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Tripawds Not Just for Cancer Dogs

Many future Tripawd pawrents assume Tripawds is only for dogs who lose a leg to cancer.

But as Tripawds Spokesdawg Wyatt Ray can tell you, that’s just not the case.

Beyond Cancer: All Tripawds Welcome

Tripawds began when Spirit Jerry lost his leg to osteosarcoma, but his community is now the world’s biggest resource for animal amputees because of the many different circumstances in which they lose a leg.

While the majority of our members are dogs facing bone cancer, we’ll always be here to provide support for anypawdy facing amputation or life with a malformed limb. Our Beyond Cancer Discussion Forum shares many of their stories.

And yes, all species, even cats(!) are most definitely welcome!

Below are just a few examples of how some members became Tripawds.

If you have a Tripawd for reasons other than cancer, share your story in the comments below or in the Forums.

Our Spokesdawg, Wyatt Ray Dawg lost his leg from abuse and neglect, and so did the rest of the Oaktown Pack (pictured left to right, Travis Ray, Codie Rae and Wyatt Ray.

Gerry had irrepairable damage to his left rear leg.

Nemo the kitty was the first non-canine Tripawd we heard about.

New members Cubbie and Reggie were born without paws.

Comet had a fourth leg but she couldn’t use it. Honorary Tripawds definitely count!

JoJo is a sweet little pup who was hit by a car and adopted as a Tripawd

The Petite Princess Shelby was found overseas and brought to America as a Tripawd.

 Molly the Tripawd Pony is a hero of ours.

And finally, Henry the Tripawd Cat is doing pawesome social work with his book series that helps!

As you can see, Tripawds is an all-species community for any animal who’s lost a leg.

Sharing is Caring!

6 thoughts on “Tripawds Not Just for Cancer Dogs”

  1. Honey lost her leg due to an accident. She was found in a driveway with her leg de-gloved, they think she was caught in a belt in a car engine. They tried for days to save her leg but the nerves and tissues were dead.

  2. We stumbled upon this site quite by accident. My pup lost his leg in a car accident at 8 months of age. I really enjoy reading all the great posts by other tri pawd mommies. I am quite lucky to have chance in our family. Its been a long road as not only is Chance a tri pawd. He came from a background of abuse. So he is not only learning to live with 3 legs. He is also learning to be a part of a family. And some days not quite sure what to do about it. Still very afraid of men…but very willing to learn..

  3. This is a great article that is so very important for everyone to know! I think so many of us had the misfortune of having osteosarcoma being the reason for our loving dog’s surgery and we all reach to each other for support… But seeing any animal who either was born with 3 legs or had to lose one due to an accident is always an inspiration to us. They too have adjusted very well and have the same amazing stories of success being a tripawd!!
    Great job with this article and with starting where we all live & learn & love together!!
    Love from Indiana’s mom ~~Carol~~

  4. Wilson and I felt very welcomed into this community even though he became a tripawd via an accident. We were met with open paws. I have also passed on this page to people who are non-tripawd owners. Everyone has been so inspired by the stories and spirit found here. Some of the universal messages found on this site are beautiful. A


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