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Jerry’s Original Guestbook Comment Archive

Below are some guestbook comments from the original site we created when Jerry was first diagnosed with osteosarcoma

(Tue 17 Apr 2007) Hello…I am Gretchen’s new step mom. I ran across your site while looking at some videos on youtube, I was surprised by all the information on here. With in the past month our family has went through many changes; moving to a new house, two new dog additions (totaling of 4), and Gretchen losing herleg to cancer. The past few days have been rough for all of us, and the vet gave us no information on what to expect or how to cope. We have been searching on the web for other three legged dogs to brighten our spirits and let us know that some day she will recover. Monday was her first big step…she finally went potty out side, she still can not walk with out help, but we are expecting her harness to come in any day now. Gretchen is 12 and suffers from arthritis so we are afraid she will never be the same. If anyone has advice or just wants to share their stories…please feel free to email me at Thank you Gretchen and Lacey

(Thu 22 Mar 2007): Hi Jerry, I’m Kali a three legged doberman! Jerry, My mommy Charly showed me some viedos of you today, she says we’re both amazing! I was diagnosed with osteocarcoma 2 days after Christmas in 2006 – and had my right front leg amuputated two weeks later. Mom and Dad were so worried about me, they didn’t know if they had made the right decision and they thought I would be devastated. But – I’m totally not! I’m the same crazy Kali dog I have always been, I do everything I used to do, even use my dog door! I haven’t tried swimming yet because it’s been too cold where we live in British Columbia, Canada but I know I’ll be able to do that too. Mom and Dad kept my lifejacket so I’ll probably use that for a while. I like your quote that it’s better to hop on three than limp in pain on 4 – I hear ya pal! I have 2 more chemo treatments left, but I’m feeling good. Thanks for sharing your story and videos, I know they’ll help more fur-kids like us. If you want to see some video of me check out youtube and search kali doberman – that’s me! Later – Kali the wonder-doberman!

(Wed 21 Mar 2007) Thanks! We are adopting our first greyhound and our first tripod. My 9-year-old is a little nervous about it and I’ll be showing her your videos. Great site!

(Wed 14 Mar 2007) Good dog Jerry! Hi Jerry and Jim and Rene, We are so happy to hear of you progress. Good clean living keeps you healthy! We think of you often and love you! T, J,K, M, A, J and coco.

(Mon 12 Mar 2007) Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Yo Jer dude? What’s quakin’? I’ve heard so much about you and I’m hoping to get to meet you next month. I’m only 3 and a half months old, and I love to take road trips. You know, your namesake built a career with only four fingers – I bet your bowl-fillers never told you that. Itzhak Perlman once played Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center with only three strings, since one broke at the beginning of the concert. I see from your videos that you are musically gifted too. That’s cool. Wanna start a rock-n-roll band and go on tour? Smell ya soon! – Leonardo

(Fri 02 Mar 2007) I met Jerry at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter Christmas Party with Friends for Life Animal Rescue. He had just come home from having surgery and it was amazing how well he had already adapted to 3 legs! Animals are truly amazing and a blessing for all of us 2-legged humans. Their strength of character is a lesson for everyone. thanks for a great website!! – LouAnna

(Fri 02 Mar 2007) just saying hi. Linda Hall-Martin referred me to your cool site. I have a three legged cat named Fern so we can surely relate. Being three legged is not a big deal. thanks for sharing. – Patty West

(Tue 20 Feb 2007) What nice parents you have Jerry! Hi Jerry, I just wanted to tell you , you have some very cool parents. Hopefully I will get to meet them soon and see if genevieve can find a home in beautiful Eureka too or the surrounding area. gen had her leg amputated at 11 days old. Wow what a trip that was, I cried and cried but I also prayed she wouldn’t lose her life and she didn’t. She is getting bigger and stronger everyday. Well stay cool Jerry, you are beautiful. Very handsome dawg. Love, Debbie and Genevieve.your videos are fun to watch. πŸ™‚ Debbie

(Sun 18 Feb 2007) Hi, I found your site looking up tripod canines. I have a little puppy five weeks old named Genevieve after my Grandmother. I raise Chocolate labradors and at two days old little Genevieve got one of her toes stepped on by her mom and well from there it got infected and her little right back leg had to be amputated. I blame it on where I live. Tonopah, Nv. we live in the middle of nowhere with no veterinarian. Anyway I took her two hours away to Bishop California when she lost her toe but since she was only two days old there wasn’t much they could do except told me to soak it in betadine and also epsons salt of which i did four times a day. I took her there three times as it kept getting worse. by the time I took her to reno Nv. to a specialist of which I should of done in the first place, 4 hours away the foot was so infected that it had gone into the leg…To make a long story short I am now looking for a home for genevieve as I have 5 dogs already. She is of champion and national field champion bloodlines and my puppies are akc registered. She is beautiful, strong and sweet. I have contacted other organizations in California such as arfkids, canine companions, assistance dogs, etc. I am from San Rafael, california and I visit there twice a year to west marin and i stay at dillon beach. I want genevieve to have a loving home near or on the beach. I saw the picture of your dogs on the beach they love it so much to run and play. I would really appreciate it if you can help me in any way? Maybe you know of some organization that I could contact? I love her dearly, but like I said I have her mom who is 6 and her Dad 10, my daughters other big dog that is 11, and i also have a son from anouther litter who is three and i have a cocka-poo who is 9 months. I have got my hands full already. I normally sell my dogs for $600.00 but I don’t want any money for her just a loving home for someone to adopt her that will love her and care for her, and give her a wonderful life. I spent $2000.00 getting her leg amputated and I would do it again as her life was saved! That is all that mattered to me. One condition is that I need to follow her life. I want to stay a part of her life if someone does adopt her, that is my only condtion for letting her be adopted. Thank you, Deb Perchetti

