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Sheba the Quad Dog and Tripawd Trouble

Handicapped German Shepherd Dogs Sheba and TroubleI recently heard the most beautiful tribute songs about special needs dogs. These songs, about an incredible parapawlegic German Shepherd, were written and performed by an even more incredible dog lover.

Deborah Kazsimer has produced a video (featuring this music) designed to help owners better deal with the care and treatment of handicapped pets.

Holistic Caring For Handicapped Pets VideoTitled, Caring for a Handicapped Pet: A Holistic Approach, the video includes a wide range of treatments including special nutrition diets, acupuncture, magnetic therapy, and infrared light. These holistic pet treatments were inspired by Kazsimer’s paralyzed German Shepherd dog Sheba.

Sheba suffered from the incurable spinal cord disease Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). The dog’s condition inspired Kazsimer to seek alternative medical solutions to her beloved pet’s distress. And the dog’s spirit inspired her to pen “Sheba You’re my Best Friend” and “Dear Mommy”.

Three Legged Osteosarcoma German Shepherd TroubleDebbie went to great lengths to keep Sheba comfortable – maintaining her quality life despite being paralyzed – eventually losing her in 2001 at the ripe old age of ten and a half. Late in 2007, Sheba’s pack mate Trouble was stricken with an agressive osteosarcoma. Debbie opted for amputation to ease the pain, and Trouble enjoyed life on three legs for another four months. Read her special needs dogs blog for the full story.

15 Yr. Old Shpherd Jerry and Trouble the TripawdWhen I discovered Debbie’s pack includes another Shepherd named Jerry – who is nearly 15-year old – I knew I just had to share this story. Don’t you think he kinda looks like me, if I were older? Sadly, Jerry too was recently diagnosed with DM, the same disease that took Sheba. At least we know he is in good hands, with a strong caring pack leader, and a couple sweet pack mates.

Fly is an eight year old shepherd/malamute who has had two knee surgeries after being hit by a truck while living at the shelter years ago. And Kimber is a five year old Shiloh Shepherd, who jumped in and began to dig when Trouble’s casket was laid in the ground. She watches videos of Trouble with Debbie, which makes them both happy when to see him and hear his voice.

Please join me in sending big licks and wags to Debbie and her amazing pack!

Sharing is Caring!

5 thoughts on “Sheba the Quad Dog and Tripawd Trouble”

  1. What a wonderful article, Jerry! Thank you for honoring this amazing Dog Mom and her babies, Sheba and Trouble, along with Jerry Lee, Fly and Kimber.

    I have never physically met Debbie but I consider her to be a close friend of mine. Our paths crossed several years ago when I was doing research on the internet looking for some help with my beloved Dalmatian, Presley, who was diagnosed with IVDD (invertebrate disc disease). This disease is somewhat similar to DM and Presley was slowly losing his ability to walk and/or stand.

    Debbie responded to a post of mine in my darkest hour and, long story short, we have been in touch ever since. I purchased her video and it was of great help to me in my daily care of my best friend, Presley. With Debbie’s help and suggestions, along with a total array of every possible holistic treatment out there, Presley enjoyed his life and was kept very comfortable until the very end and almost made it to his 12th birthday!

    I feel truly blessed to have met Debbie and she continues to be there for me with never-ending friendship and concern and she knows that I am always here for her as well.

    If there is anyone out there who is going through a similar situation with their loved one, please know that Debbie’s tribute video to her Sheba along with the blog to her Trouble will be of great help to all. I would also welcome any questions or comments from anyone with a Special Needs dog.


    Shar & Kids

  2. deborah kazsimer’s husband ken has been my mailman for 17 years, and his love of my wolfie-terrier mix smokey (died 1/17/08) was without bounds. when smokey died, ken sobbed by smokey’s body until i kicked ken back out on his mail route. when smokey needed arthritis support, deborah knew just what to do and offered an herbal remedy from australia.

    they came on the coldest day of this year to honor smokey as he was buried.

    these are the kind of kind people the world needs.

    i am very grateful for the beautiful article on this website.

    debbie’s attention to all of her dogs is beyond the call. nutrition, physical therapy, vigilance and love are the qualities she exudes.
    we weep with her on sheba’s and trouble’s passing, and we know that she is by jerry’s side.


  3. Hi Sandra & Luna,

    Thank you so much for your kind comments. We appreciate it. I hope all is well with both of you. Take care.

  4. Hats off to all of you! Great story and how wonderful that you put together a video about this experience so that others can help their pets as well!


    Sandra & “Luna”


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