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Check local listings for Nature reruns!

Tripawds Founders Featured on PBS!

Nature’s Why We Love Cats and Dogs premiered nationwide on all PBS stations February 15th, 2009. But the episode continues to run once in a while, so check your local PBS listings

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If you’re new here and asking, “So what?” … this was a big deal for us here at because this episode of Nature features me and my pack on the road sharing that incredible bond which only true animal lovers can understand.

Check it out and tell a friend! Watch the episode online or get Why We Love Cats and Dogs on DVD at Amazon.

Be More Dog

Get the Full Story

In October, 2019 – on the eleven year anniversary of Jerry’s passing – Rene and Jim published their book that tells the entire story, from the beginning. Discover how the they bought an RV to travel the country with Jerry after his amputation, and the many lessons they learned from their three legged co-pilot those first couple years on the road, in Be More Dog: Learning to Live in the Now.

Featuring the foreword by MUTTS creator Patrick McDonnell, readers will enjoy his original title panel illustration, and discover the NOW! NOW! NOW! strip that touched Jim and Rene, right when they needed it most.

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20 thoughts on “Check local listings for Nature reruns!”

  1. I just watched the video. So, so awesome. What a special opportunity to be on PBS talking about how much we love dogs. I just bought a card that says, “Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.”
    I think about the trailer/ stroller that I am getting from Tripawds angel Xena as my version of your 5th wheel. While I’m not driving around the US, I want to take Indi everywhere with me for the rest of her life. All I want is to be with my dog.
    Lots of love, Raina, Indi’s mom

  2. Hi Renee and Jim,

    Just wanted to let you know I saw the show on PBS recently…. THANKY YOU so much for sharing your story and bringing awareness to living with dogs with OS! Jerry was such a trooper and is one of those dogs who continues to encourage and inspire others, thanks to you keeping his memory alive! God bless you for all you do to help others!
    I lost my Trouble and Fly (shepherd/husky and shepherd/malamute) to OS. Today is Fly’s birthday…. she would have been 10 years old.
    Some good news….my Shiloh Shepherd Kimber has made a complete recovery from her torn ACL without having had any surgery!!!! She runs around like crazy and doesn’t need to wear her brace anymore!!! I am so happy! Thanks again!

  3. I’m looking for the cartoon you mentioned about “dogs always know what time it is.” When I searched Google, it came up with a Twitter reference where you said “Just posted the Mutts comic mentioned in our recent PBS Nature program”, but I can’t get to that (posted on Twitter?). Have you posted it on this web site? It just sounds like a great reminder.
    Thanks, enjoyed the show.

    • We’re glad you found us Elda! We posted the Mutts comic from Nature’s Why We Love Cats and Dogs in the forums. It is indeed a great reminder for how to live life.

      • Hi, I found this site when searching for the publication date of the “dogs always know what time it is” Mutts comic. This a favorite of mine, and I was hoping to order a print of it from the Mutts store. But you have to know the date it was published to find it on their website, and I don’t have the patience to search day-by-day. Does anyone know what date it was published? Thanks!

  4. I just wanted to let Jim and Rene know how much their story touched my husband and I. A little over a year ago our very healthy Brody became stricken with coonhound paralysis. His body bacame paralyzed literally overnight. We were lucky to find a knowledgeable vet locally with a holistic background who was familiar with this condition. (our regular vet had never heard of it and suggested putting our boy down, which was not an option to us).
    After 9 days in the hospital under intensive care, our boy made a miraculous recovery. It still took months of rehab. to get him back to his frisbee catching days, but it was worth every moment to see him jump and run again. It makes you realize what truly is important in life. And it is not material items, it is the quality time we spend with our loved ones, furry or otherwise. Thanks for the inspirational story. You are brave folks. I went through many tissues watching!

    • These experiences really do teach us what matters in life. Thank you Rae for sharing your touching story too. Bless you for taking such good care of Brody.


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