(Tue 30 Jan 2007) Jerry on the beach… Jim, Renee, and Jerry, Let’s get together sometime for a walk on Clam beach. Brandy may not be a tripaw but he has a purple tongue and loves to make new friends on a walk. Paul and Betsy

(Mon 29 Jan 2007) Sorry to hear about your dog. Looks like he is adjusting well though!! Dawn Mahoney

(Mon 22 Jan 2007) Hi, I am a tripawd! Lost the use of my back right leg at birth and therefore now I have no right back leg! I am almost 9 years old, I love Happy Dog, and Kathy and Diane. I live with my bossy older brother, Chevy, and my annoying younger brother, Milo, and we are all Aussies. Unfortunately for Chevy and Milo, they have all their legs, poor things, they look funny, and have a tough time keeping up with me!!! Hope to meet you out at Happy Dog, my home-away-from-home favorite place to be (sometimes!).

(Sat 20 Jan 2007) Wag,wag,lick,wigger… Jerry, It was so good to see you today. To know that you still have the same love for life that you did before your “surgery”. To see you want to keep going even with your tough hanging to the ground Truely let us know that nothing had changed in about you in your mind. I also need to tell you how impress I am with your Human Mama & Papa. There have stepped by step done what ever you needed and now they are helping you to tell your story so that it can help others. Love all Cathy and Diane

(Fri 12 Jan 2007) Woof Woof, woof… woof. YEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! Snif, snif, mmmmmmmmmrmrrrrrmr scratch, scratch… WOOF! – Jeffe

(Wed 27 Dec 2006) your holidayzzzzzzz – Jerry, Happy when we heard that you were able to get out and visit some family for the holiday…ok, ok I have to tell; you we’re all jealous that We didn’t get to visit with you.:( anyhow… hope that you’re feeling much better with each day. Take care. xoxxo The Ludwin’s

(Sat 02 Dec 2006) we miss you Yerry! Jerry, we’ll be up for a visit before you know it–Don’t worry, you can still be the boss of Winston on three legs. We miss you and your people very much! I know you’re already feeling so much better, and makes us so happy to see a big smile on your face and a cardboard tube carnage in the back yard. See you soon :-). Lauren, Evan and Winston

(Fri 01 Dec 2006) Jerry G. Dawg! Jerry, seeing your smiling face last night and talking with your people, was the best part of my day. It’s good to see you home and on the mend. Soon, when the Doc takes out your stitches, you can have fun on the beach, play ball, take walks with Jim and Renee. Jerry you are one cool Dawg, and you have the greatest people (who love you so much) taking care of you. I’ll see all of you again soon….Until then….much Love, Michelle p.s. Jerry I have a treat for you, when you’re feeling better, I’ll bring it over…..Michelle

(Wed 29 Nov 2006) my favorite werewolf Hey buddy! We’re cheering you on over here. Keep fighting like the werewolf you are! love, jd headcase

(Wed 29 Nov 2006) Hi! I am so sorry you were ill. I sure hope you are a special dog who fools the Doctors. Rene and Jim are sure special people and you can’t leave them. I’m praying for you. Lots of aloha to you, Betty Lee

(Sat 25 Nov 2006) check out dogster – Hi, Jerry, I hope you don’t mind, but I posted get well wishes to dogster. Here’s the link to the forum: If you haven’t seen your page, you have a star and 2 new rosettes with get well wishes. Mommy has been lighting a candle for you each night. I hope that your stitches aren’t too itchy. Woofs, Aiki

(Sat 25 Nov 2006) We love you Jerry! Hi Jerry, We were so sorry to hear about your leg but we’re SO glad that your humans take SUCH GREAT care of you! We think you look very handsome however many legs you have (or don’t have.) Nickie sends her love and apologies for barking at you all the time. She just gets intimidated by such a “hunk of burnin’ love” as yourself. We love you guys!!! Jess, Dave and Nickie

(Sat 25 Nov 2006) You go, Jerry! We’re all rooting for you, Jdog. CHRIS & ELAINE

(Sat 25 Nov 2006) we love Jerry. Hi jerry, We miss seeing you around the old neighborhood but we know your be truckin’ back soon. Your pals Mac, Abby, and Jessie are thinking of you and send pants and licks. See you soon! J,T,K

(Sat 25 Nov 2006) Welcome home!!! Dear Jerry– You are such a brave soul! We’re so glad you’re already home and on the road to recovery. Raven says that she’d be happy to lounge on the couch with you ad watch Animal Planet when you’re ready for visitors. We hope you heal quickly and that your lovely fur grows in fast, too! Hugs from Diqui and licks from the pack.

(Thu 23 Nov 2006) I love you Jerry. I’m so sorry to hear about your situation, I truly wish I could do something for you. I haven’t seen you in some time but I do remember how we played when we met. I will never forget you Jerry Dawg!! My prayers are with you*** May God bless you forever~Lisa

(Thu 23 Nov 2006) Best wishes to Jerry! Ode To A Dog Oh noble beast With soulful eyes Unquestioning in trust And forgiving of lies. Your loyal heart Eternally sound A steadfast friend The best I’ve found I’ll share my home You’ll share your heart Nothing will ever Keep us apart. ***I did not write this but found it appropriate. Our neighbor’s labrador, Steinway, had his right rear leg removed due to cancer about 4 months ago. He is doing great! Our dog, Winona, who will be 15 this year, sends her best wishes along with ours for your quick recovery. Stuart, Lenorre, Blayke and Beren Saraquse

(Wed 22 Nov 2006) you don’t know me… Hey Jerry!!! Do you remember me??? It’s Anna. I hope you will feel fine after your surgery. A message from my dog: Hi I’m Delia, you don’t kow me, but you know my person, Anna. I am praying for you and hope we will meet someday. You will be fine. Take it from my old buddy Charels. I haven’t seen him for a while, but her had the same problem. He had half of his leg removed and he is doing wonderful. He got alot of attention and was very mobile. Best wishes and happy Thanksgiving!!!

