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Bella’s Pain Relief Pack Relieves My Pain

Hot-n-Cold Pain Relief Pack Helps Heal from Amputation SurgeryThe story of Bella is an inspiring one that will just have to wait, for it inspired a line of products that I just have to tell you about.

When we were contacted by the owner of Bella’s Pain Relief Products, we offered to review the Hot-n-Cold Pain Relief Pack for tripawd lovers everywhere.

After finally receiving our new camera – long story – we are excited to present our review complete with demonstration video … and even more excited to announce that we have partnered with Bella’s so you can now save 10% on every purchase.

Read on for the complete review and to learn how you can save on some great products just by using our “TRIPAWDS” coupon code!

NOTE: Bella’s Pain Relief Pack has been discontinued. Please see our update, “Hot Cold Therapy Pack Options for Dogs, Cats

The Hot-n-Cold Pain Relief Pack was developed for Bella, a three legged Great Dane who needed heat and cold applied to various parts of her body. After surgery on her front leg, a cold compress was used to help reduce swelling. For her hip problems, heat helped blood circulate to soothe that area.

When Bella moved around, however, the ice pack would fall. And she had a tendency to chew the heating pad. Thus was born the Hot-n-Cold Pain Relief Pack.

This innovative product can be used as a heating pad or cold compress on any part of your dog’s body. And it won’t fall off! It is safe, non-toxic, and it feels good. I know, we tried it …

Pain Relief Pack Helped Bella Dog with Pet Arthritis PainFor new canine amputees, the pack can be used as a cold compress after surgery to reduce swelling, relieve pain and promote healing.

For conditions such as arthritis, hip dysplasia and aching joints, it serves as a safe heating pad. With elastic Velcro straps that attach anywhere on the pad, the Relief Pack can be attached to any part of your dogs body. I liked it on my hips.

The pack is easy to use and is totally non-toxic. You can apply this heating pad to your pet without worry that they may chew it and hurt themselves. It even works on humans too!

So, when should you use heat or cold to treat pain in your pet?

Since most people don’t understand dog talk. I suggest following the advice of physiologists who practice sports medicine:

  • If there is swelling and pain use ice.
  • If there is no swelling, but stiffness is present use heat.
  • If this is an acute injury (within first 6 weeks) use ice.
  • When in doubt, use ice.

The Hot-n-Cold Pain Relief Pack is safe, with a totally non-toxic gel pouch that is 100% leak-proof. It was co-developed with a veterinarian and has been clinically proven to to speed your pet’s recovery after orthopedic procedures. Bella packs are even used in a number of veterinary specialty hospitals during surgical post-op recovery.

Pain Relief Pack Eases Pet Arthritis Pain and DysplasiaUtilizing hot/cold compression the relief Pack accelerates healing for your pet by providing immediate pain relief for arthritis, joint & muscle pains, sprains & strains. Simply store it in the freezer for an instant cold pack, and convert it into a moist heat wrap in the microwave. Always be sure to heat the pack in its fabric cover to prevent damage to the gel pouch.

Bella’s also carries a variety of other products to help you help your furry friend remain pain free. At, you will find great deals on pet stairs and ramps, mobility aides, vitamins and supplements, and much more.

Bella’s Pain Relief Pack is no longer available. Please see:

Hot Cold Therapy Pack Options for Dogs, Cats

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24 thoughts on “Bella’s Pain Relief Pack Relieves My Pain”

  1. Am I the only one who can’t find this product anymore? The site won’t load and the number doesn’t work. Amazon, eBay…not available. I know a lot can happen in a couple of years but seems like a much needed product.

    • Nope. You are not the ony one. Bella’s no longer makes the Pain Relief Pack. We had updated our Tripawd Gear Review with a notice and link to other recommendations, but we apparently missed this old post.

      Thanks for bringing that to our attention! We have now also updated this post above.

  2. Sorry about my previous comment/question, I didn’t read Bella’s story to know she was a Great Dane, just saw the German Shepperd with the relief pack and assume that was Bella.

  3. Would like to know if Bella’s Hot/cold Relief Pack will fit a Great Dane. He just had arthroscopic surgery of his shoulder and this will come in handy. I know it has adjustable straps but you don’t say how long they are.

  4. A little late with the comments but this is a great idea. I am a veterinarian and would suggest heat therapy for most muscle problems as it will relax the muscles. Physical therapy can make a difference as well, I have a Dog Physical Therapy Series that might be of interest on my blog.

  5. My dog has painful arthritis in the front leg joint. Should I use warm on the joint area or cold? I want to buy your product? He is on an anti-inflammatory medication. The joint looks swollen.



    • Please consider asking your question in our Ask A Vet discussion forum, and be sure to review the indications for use above… 1) If there is swelling and pain use ice. 2) If there is no swelling, but stiffness is present use heat. 3) If this is an acute injury (within first 6 weeks) use ice. 4)When in doubt, use ice. We are not veterinarians, but wish the best for you and your pup!

  6. I bought the Bella’s cold/hot pack and it is a great product! I use it hot with my doggy with hip problems, I use it cold when my other dog had surgery and I personally use it when I have PMS pains, so I wrap the warm pack around my tummy and I can walk around the house doing my chores … so I do not have to lay down on my bed!

    I will recommend this pack to every body with dogs, and women with PMS pains 🙂

  7. That is wonderful! I have a friend with a bull mastiff that is having problems do to its size. I think this might help. Also I love your dog!

  8. What a wonderful product – I am sure this innovative solution will go down well with all owners looking after pets undergoing this type of procedure.

  9. This would really be useful for my pet at home too. Thanks for sharing such valuable information. There was an occasion when my Teenu also underwent a surgery and we were in search of a good hot and cold pack to soothe her inflammation.

    Great article!


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