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12 Responses to “Salute to Three Legged Giant Breed Dogs: Your Pics Wanted”

  1. I have a 9.5 year old lab with new diagnosis of low grade stage 1 mast cell on forearm that cannot be excised and they are recommending amputation for definitive treatment. Unlike other dogs on this site – he does not have any limb pain and is fully functional with the limb. It is difficult to decide to amputate when he looks and does so well and this was found by accident. versus doing some palliative chemo and radiation to control the disease. If I don’t amputate of course in the future it could spread but it may not. Difficult to decide to take the leg that he is using perfectly at the moment. I would hate the thought of him waking up and not having a leg and not understanding where it has gone and why its not there

  2. I´ve just had taken the decision to amputate the front leg from my loved Roco due a sarcoma. He is 3 and a half years old and we are afraid if not to do the surgery, he will suffer more. We arrived the decision after consult his vet, take X rays, perform a tumor study and we need to do it as soon its possible. The procedure will be performed tomorrow afternoon.

    • Monica, I am going through the exact same thing. My dog is having her front left leg amputated later in November. I hope that Roco’s surgery goes well, I would love to hear updates from you so that I know what to expect! I am so scared that I am making the wrong decision 🙁

  3. Love my girl Carly. How do I submit a photo to get her into the Giant Breed Gallery?

  4. Our eight-year-old saint, Shadazi, was diagnosed today and amputation is next week. Thank you so much for sharing this site and information with others. Our family has been struggling with the decision to amputate given her age, but since she is a lighter weight at 138 pounds and otherwise healthy (liver and lungs were clear), we want to eliminate the pain and hopefully enhance the quality of life that remains. Reading other readers stories has been a real encouragement.

    Thank you for all you do.

    • HI Christy, we are sorry to hear about the diagnosis but with your great attitude you and Shadazi can conquer anything. Please come visit us in our Discussion Forums where you can talk directly with folks who’ve been there, we have lots of giant breed dog pawrents, including Saints, who are ready to help. Good luck and keep us posted.

  5. This is AWESOME!!! I wish more people talk about the positive side of amputation. In the case of our St. Bernard, found by the Seattle Humane Society (at five months) … there was no decision but to amputate. And trust me he lives a very normal live. Here is my attempt on a blog page … Enjoy! Dave and Burly

  6. Jerry, I just love your salute to “Three-legged Giant Breed Dogs”. It’s a very heartwarming thing for you to do.

    Love, Blazer & Kimber & Vicki T

  7. Is that possible?

    Of course, anything is possible when you’re loving life on three legs! Simply send us a recent photo and we’ll gladly add it to this gallery. It’s been a while since we’ve seen our buddy Eisen anyway, a new picture would be good.

  8. You can always put a picture of me up. Even though I’m a GSD which is considered a large dog…..I am always in need of everything being marked Giant Breed. Maybe I’m a little giant??? Is that possible?

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