(Wed 22 Nov 2006) Jerry G Get Bett’a … Riley, Aka “Boss” & everyone @ our house wishing you a speedy recovery. You’ve still got a lot’a life left in you… get better quickly. We’ll be hoping to see you running again with Riley someday soon!

(Wed 22 Nov 2006) We love you. Conner says: To my best (dog) friend JerJer, I hope you feel better soon, now maybe we can keep up with you when we are hiking πŸ˜‰ Love U, Kim and Conner

(Wed 22 Nov 2006) Jerry get well soon! Jerry you rock. I really miss the old days when we got together and played in the yard with a 10-pound, hard-as-rock, unforgiving basketball. I’ve gone on to my greater reward, but word has it daddy-o is getting ready to bring me back in another body. I hope you stick around long enough to meet me. I wonder if you’ll recognize me?… – Ramses

(Wed 22 Nov 2006) healing thoughts – Hi, Jerry Dawg!!! We just heard the news about your surgery. We have paws crossed and will think only good thoughts for a speedy recovery. We’re very sorry that you’ve been in such pain, but we’re hoping that your surgery will cure you. We’ll come by for sniffs and gentle play as soon as you’re available for visitors. Woofs and licks, Aiki and Raven

(Wed 22 Nov 2006) Best Wishes from the Hill Family – Jerry, Being three legged definitely has more character and charm than being four legged. And you’re really gonna like the attention you get. My LB doc cut off a big piece of my tongue last year because something really huge was growing out of it and, boy, did my mom baby me when I came home. I thought I had it good before the operation but … wow … it got even better. You have some good living to look forward to. Willie Jerry, We haven’t met but my mom says she’s gonna teach me how to say your name for when we do. I can also say “how are you” so be prepared for when we meet … do one woof if everything is great and two woofs if … never mind, I’m sure you’ll only need the one woof. My mom said to tell you that we are all thinking of you but I don’t know about that, I think that lizard might be thinking about taking a nap. Hope to meet you soon! Gabriel

(Wed 22 Nov 2006) love you, jerry dawg… so sorry to hear about your illness and surgery. it’s a bitch gettin’ old, ain’t it? i don’t know if i could be so brave as you, you sure are one special dog. you are in our thoughts and prayers and rene and jim too. if there’s anything you need from old auntie em, give a holler, i mean, a bark, ‘k? love ya, e

(Wed 22 Nov 2006) woof woof woof woof woof woof woof… Sppon-E-G

(Wed 22 Nov 2006) Get well soon!! we miss you! Hey Jerr-bear!!! We send you lots of love and wish you a speedy recovery, and hope to see you at Christmas.Bailey woofs, “Hey bud,I’ll be waiting to see you at Christmas so we can play at Grandma’s house!Hope you get well soon, I’ll be praying for you,and so will Renata and Evelyn.” Lots of Love, Renata and Bailey

(Wed 22 Nov 2006) Hello From Cruiser The Wonder-Pyr – Jerry G., I enjoyed your page and your blog. Take it from one who is experienced, you WILL feel much better once that pain is gone, and you will be able to get around just fine too. I had my right leg and shoulder amp’d in 2001, then had 5 chemo treatments, and I am still doin’ just great! Sure hope you can be like me……. Will get Mom to check the BCD group for news of your recovery. Best of luck! Cruiser (from Canada)

(Wed 22 Nov 2006) See you soon Jerry. Hey Jerry, I only have two legs so even if you are down to three, that is still one up on me ;-). You best be getting better soon we still have alot of fun to have. P.S. If Aussie were still around he would Woof “no worries mate, get better and live happy”. – Ari

(Wed 22 Nov 2006) good luck with surgery. Jerry- I hope the cat didn’t bug you too much and your surgery goes well. Box Pek was temporarily 3-legged for part of her puppyhood and was able to get along just fine. The worst part are all of the “tripod” comments that people seem to make… Please keep us updated in your dog blog. – Justine

(Wed 22 Nov 2006) Good Wishes. We love you Jerry & hope you will be coming to play with us at Christmas! We wish you a speedy recovery – you are lucky, Jim & Nae Nae will take excellent care of you while you are healing! Your Cousins – Fluffy & Florence

(Wed 22 Nov 2006) Feel better Jerry…. Hi Jerry: Matt, George and I wanted to wish you a speedy recovery. You are the best dog-kid Rene and Jim could have and we are all sad that you don’t feel well. We know you will make a very able pirate…ARRR Much love, The Huntley’s

(Tue 21 Nov 2006) Good Luck, Dawg – Jerry, you have given so much to us, and never asked for anythiing in return. You are the epitome of unconditional love, and we only hope that we have been the good humans you hoped we would be on the day we met. We love you! – Mama Rene

(Tue 21 Nov 2006) i love you dawg – I must be first to sign Jerry’s guestbook because he deserves props from his peeps, and all their pup friends. And he wasn’t here to help set it up. And that’s tough. – Papa Jim

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  1. My pup, Piper passed away a few months ago after a month of being a three legged wonder dog! I just wanted to say that your site gave me so much comfort during her struggle with Osteosarcoma. It was one of the toughest moments for my husband and I and it was just so good to read so many hopeful stories! I also wanted to find out if there is any place on here in which I could donate some harnesses we barely used for our gal. I can’t seem to find any place in my own city – Saskatoon – that offers this type of program. Thanks very much! Blair

  2. wow! I just found this website, and I thought my dog was one of the few who has had their leg taken away! My dog’s name is Buddy, he is a boxer/lab mix. We adopted him from the Humane Society and we got him after he had his front left paw taken away. We don’t know what happened to him, but some times we like to make up silly little stories on how he lost his paw!

