in and butterflies to chase.

  2. I just saw this in the newsletter and my heart just broke. Erica and Jill some of Shooter’s biggest supporters and she has always been here for everyone else. What a beautiful memorial for a beautiful and brave kitty. Jill will be sorely missed. Thank you for chance to know you.

    Luanne & Team Shooter

  3. OMD or OMC in this case – we are soo very sorry to hear this!

    Even though Jill was a cat she was my hero! She definitely taught us how brave cats can be!

    Erica – please know we are sending love and strength your way – to lose two babies so close together is tough (i just lost two of my K9 brothers and my mom still has bad days!)

    So live each day as Jack and Jill would have wanted you to – they are still with you in your heart and no one can take that away!

    Licks and Love

  4. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to Jill, Momma Erica and Jack. Jill was simply an amazing cat that beat all odds. First, her survival from the osteosarcoma and second, wearing all those outfits. She knew how to express herself through fashion.

    Thanks to Erica for sharing the ins and outs of cat amputation. Thanks to Jack for being there for support. And, special thanks to Jill for doing it your way.

    With gratitude and sadness,
    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

  5. I hold a special place for Jill in my heart and also Erica. They were some of our biggest cheerleaders and talked me off of many many ledges during our journey. Sassy and Jill shared many chemo dates together so Jill became our chemo buddy. Erica, thank you for joining this wonderful family and letting us know you & Jill.

    Tears streaming down my face as I am typing this so having to correct every other word. I won’t forget the day you got your wings Jill. I know you will be sending your momma lots & lots of signs that you are ok. I sure hope Sassy met you there. I know you will be waiting for your mom. She sure will miss your kisses and your hugs.

    You are a true movie star & so famous. Thank you for sharing your journey Jill. Loved all your pictures and blog . posts

    Lots of love
    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  6. Jill was indeed a hero …. and her spirit will live here forever! I just saw her beautiful banner!!! We owe them so incredibly much .. they were always there for the newbies, the first to say kitties can DO great on three legs… cheerleaders, optimists, excellent researchers!!! A true hero cat if I have ever met / seen one!

    Sending love to Erica as her heart grieves … a road traveled too often but Jill was a fighter!! And always here with us!


  7. The tears flow and the smiles break through at the same time as I revisit these precious photos of Jill and Jack. No two kitties could be more loved and more adored.

    Rene, your heartfelt tribute absolutely captured the true essence if Jill’s earthly joirney here with us. I always looked forward to each post, knowing I would always be in store for laughter whenever Erica posted a photo wirh her delightful captions. And as you said, the courage it took to blaze a trail for kitties everywhere is a gift that is eternal.

    Jill was. True Hollywood Rock Star in every sense of the world. She was highlighted in a book (the name escapes me at the moment). She was “interviewed”‘for .magazines. Jill was a miracle .model survivor, not only for us, but for the medical field also. Yeah, Jill actually gave pawtographs!

    Yes, we owe Jill and Erica, and Brudda Jack too, so much gratitude on so many levels. For me, the laughter, the joy, and the love and support Team Jill gave us all will stay with me forever.

    Forever in our hearts, forever our brave little hero. You gave us a forever a smile on oir hearts

    With so much love and appreciation for the privilege of knowing Team Jill,

    Salt! Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too


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