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Tripawd Tuesday: Purrkins Lessons for Tripawd Kitties

More three-legged cats are joining the Tripawds Nation every day. Each one who shares in the Discussion Forums and their TriKitty blog brings us a ton of new knowledge about feline amputees. Today we’re giving a 3-paws up Tripawd Tuesday salute to Purrkins and his mom Holly for the many helpful tips they share with the community.

three-legged, cat, feline, amputee, tripawd,
Thank you Purrkins and Holly!

Purrkins Tips for Three Legged Cats

Don’t let any cat jump off furniture!

“it was a blink of a eye and Garfield was on the floor with a compound fracture bleeding from his back leg.” — Read more about Garfield’s story.

Purrkins has something he wants to say folks.
Purrkins has something he wants to say folks.

Core strengthening matters for cats too.

“We do core strengthening with Purrkins every day a couple of times a day ,he is getting really good at standing on his back two legs;) We do them on this balance pad. He now swats his toys standing on his back two feet”

Acupuncture is great for cats.

“He definitely feels a great difference with the acupuncture! Both times he has come home and played and has more energy.”

tripawd, cat, acupuncture
Dr. Matt helps Purrkins feel better.

Tripawd cats will use stairs if you make them easy to use.

Stairs help three legged cats stay safe.
Stairs help three legged cats stay safe.

“He uses all of his stairs! We ordered one more set and hopefully we can cover all of his areas now. Total will be 4 sets. This helps him getting up and down without such a strain on his other 3 legs. It also helps his Mom and Dad worry less!”

Easy access to litter boxes make all the difference.

“we modified Purrkins litter box last night.”

Tripawd, cat, three-legged, amputee, recovery
Litterbox mod made Purrkins recovery easier.

Grooming is no problem for a Tripawd Kitty.

“Purrkins has figured out some new ways to clean his one side. He props one side up on the window, wall, or his humans and can now reach everywhere except his one side of his face .”

Tripawd, cat, three-legged
“See, I told you I would figure it out!”

Purrkins blog is SO full of insight about recovery for Tripawd cats, and what pet parents can do to help make the transition easier.  We are so thankful for all of this information. Stop by to check it out. Not only is it educational, but we know you’ll be as touched as we are to see the love and devotion his family has for him!

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1 thought on “Tripawd Tuesday: Purrkins Lessons for Tripawd Kitties”

  1. Holly and her beautiful Purrkins have been soooo incredibly supportive since they joined the Tripawd Family! And this post is an example of how they reach out and help everyone on this journey!

    The “first hand knowledge” tips are absolutely invaluable! Holly has become a such an important “go to” expert on anything “tripawd kitty”! Her support of EVERYONE going through this journey makes it a little less scary and new members dontw feel alone. And the extra bonus is we get ro see pictures of the adorable Purrkins! 🙂

    Thank you for highlighting this very special team who give so selflessly to us all.

    With appreciation,

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!


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