  3. Thank you soooo much for starting this. This site is getting me through the dark times and into the light. It’s one day at a time sometimes one hour.

    You are a life saver!! I wouldn’t have been able to make it through this without this site.

    Thank you!!!!

    • Awww daisydogger, you are too kind. It’s the great stories, caring and humor of everypawdy here who makes it such a great place to be. We’re sorry you had to join us but we’re glad you’re here. Give your pup a smooch from us.

  4. Jerry –
    I’m the vet who amputated Dyre’s leg (see post from Kim Hove above). I never got a chance to thank you for the lovely and complimentary card you sent. Thank you. This site helps a lot of my clients, and I appreciate it so much. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’.
    πŸ™‚ Liz

  5. Happy new year to all of you who frequent this wonderful site- a quick update on Zena & her progress. It’s been 3 months & 4 chemo treatments since amputation of her front left leg,osteosarcoma. She is doing so well- x-rays today looked good, and she is a tripawd dog superstar! Her career as an avalanche dog is over, but she will embark [!] on a new path, as spokesdog for our ski area, Snowbasin, Utah! Thank you all for your stories, and thanks for letting me share ours. Everyday is a gift with our brave little friends. Thanks to you too Jerry, for being there for all of us!

    • That’s so great to hear, Dan! We would love to know more about Zena’s spokesdawg duties! Come visit us in the Forums OK? And if you ever make it to Colorado, come see us in the summertime.

  6. Hi There,

    I came across this site and wanted to let you know about our dog Zeus. He is a twelve year old German Shepherd. Last January he had a slight limp and we took him to the vet. What we thought was possible arthritis turned into osteosarcoma bone cancer =(. It was a hard decision to amputate…but after doing the research I found that was the best option. It took a couple of weeks for him to get back to himself, but now one year later he is happy and healthy and we are so glad to have him for another year. Anyway, there is good quality of life for you and your dog after amputation just wanted you to know. Going on two shorter walks a day is still his absolute favourite thing to do.


    • Thanks for the comment and best wishes for Zeus! Please feel free to share his story in the forums or by starting a blog. New members always enjoy hearing inspirational success stories like yours.

    • Thanks a lot for sharing your experience! I have a boxer who got the same diagnosis and was desperate because I thought a 12 year old dog would not be able to recover properly from such an operation. Now I know Scrappy has the possibility to live his remaining years as a healthy dog πŸ™‚

      • Andrea you’ll be so surprised at what dogs of all ages can do. Senior dogs, as long as they are healthy and strong otherwise, typically do great after amputation. Keep Scrappy lean and don’t let him overdo it too much, and he’ll do just great. Keep us posted OK?

  7. Thanks for this site, it is most helpful! My baby boy Fifty is running around on his two legs, and his girlfriend is a beautiful tripawd girl. It’s great knowing there’s a whole community of them out there! Fifty the two legged pitbull loves you.

  8. Just dropped my 9 year old golden retriever off at the vet to have her leg amputated. Discovered the bone cancer 2 weeks ago after my great dane injured her. Feeling like i’m headed into some uncharted water! Thanks for the web site. It will be a good resource as we head forward on this new journey.

    • Thanks for the comment and best wishes for your Golden’s speedy recovery. Please drop by the discussion forums for lots of advice from this community or consider downloading the new Tripawds e-book, Three Legs and a Spare for immediate answers to the most common amputation recovery questions.

    • Hope your golden is doing well. My 7 1/2 year old golden Buddy was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma after limping for a few weeks (at first I thought he injured himself from stepping into one of the many holes my younger golden digs!). His back right leg was amputated the day after Thanksgiving. I cried the entire first week after the diagnosis until the surgery ( Buddy thought I was sick!). I was amazed to see Buddy WALK out of the hospital after his surgery. He had many challenges such as learning to back himself out of a corner and learning to navigate the house with the huge “lampshade” on his head. I am happy to say that 6 weeks later Buddy is doing amazingly well, taking walks on the snowy shores of Lake Superior with me. He has had 2 sessions of chemo so far (carboplatin) with the only side effect being slight loss of appetite. I give him 1/2 can of N/D prescription canned food mixed with dry Canidae every morning and night and he scarfs it down! I’m so glad this web site exists. Buddy and I still have a lot to learn.

