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Daisy: A Senior Gal Lives Her Golden Years on Three Legs

Senior Three Legged Dog DaisyMany times, pawrents aren’t sure if they should go ahead with an amputation on their senior dog. Of course all situations are very different, and there are no right answers. Lots of things about the dog’s existing health issues need to be taken into consideration.

But when a senior dog with osteosarcoma is otherwise in fair health, amputation can immediately alleviate the pain from bone cancer. And despite surgery recovery time and a bit of a learning curve, living out life on three legs can be a true gift for older dogs.

“Its all about growing old together,” says my friend Sasha, dog mom of my special girl Lalla. “A senior dog needs gentle exercise . . . and a pain free life in the ‘golden years’ is the greatest gift you can give to your senior dog.”

Daisy is a great example.

Daisy is a senior dog born in 1995, who lives in southern Colorado. We met online because she went to the same oncology clinic that I did. She is a white shepherd / greyhound / jackrabbit mix. Jackrabbit?!

Daisy’s good humans rescued her from the pound in Fairbanks, Alaska when she was about four months old. Her human, LeeAnn, says Daisy’s favorite things are: pancakes, ear rubs, and unmaking the bed when no one’s looking. Her dislikes are: thunderstorms, aggressive cats, and osteosarcoma. In March of this year, Daisy was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, and that’s when she became a tripawd.

LeeAnn says that “for over twelve years, Daisy ran with greyhound speed, effortless grace, the very picture of joy. And now, in her dreams, she still does.”

Living Day by Day and Treasuring Each Moment

For now, Daisy and her family are taking it day by day, and getting more of that gentle exercise and loving in each day. Sadly, the cancer is moving quickly, but because she became a tripawd, Daisy and her humans get the gift of extra time to spend together, to laugh, and to love, here on earth.

LeeAnn says, “She’s hanging in there. Sometimes I think her time is imminent, other times she’ll suddenly amaze me with her energy. We are just trying to enjoy every moment, as we should always be doing anyway.”

And it’s those extra pain-free moments that are one of the greatest gifts that amputation can give to a senior dog and her family.

8 thoughts on “Daisy: A Senior Gal Lives Her Golden Years on Three Legs”

  1. What timing you have Kim … we are sorry to say that Daisy has passed.

    Just today, we went to visit her skin mom while passing through her town in Colorado. I had hoped to meet Daisy, but we found out her people made the tough decision to let her go yesterday.

    Her time had come. She is much more comfortable now. Thanks for asking.

  2. Hi Joy, thanks for commenting.

    The Tripawd Discussion Forums are full of stories about cancer diagnosis, amputation and treatment including chemotherapy.

    This one thread in particular discusses To Chemo or Not to Chemo at quite length.

    Search for answers to your questions in the forums or join the discussion. We’d love to hear from you. And you may be surprised about the support you receive!

  3. My girl Calamity Jane, just became a tripaw on 4/23/08. She was diagnosed on 4/8/08 with osteosarcoma in her left shoulder and was limping for about 6-8 weeks before. She is an Aussie and just turned 12 on 4/9. We had the limb amputated because we both work and our fear was that we would come home to find her with a broken leg and not know how long she had been in suffering.

    She is scheduled to begin chemo in about 7 days. I am stuggling chemo or not. Our goal would be to help her live until the end of May 2009, until my step-son returns from his mission in Spain. He lost his little boy to a cancerous anal tumor about 8 months before leaving. Calamity is his special little girl.

    I haven’t found any stories that involve amputation and chemo. We definitely don’t want her to be in pain or to suffer. Her lungs were clear before surgery but it seems like it will be tumors in her lungs that will end her life. I am not really sure what the chemo actually does.

    Keeping you in thoughts and prayers.
    Calamity and her mom, Joy

  4. Daisy is a beautiful girl! (I see the Jackrabbit in those awesome ears!) What a cutie! We send our best wishes too.

  5. Many loving wishes and positive thoughts to you DAISY! What an inspiration to all of us seniors with bone cancer. Take care friend!
    9yr old rottie, dx os 2/29/08, amp 3/12/08


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