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On my Way to the Clinic in Denver

Jerry Dog at Engineer Pass, San Juan Mountains COHey everyone, guess what? My favorite oncologist, Dr. Marie Mullins, has relocated from Santa Fe’s Veterinary Cancer Care clinic, to the Animal Hospital Center in Denver, Colorado. What a neat coincidence that she’s there now, because my Mom and Dad are worried about my lack of appetite lately, and they think I should see the doc. And Denver is a lot closer to where we are now, so on Saturday, we are packing up and leaving the ranch. My appointment is on Monday afternoon.

I’m gonna be honest with you all, because we’re family here, right? My pawrents started this blog as a way to update friends and family about how I’m doing . . . all the good news, and any bad news too. It’s therapy for us, and we hope, for you as well.

So here goes . . .. . . with some not so good news; I just don’t feel like myself lately. My head says “Play! Play! Play!”, but whenever I get excited and try to run around, my energy level drops, real fast. If I move around a lot, I’ll let out a heavy, deep cough/choke, and sometimes it takes me a second to recover from it. I’ve had “the cough” for a while now, but it seems to be worse lately. Yes, it’s probably because of my lung mets. And by the way, if you’re wondering what “the cough” sounds like, believe me, you will know. It’s deep, and heavy, and, dog forbid, if your Tripawd ever starts doing it, you won’t mistake it for anything else.

Who knows why I feel so dog tired lately. Could be because I got attacked by a swarm of yellowjackets last week! Or it could be more serious. We’ll know more on Monday. Whatever it is though, I don’t want anyone to worry about me, or be sad, OK? Remember, I’m at 22 months past my diagnosis, how lucky is that?!

So all I want is for everyone to think pawsitive, and put out lots of loving thoughts and energy into the universe, and to your Tripawd too. I love you guys.

Your pal,


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17 thoughts on “On my Way to the Clinic in Denver”

  1. Jerry,

    It’s hard not to worry about you, honey. We care about you so much. You have done so much for so many people, including me and my babies (Blazer & Kimber). I found out about you through when I started watching their videos on Then, I started noticing in the comments section that the name, JerryGDawg kept popping up. So, I started watching your videos, too and fell in love with you and that’s how I found

    Even though neither of my current “kids” have cancer, but I have had dogs who have had different forms of cancer (not osteosarcoma), but lymphoma (as one example) and a tumor on the parathyroid gland which caused little Drucy’s calcium levels to soar. She died of cancer and the resultant renal failure which happens when excessive calcium builds up in the kidneys, ureters & bladder. And, I have gone through the cancer that several of my best friend’s dogs have had and been there with them when their time has come. I feel like I know you and love you as much as any dog I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and I know I will always cherish your videos and seeing how well a dog can do with 3-legs. Heck, like you always say, “I have one more leg than you do!”.

    God Bless you Jerry! And, yes, I am concerned and very worried for you. You are in my prayers. Please eat, Jerry. Even if it is cat food. Eat something, baby. Your body needs nutrition and calories. I had the upper lobe of my right lung removed because of cancer (in August 2007)and I know it’s tough to breathe when you only have 10% of your lung left. I also know all about taking drugs to help me to eat (I just don’t have an appetitie anymore). Food doesn’t taste the same and I am 5’11” tall and weigh 120 lbs. You need to eat and I need to eat. Is there some kind of liquid supplement that can be given to you that tastes good and has lots of nutrients and calories? That’s what I have to do on some really bad days. Keep eating, you sweet boy.

    Love, Vicki Tankersley, Blazer & Kimber

  2. Jerry,

    May all of the angel tripawd dogs be there with you when you need them and bring you and your pawrents all of the healing love everyone sends to you.

  3. Woohoo Jerry G.! We love you and your pawrents too! Sending you love and kisses and pawsitive energy. We shall keep you in our hearts and in our thoughts.
    We love you Jerry,

    Codie Rae and Martha

  4. You have helped my mom and I SO much Jerry. We are sending you good vibes and NRG. If anyone can do it you can! You are such an inspiration to so many people and pets. You have helped everyone on this wonderful website your brave pawrents started. We are thinking lots of good thoughts buddy for you. Please keep us posted about Monday. We are rooting for you.
    Titan and Heidi

  5. Hi Jerry, You are amazing and quite an inspiration to all of us tripawds! My mom,dad and I are sending pawsitive thoughts and prayers your way. Because of you and your families website my mom got me a new harness and life preserver. She needed the harness very quickly in time for my chemo appointment so she had to get it locally but she was sad about that because she wanted to support your site so she left you a little present at paypal yesterday. Just one small way we can say Thank you for helping so many tripawds and their pawrents. Good luck at the vet on Monday. I will have my back paws crossed for you. By the way, great picture…you are one lucky dawg!
    Cody, Cathy and David

  6. We love Jerry! We’re always thinking of you….and always with you.
    And again: we love you Jerry!!!!

    licks, tail wags, sniffs in all sorts of places and kisses

  7. Hi Jerry,

    I know that Dr. Mullins will be very happy to see you again and have a chance to visit with your pawrents, too. We will be praying for you and knowing positive thoughts and affirmations for you, too.

    By the way, you look great in this photo, terrific profile against a magnificent backdrop!


    Sandra and “Luna”


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