  9. Hi! Been reading around your site for a few days. We just adopted a Norweigen Elkhound from the local Humane Society who had his amputation a few months ago. This site has been a great resource already, as our new little friend has gotten quite accustomed to life at the shelter the last few months and prefers to lay down with his belly up for a scratch then actually get up and moving. He conquered our stairs yesterday (with great reserve mind you) and has mastered chewing a bone with his bag legs- it is pretty impressive. We will continue looking to your site for info as we hope to get our boy up to speed. They say he should have had his leg amputated after he was born but the original owners didn’t follow through, so it was only after a few trips to the HS it was finally done. He may have missed his initial rehabilitation period I suppose, but we have faith! πŸ™‚

  10. well it’s 5 weeks tommorow since zena’s surgery, amputation of her front left leg. yup, osteosarcoma! the first week was tough, the second week a little better, and since then, it’s been really smooth & steady! zena is 10, and has been a certified avalanche dog with me here @ snowbasin ski resort in utah her whole life! we are part of the wasatch backcountry rescue organization, which includes 10 ski areas, sheriff’s depts., helicopter services and approx. 35 operational dog teams. this will obviously be a new and different season for zena, but we are hopeful she will still be able to come to the mt. and be a wonderful spokesdog, as well as an inspiration to other tripod dog owners! thank you for your website; the info provided is helpful, inspiring and comforting! take care zena & dan

    • Zena, something tells me that a certified avalanche dog will do just great on three legs, and you’re going to kick that osteosarcoma’s butt off to the moon! Your life sounds really exciting, we can’t wait to hear more. Thank you and your pops for joining us here, and if you need anything whatsoever, you’ve got a great group of folks here who can help OK? Keep us posted!

      • thanks for your kind words jerry! we had our 2nd round of chemo today, 2 more to go. every day is a gift. zena has had so much love and support through this ordeal, and we are so pleased to have found your website and your support! we will keep in touch- thank you again!

  11. I have intestinal cancer which has spread to my lymph nodes and I have had chemo for 2 months. I have gotten worse and now I’m not hungry and won’t eat anything – lamb – beef – chicken – veggies – anything. My Mom tried everything – but the other night she brought home a “real” (not fillers etc.) hamburger from a restaurant. It smelled so good that I ate (half at a time) it. I got more today. I know that I am not going to be cured and don’t have much time left but those hamburgers sure are good. At leat there is something that I enjoy for the time being. Hope to all those who are getting better and keep the faith.
    Katie – scottish terrier – 7 years old.

  12. Me and my family are considering adopting a tripawd dog named Copper. His leg got caught in a trap. A dog warden and a volunteer went out to get him, and when the warden saw the state the dogs leg was in, he thought he should be euthanized. But the volunteer said no, and so Copper’s leg got amputated. My mom, little brother and I fell in love with him, since he is a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, like our current dog, Kuna(Kuna has cancer). But my dad thinks that I’m not resposible enough for a tripawd yet. I take care of Kuna really well though! Can you please say something about how rewarding it is to have a tripawd to convince my dad? Thank you! And I love your dedication to this cause!

    • Hi Hanako, that’s so cool that you want to give Cooper a good home! Whoever the volunteer was that saved him is a saint. As you can see here, most dogs get along just fine on three legs!

      As long as the dog’s weight is kept down (they should be a little thinner than most dogs), and you don’t overexercise them, Tripawds are super easy to have as part of the family. They are not by any means handicapped. We started this community to show the world that just because they’re missing that “spare leg”, that doesn’t stop them from living life to the fullest. The only tricky thing about having a Tripawd is understanding that although they are spunky as any dog, most are not going to go on 5 mile hikes or play for hours on end. The biggest responsibility you would have to them is to make sure you try some rehabilitation therapy games (super easy!) to keep them strong, don’t expect too much, and look after them so they don’t overdo it. They can wrestle and play with other dogs as much as any, just use care so that they don’t play for too long and tire out too much.

      I hope this helps. It sounds like your family would be a great one for Cooper and he sure deserves a loving home. If your parents have any questions please have them write to us OK? Good luck!

      • I agree completely! They can do anything they feel up to. They need lots of rest when done and tons of LOVE!!!!! A harness is very helpful when walking and playing. Write a letter to your dad. Letter writing is very powerful. I think he would see your commitment and love for the animal.
        YOU ROCK!!!!

  13. Just been reading so many posts, examples, thoughts and support. Although there are many reasons why a pup would have amputation, I am noticing (THINK I notice) that the majority of cancer for amputation is osteosarcoma.

    Rocky has/has had fibrosarcoma…and his cancer chemo regimen looks a little different from some on this site. (btw: rear right amputation)

    Just an FYI..his chemo has included doxorubicin…a little hair loss (he’s a retriever, lots of hair to donate) and no real sickness.

    His last round will be Nov 18.

    I also switched his food to all natural raw, dehydrated. Smells like a Thanksgiving meal, he loves it, has bowel movements that are beyond normal and have…no kidding.

    Maybe the sickness associated with chemo is reduced with this meal that is easier, better aligned with his digestive track? Who knows…

    Rocky’s caregiver

    • I would say that the majority of amputees that join us here are because of bone cancer but of all different types, including fibro. You can read more about this here in our ongoing Tripawds Amputation and Cancer Care Survey analysis. If you’d care to fill it out, please do, so we can add Rocky’s story to the data.

      You’re absolutely right, feeding dogs real, whole foods is pawesome for their health. Dogs are living beings who should eat living foods! We firmly believe in real foods for dogs too, whether its raw, home cooked or a combination of both.

      Kudos to you for doing such a great job taking care of your boy. We send our congrats for a long, long life ahead! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Thank you so much for creating this site. It has been an inspiration and comfort to us all. Today our dog fell off the porch and broke his hind leg and he is scheduled for having his leg amputated next week. Your site has comforted us in coming to terms with the surgery and what can be expected.
    Thank you so much!
    ~ Drake

  15. Thank you so much for this website. My almost 10 year old Rottweiler, Benson, had his right hind leg removed almost two weeks ago and I was scared beyond belief about what was to come. Although the first week was traumatic for Benson and our family, this second week has been fantastic. Thanks to the stories I’ve read on his site, I was better able to navigate our way through the operation and post-op care for Benson.

