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Thank you Nature!

We can’t thank PBS and WNET enough for sharing Jerry’s story on Nature’s Why We Love Cats and Dogs yesterday. If you missed it, no worries. You can still watch the full episode at home! Or, you can just skip to parts 2 & 5 for our segments! 😉

Why We Love Cats and Dogs PBS Producer Ellen Kissing JerryWe must give a special shout-out to producer Ellen Goosenberg Kent and her crew. Since they first followed us around Santa Fe last March, we’ve wondered what would come of the hours of footage they shot.

Well, Ellen did a simply amazing job telling Jerry’s story! We have now seen it about a dozen times and still cry every time.

And the feedback has simply been overwhelming. Just check out some of the heartfelt comments people are leaving on our posts about Jerry’s last days.

We are just astounded to think that our story has touched so many people, in such profound ways. If the response here and on the Nature website is any indication, Ellen is sure to be nominated for another Emmy!

Jerry stars in Why We Love Cats and DogsAnd if traffic is any indication of our future success with this website, Jerry’s legacy is bound to live on here forever.

We typically averaged about 900 unique visits a day. Yesterday alone we had more than 6,000 visitors!

Thank you Ellen. Thank you Nature. Thank you PBS.

And special thanks to all the viewers out there who dropped by to discover Jerry’s full story and share their own puppy-love stories with us. Thanks to all of you, we continue to spread the word that it’s better to hop on three legs than to limp on four.

Sharing is Caring!

14 thoughts on “Thank you Nature!”

  1. Hi Jim & Rene,

    Thank you for sharing Jerry’s story on television. Of course thanks go to the production company and PBS for wanting to share your story as well. I admire the courage it must have taken to make the decisions you did. My favorite parts of the whole special were the “Jerry” ones. I hope many more people will be inspired.

    Yes, I cried and cried too! Obviously you two are wonderful people. What a gift you gave Jerry, and what a gift he gave you! Beautiful! I had better stop or I’ll cry again!

  2. We lost our Maggie to lymphoma back in 1993. To this day, we remember her with both smiles and tears. We had her for thirteen months after the initial diagnosis and we gave her every advantage for as long as it meant a good quality of life for her. The vet told us, too, we’d know when to let her go because she would tell us… and she did. One Friday morning, she came and laid her head on my knee and I could tell she was having trouble breathing – much more than usual. We’d only had her eight years… but we knew at that moment, the greatest gift we could give her was to let her go. Bless you – and bless all who care for and love their furbabies.

    • It’s amazing how these creatures know and have the courage to tell us when they’re ready to move on … thank you for listening to Maggie and taking such good care of her. Your quality of life comment means a lot to us, since that is what Jerry taught us it is all about. Thanks!

  3. Jim & Rene,

    I was able to catch the show & I was sobbing so hard as I watched it. I read the comments on the PBS board that night & cried even more. Then I read Jerry’s blog on his last days & well… I was a train wreck.

    I get it!! I totally understand why you packed up & hit the road. I loved how clearly it showed the bond you & Jerry had. It was very touching. I feel exactly the same why about Zak.

    I’ll never forget the image & Jerry on the blanket.. your reasons for letting him move on at that point & what led up to that decision. I hope I have the courage to do the same when its time.

    Thank you for let us know it was going to be on. It was a very insipiring story.

    All the best..

    Jenna & Zak

    • Sorry for all the tears, but that’s just a side effect us humans must get used too. We must have seen the show a dozen times and still cry at each one. Don’t worry about the courage or when the time will come. Zak will give you the strength.

  4. I feel so incredibly proud of you all (Rene, Jim and Spirit Jerry) for being able to reach so many people with your inspawrational and moving story! I cried too of course when watching the show… heck, I cried when watching the preview! You guys (Rene and Jim) have done such an amazing job with this website and now with sharing Jerry’s story on the PBS Nature show! I am sooooo happy to hear you are in the process of writing a book! I truly feel blessed to have had you guys in our lives since Jake’s diagnosis on October 6th 2008. The encouragement, knowledge and prayers shared with us meant more to us than you’ll ever know. Jake is feeling really well these days! We continue to take it day by day and just try to appreciate the time we DO have! We both send lots of warm hugs your way! Congrats on the success of the PBS show! Can’t wait to read your book!

  5. Loved it! We (Eisen, Daphne & I) watched it together and a few times their heads went to the side as though they were wondering how their friend Jerry was on the glowing box thing! Too much about cats for me….wanted more ‘tripawd’ time….but hey, I’m partial!! Love to All!!! Very…very…cool! XOXO Stace

  6. Jerry! You are a movie star!!

    Wow! What a great show! I’ve already watched it several times and shown it to others several times (we put it on our two TIVO machines, in two different rooms!) They really did a top notch, professional job with his story. I know that Jim and Rene are so proud of you, Jerry!

    Oh, yeah, and of course, it made me cry, too. Just beautiful. What a treasure you have in this footage of your beloved Jerry.

    It is great to hear that you have reached so many people and that so many people have responded to this story. I think that Jerry should have his own segment on PBS, about nothing but Jerry! I think everyone should write to PBS and request that they do another story, a more expanded story, about Jerry and the “tripawd experience”. I know that people would love to see it. Hey, why stop at a TV show, let’s go Hollywood, and make a movie about Jerry with Rene and Jim as advisors, etc. Hey, you guys better hurry up and write the book so that they can make a movie out of it! Seriously!

    Again, congratulations!


    Sandra and “Angel” Luna

    • Sandra, you are so kind, thank you for being our friend and for sharing your wonderful Luna’s story on this site too. Luna’s courageous battle that you’ve written about here is also helping to show humans how to really live life, despite the obstacles that get put in our path sometimes. Together, she and Jerry are changing the world, one pawstep at a time.

      And about that book….stay tuned!

  7. Dearest Rene and Jim, after watching the PBS special last night I cried my heart out but not because of sadness but because of the joy that all of you and Jerry brought to our lives while going through our journey with Kellie. How it was all of you that gave us the hope, strength and love we needed to carry on and enjoy each day at the fullest. The special was awesome and what terrific people you are. There is not one day that passes that I don’t think and miss my beautiful Kellie and the uplifting Jerry. God bless both of you for sharing this story with us and mostly for sharing Jerry as well. Love, Isabel

    • Isabel, we feel privileged to have been there through Kellie’s Tripawd journey. You shared her story with so many, and gave (and continue to give) the hope and inspawration it takes to get through the hardest parts of life as a Tripawd. You are an awesome teacher and a wonderful human being. Thank you for coming into our lives. We are more blessed because of you. xoxo


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