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My Chemotherapy Check-Up: Dr. Mullins Gives Me an “A”

We went to visit my girlfriends at the Veterinary Cancer Center last week, and I’m happy to report that I’m doing great!

Dr. Mullins examines dog at Veterinary Cancer Care in Santa FeMy bloodwork was “perfect,” according to Nurse Kelly, and when Dr. Mullins did her magical Reiki therapy exam on me, she says that I look and feel wonderful.

Some things we covered during my exam were:

Hemorrhagic Cystitis (Bloody Urine)
Mom was really worried that I wasn’t peeing enough after taking my chemo pill. She’s heard how chemo can cause kidney irritation, and blood in urine. But because I’m on such a low dose of cytoxan, Dr. Mullins says that there is a very low risk of cystitis affecting me. While it’s good to get me to go pee frequently after I take my chemo pill, we don’t have to worry so much about this.

Dog blood test for chemotherapy complications
Blood Test
Sometimes when dogs are on chemo, it can decrease our bone marrow’s ability to make enough white blood cells, which help us fight infections. This can cauase us to be more susceptible to getting sick. Tests showed that my white blood cell count was well within the area of what is considered “normal.”

Chest X-Rays
We did not take x-rays during this visit. Because I had chest x-rays taken in March, Dr. Mullins says that about two months should pass before I get new ones taken, so that we can have a good baseline comparison to see how quickly those lung tumors are growing.

I get to go back to see the wonderful women at the clinic in May, and that’s when I’ll take my x-rays too. Until then, I’ll keep enjoying my laid back life in sunny New Mexico!Jerry Visits the Veterinary Cancer Care clinic in Santa FeAlso See:

Video Follow-up to My Cancer Care Checkup

14 thoughts on “My Chemotherapy Check-Up: Dr. Mullins Gives Me an “A””

  1. I would like some in put on chemo or no chemo. I have an 11 yr old golden that had her left leg amputated a week and a half ago. She is doing some what better, but we are struggling with her walking. She has osteosarcoma, I also would like some help on getting her to eat science diet nd. She does not like it. Does any one have any experience with blue buffalo foood? I also am going to order her a ruff harness today. Thanks for any thoughts.

    • Hello again … you will really find much more advice help and support in the tripawd discussion forums than we alone can provide here in the blog.

      Maggie just needs time and rest right now. It’s still early, before you know it she’ll regain her strength and be walking much better. personally, we have never heard of blue Buffalo food. But Jerry did eat ground buffalo later in his cancer treatment, and he loved it! We did not do IV chemo after his surgery, but we did put him on metronomics with Cytoxan once we discovered his lung mets.

  2. Oh Codie Rae, I get so sad when I hear stories like that. I hope that Mallory finds a good home with some enlightened, loving people to take care of her. Whatever we can to do help, let us know.

    Hope you’re hoppy and having a ball out there in Oakland! We send our hugs and woofs out to ya, fabulous girldog!

  3. Hey Jerry,

    Turns out a girl dog (named Mallory and as sweet as can be) just recently brought into the rescue group that rescued me has mammary cancer and a prognosis of only a few months to live. We are trying to find a home for her where she can be loved and happy for the rest of her life, however long or short that might be. We were bummed until we remembered YOU and your Treatment!! So my mom sent links to your website and about the treatment to her friend in the group that pulled Mallory from the shelter. Maybe we can get her set up on a treatment plan (but the group cant afford a whole lot of vet bills for any one dog) or at the least, we can suggest it to the person that adopts her….(I am keeping my paws crossed HARD for that!). My mom and I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your story and all the resources that you have come across. Once again Jerry G., I have to say…You guys ROCK!!
    love and kisses,
    Codie Rae

  4. such great news jerry! we are so glad to hear you are doing so well! –slobbery smoochies to you!–samigurrrl

  5. Jerry my buddy, how glad to hear that you are doing so well. You sure look great on those photos your pawrent took while visiting NM. Sure looks like that Reiki therapy feels gooooooodddd!!!! My Mom took my brother Lance to a session one time and after I start my chemo she is going to make an appt. for me to go and get one. Keep the good work and make sure to keep us posted. Have fun in New Mexico and paws up for you…NGU!!!!!

  6. Dear Jerry:
    Oh, how awesome!!! We LOVE to hear that you are doing so well and that you are up to your fun antics in New Mexico. Thanks for all the positive vibes you send out, we get them here in St. Louis for sure!
    Dave, Karla and HEIDI


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