    Benson is now up and walking around happily – he is certainly a very different dog to the one before the amputation, he’s practically a puppy again! We now have the Ruffwear harness and I think it’ll come in handy soon. I’m so happy we could buy it here in Australia!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do and the support you offer.

  16. Jersey May and I want to thank you for having this site for us.I wish I had found it sooner but its the next week or 2 (depending on how Jersey May hold up) is when I think I will need this site the most to help me cope.
    You are the best! Thank Jerrry
    Jersey May and Papa Jon

    • Thanks for the kind words Jon, it’s all the community members that make this site what it has become. Best wishes for Jersey may and facing the weeks ahead.

  17. My name is LuLu, but my mom calls me “Lu-the 3-legged laugh attack”. I’m a 2 1/2 year old Chow Chow and German Shepard. I don’t even notice I’m missing a hind leg until someone points it out, but even then my mom says, “chin up little girl, you’ve got this.” I can even fetch…sorta. It’s more of a soccer goalie move to get the ball stopped then I bring it back… sort of.

    The best part about being a pretty, smart, confident girl dog- who happens to be missing a leg – is that I can pretty much make men do what I want. If I limp up to them, they’ll pet me for a long time. If I’m laying down and a man wants me to play fetch with me at my doggy park, I just sit and he throws the ball right to me…and I have taught most of them to fetch when the ball goes past me. I love my life!

    Thanks for starting such a great group of unique furry people like me. I look forward to the next event!


  18. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS WEBSITE!! We recently adopted a ‘tripawd’ from the local animal shelter and our family could not be more blessed. When we are out for our daily walks we often here “Aww poor puppy?” — my response if “Don’t let her hear you say that b/c she has no idea she has 3 legs”. She runs around the yard playing catch with my husband and the kids and I’m proud to say when playing with my mom’s 4 legged dog, Addi will win a race to the ball every time with her 3 legs!

    The vet brought her to our house two weeks ago to see how she adjusted and how she and our cat would interact. She wasn’t in the house for 5 minutes and we were totally in love with her (needless to say she stayed)! Thanks again for this wonderful site and community to share our love for our tripawds!!
    ~~ Jen and Addi

    • Jen, thank you for coming here to share Addi’s story. It’s stories like yours that continue to provide the inspawration and support to pawrents when they are faced with amputation for their best friend. Come visit our Discussion Forums when you can, and start a blog about Addi so the world can stop saying “awww poor puppy!” once and for all!

  19. I just found this website while frantically trying to find some comfort from what is happening to my beautiful Meea, a 7 year old rottie. She is at the vet right now getting her front right leg amputated because of osteocarcinoma. I am dying inside waiting for the call of how the surgery went. I am so glad there is a community out there for this kind of stuff. I will update when I find anything out. Thank you for all of your stories and having such a good community website.

    • Jeremy, we’re so sorry about your girl, and send our best wishes for a speedy recovery. Don’t give up hope, as you can see, lots of dawgs can live a great life on three legs! Please visit our Discussion Forums and let us know how she’s doing OK?

    • Jeremy hold in there and be strong Meea will be fine and when she has recovered from her surgery cherish every day with her I was where you are now with my Rottie Luda this time last year he had his right front leg amputated due to ostesarcoma too and here we are now 1 year on and still clear and enjoying life to the full. Thinking of you and Meea. xx

    • Well, the surgery went well and she is doing well considering the situation. The part that is hard for me is that she has to stay until Monday. I want my girl back home with me, but I know it’s a good idea to keep her there and monitor her for the weekend. I will update again when I get her home and have some time with her and see how she’s doing.

  20. Today is my lab Annie’s 2 year ampuversary. She remains free of the soft tissue sarcoma that she had – and 3 previous surgeries couldn’t beat. She was just diagnosed with lymphoma but so far she is doing very well πŸ™‚ Thanks for your wonderful community!

    • Hoppy Ampuversary Annie, two years is just miraculous! Fabulous! Wonderful! Thank you for sharing your story, you give hope to so many by doing so. Many hugs to you and your Mom.

  21. Hi! My name is Kim and my Tripawd is Dyre. His right leg was removed because of Cancer. My vet Dr. Liz Gray from East Lane Veterinary Hospital in Leaburg, Oregon told me about your site. The sight has amazing information. I appreciate the time and support put into this special club. I feel more connected having people going threw the same things. I donated $50.00 to this web site and hope to do more as time goes on. Thank You!

    Sincerely, Kim Hove Eugene, Oregon

  22. I am wondering if anyone can help me. My 10 year old Rottie Beau lost his leg (front left) to osteosarcoma. (March 21010) He has had four chemo treatments all spaced apart and will be having his fifth one this coming Monday. Has anyone else done chemo on their dog and how many treatments did the dog go through? He is doing well and I hope and pray he continues to do well. Any help would be great

    • Hi.
      I have Luda who is a 6 year old rottie he lost his front right leg to ostesarcoma and had the initial 5 chemo sessions. He now has chemo every 3 months and I just want to say he is doing fantastic he just celebrated his 1st ampuversay last week on July 15th and he had chemo that day and x-rays and he is still clear of the horrid C. So hang in there and enjoy every day with Beau and make it special. xx

  23. I have a log in, but can’t for the life of me figure out where I can post something under Coping with Loss (for Skyler – who earned her wings June 11, 2010)

    • Hi Cathy. We’re so sorry for your loss of Skyler and apologize for any trouble your having with the forums. Log in to the discussion forums and visit the Coping With Loss forum. Click the “add topic” button, give your thread a title, and share your thoughts about Skyler… Hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

  24. Hi, My name is Jordan and I am a 10 year old female collie. I have developed a Chondroma in my left right hip and leg. They tell me this is a people tumor and very rare in dogs. So go figure, I had to be the one to have it. My family is struggling with the findings of the oncologist and surgeons. The only thing that is possible right now is to remove my leg and possibly part of my pelvic bone which then would require reconstruction. The tumor is benign as far as they can tell so I don’t think I will have to have chemo or radiation. My family wants me to be here with them for as long as I can so I will be having my surgery next week. I know they will take good care of me and I want to show them that I can be the same loving dog after the surgery as I was before. My brother, Jag, is part of our family too. He has been a great big brother so I know he will do his part to help too. I’ll be back in touch to let you know how everything goes. Thanks for making this blog available. I think it will help my family a lot.

  25. Our red-nosed pit, Ashanti, who’s almost 8 lost a rear leg to osteosarcoma two weeks ago. She hasn’t missed a beat because she apparently hadn’t been using the limb. We aren’t planning to try chemo due to cost and no guarantees. Not even sure we’ll do chest x-rays every 3 months as what would we do if it has spread. The hardest part has been knowing we’ll probably lose her before our 14 year-old cockapoo or 16 year-old beagle. Ashanti’s so gentle and pretty (for a pit!); my neighbor says, “nope but she’s buff”. ha. Had hoped she’d live a long life and continue to be a breed ambassador. Anyway, celebrating her while we have her and thankful for great veterinary care. The day of her surgery, our vet walked her out to me. Ashanti walked out the door, down the steps, and squated without a wobble to potty. Vet said, THAT’s why I became a vet…animals are so resilient! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the comment Sharon and best wishes to Ashanti! FYI: Jerry lived nearly two years after his osteosarcoma amputation and we too opted not to do IV chemo – just a healthy diet and supplements, lots of love and plenty of three legged adventures. We chose not to do regular x-ray, but when we finally discovered he had lung mets we started him on K9 Immunity and Metronomics. Ask you vet about metronomic treatment for cancer dogs, and consider sharing Ashanti’s story in the forums or a Tripawds Blog!

  26. My beloved borzoi past a year ago (cancer) and not a day goes by that I do not consider myself lucky to have been enriched by his influence. It seems many of the responders on this site agree we have been given a rare opportunity to have connected to these animals in such a way it has changed our lives. We come across certain ‘loves’ of our life that are summed up as rare, beautiful, and limited. Jerry was one of these. Thank you for reminding us how ‘precious the time’ is with our beloved family (dogs and cats).

    • Hunterborz: “rare, beautiful and limited.” You described the gifts we receive from our beloved companions so beautifully, thank you.

      Our sincere condolences for your loss. We know your borzoi will always be by your side, with his spirit in your heart. How wonderful that you shared such a powerful bond together.


  27. Woof Jerry, I loved your touching story! I am also an angel and hope to meet you flying by on a cloud one day.

  28. Wow… I just watched the PBS video and it went straight to my heart… What a tremendous gift you gave yourselves (all three of you). I mostly just want to thank you for helping me come to peace with the way I handled my sweet Shasta’s diagnosis. She was six months shy of her 13th birthday when I lost that silly girl. The beginning of your story where you point out the CFO part — so much Shasta. I work from home contracting and she definitely was the 5:00 bell. Time to play. Time to rejuvenate the soul!

    I don’t have to tell you the shock of taking a limping lab to the vet for a little arthritis visit and coming out with a diagnosis of bone cancer with 1-2 months to live. I visited an oncologist and, like you, I decided going in and out of the clinic for chemo, etc. was not for us. Amputation at her age wasn’t really an option. I have another tripawd, (rescued from abuse), so I wasn’t really worried about that aspect, but, the condition of Shasta’s spine and other bones would have made for a really tough recovery and it was not recommended. So we chose to live out the rest of her days on pain killers….and just LIVE. I don’t regret the decision, but it’s still so easy to fall into the trap of guilt and questioning myself…. did I let her have long enough, was I afraid of the cancer, did I make all the right choices… for her? I lost her on 4/22 after only 3.5 weeks, but we spent every minute of those 3 weeks in a very present state. It was a powerful time and when I decided to let her go, we were both ready. My 15-yo dalmatian passed (basically of old age) 3 weeks later, so it’s been a rough couple of months here.

    I am so grateful that you shared your story — to be honest, I don’t feel like I’ve had the space to grieve properly yet and I have a feeling it’s going to hit me like a ton of bricks one day when I least expect it. Thanks for providing a little pressure release. RIP Jerry and all the others who’ve battled this crazy cancer.

    • Julie, your letter went straight to our hearts too, what a story. We are so sorry about your two pups, life is so unfair when we get hit with so much all at once. Our sincere condolences go out to you.

      We tell everyone there that the only “right answer” when it comes to bone cancer and amputation, is the one that is right for you and the pack. We’re all so different, and how we choose to handle medical decisions for our animals is a highly pawsonal one. No story is alike. After I earned my wings, my pawrents questioned their choices too, but I came back in different ways to remind them that looking back is a waste of time. I want them (and you) to remember my biggest lesson: all we have is NOW, so make the best of it because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed? I can hear Shasta whispering that to you too. You did right by her and your Dalmatian. Promise me, no regrets, OK?

      Give yourself time to grieve and allow it to happen on its own timeline. Only until it’s all out in the open can you fill that void with the many happy memories of the life you shared together. Then, perhaps some day another pup (a tripawd maybe??? Hmmm….) will come along to help you love again. No rush though, we understand.

      We are grateful you watched, and took the time to write. What an honor. Thank you so much, you made our day.

      Run free Shasta, we know your spirit will always shine on in your Momma’s heart, and ours too. xoxo

  29. As many have said…Thank you so much for inspiring us that have had to face cancer with our own dogs…the diagnosis of bone cancer seems so overwhelming and final until it settles in and you realize that the only time that matters to our dogs is the time spent with us…its such a comfort…like they know we need the support and distraction from the reality of the situation…God Bless all the happy Tripawd’s that do so much to help us realize what real living is all about…RIP Dear Jerry and all the beautiful Tripawd souls who hop on eternally in Heaven…:)

    • God Bless all the happy Tripawd’s that do so much to help us realize what real living is all about

      Yes! We’ll toast to that with some ICE CREAM! Thanks for writing and being here with the community, it wouldn’t be anything without the good pawrents like you.

  30. I finally got to see this show and was so happy that I did. I laughed, I smiled and I cried. Of course, I know Jerry’s story but it is such a wonderful story of love that it bares repeating. The way dogs impact the lives of so many people is a story that never grows old. We have lost three dogs in two years and two of them to cancer. They touched our lives and we are better people because they were in our lives. It is only because we love them so much that it hurts so much to lose them. It could not have been easy for you both to have the “world” share in your private moments but we all learned because you were willing to let us be there. I know people who saw this show will look at Tripawds in a different light because you exposed yourselves. Maybe some will give their dog a chance at life when they would have given up without hearing Jerry’s story. Thanks for that and for all the wonderful work that does for those of us learning to adjust to life with a tripawd. I guess we would have made Cherry’s journey without you and the tripawd community, but it would have been much harder.

    Emily, Spririt Cherry’s Mom.

    • Emily, thank you so much for the kind words. You and Bob do so much for the Tripawds family, and canine community in general, we can’t begin to thank you enough. All of the heartache you’ve experienced over the last two years is incomprehensible to us, and is so unfair. But yes you are right, it IS only because we love them so much that it hurts so much to lose them. That is a great way of putting it.

      We do hope that others will see that there is life after a cancer diagnosis for dogs (and cats too). When PBS asked us to be on the show, it was surreal, but at the same time we felt honored knowing that Jerry’s story could reach so many people. He is the reason why we felt OK with the cameras there, as strange as it was. We’re much more comfortable behind the scenes, that’s for sure.

      And again, it’s the incredible family here, like you and Bob and Spirit Cherry, who make Tripawds what it is. This community touches us deeply. Thank you for all you do.

  31. I was struck last night by how much Jerry resembled my dear sweet Jessie who passed last year at 13 to lung cancer. Thank you for the gifts you gave Jerry, he was a lucky pup and you were lucky people to know such a terrific dog.

    • Peggy, we are so sorry abut Jessie. Cancer is so difficult. But I’ll bet he’s watching over you making sure that you keep on smiling. Thanks so much for watching the show and taking the time to write. We’d love to see Jessie’s photo if you get a chance. What a coincidence, two J-names! Jerry was mostly Shepherd but also part Border Collie.

      • I always assumed Jessie was all Shepherd, but I adopted her from a rescue at four so there was no knowing for sure. Jessie was a she, but I’m not sure she knew it. She was the first female dog I’d ever seen lift her leg to pee, LOL. She spent the last three years of her life going to work with me, sleeping under my desk, greeting Mr. UPS who carried treats and making everyone who came into the office laugh.

        The AKC will tell you that shepherds are aloof, even distant with strangers but she never met a human she didn’t like. I think it’s her body type and size and her energy that made me think of her when I saw Jerry’s story on Nature. She also dearly loved snow and playing with ice in the winter. She never let on that anything was wrong until the night she had trouble breathing and I rushed her to the vet. I had always asked her to choose her own time because I knew I could never do it for her. Even that she did for me. She passed on Valentines Day 2009.

      • Peggy, what a lucky girl Jessie was to be able to spend time with you all day! She does indeed sound a lot like Jerry and they had so much in common. He too was very social and loved other dogs. He would play all day if we let him, and he also spent time at the office with us every day. Like Jessie, he looked forward to greeting the FedEx guy each afternoon. And if it wasn’t for him, we would have taken things waaaay too seriously during the work day.

        Bless you for adopting that special girl, what a life you shared. We hope she and Jerry have found each other and are having a ball in the snow.

  32. What a beautiful story. What a blessed time to have Jerry in your life. What you did for Jerry was remarkable. I know he loved both of you for it. God Bless.

    • Debra, thank you so much for watching the show, it touches our souls knowing that his beautiful story continues to bring smiles to people’s faces. But really, what we did was nothing…it is Jerry who gave so selflessly to us. There is no other love like that of your one true Soul Dog.

      Many hugs to you….

  33. I am so honored to have seen you on the pbs program. I cried when I heard you say we will know when he becomes lethargic when he stops eating. I put my little baby man my pom down on Jan 29 after 15 years and four months. He woke me every morning happy boy he taught me so much. My saddest day the biggest loss of my heart and I have lost many folk in my life but none compare. So to see you and your Jerry and the love you had that special bond so touched my heart. You are both such wonderful people I am so happy for the love you shared with Jerry I admire you for what you did and for the people who think you were crazy for what you seemingly gave up I am sad for them for they are not aware of what you gained. You will forever be in in heart.