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Pain Relief Pack Good for My ACL Tear!

Hot Cold Pain Pack Helps Dogs With ACL TearsEver since my doctor told me I had a partial ACL tear, my people have been keeping me relatively confined. Or at least trying to! We’re only going on leashed walks, per doctor’s orders. Bummer.

But another home treatment that seems to be helping with my knee pain is hot and cold therapy using my Bella’s Hot/Cold Pain Relief Pack.

We’ve written about this great pet pain relief product before, and even posted a demonstration video. But now my people have discovered how to keep the pack in position on my knee, even if I move around.

Bella’s Pain Relief Pack is no longer available. Please see:

Hot Cold Therapy Pack Options for Dogs, Cats

Ace Bandage on Dog Knee for ACL TearA dog’s knee is difficult to keep anything on, let alone a heating pad or ice pack.

My people first tried an Ace bandage for compression on me knee injury, but it kept falling off.

Their first attempt to put the Pain Pack on my knee worked fine while I was lying down. But as soon as I got up to turn around, it fell off.

They then figured out how to apply my Bella’s Hot/Cold Pain Relief Pack around my rear knee so it would stay put:

  1. Heat the pack in the microwave, or cool it in the freezer as desired. (See video for more details.)
  2. Position the pack on the knee, folding it around the front part of the leg.
  3. Stretch the top elastic strap up and over your dog’s hips, attaching the Velcro tab back to the pad under the belly.
  4. Stretch the second strap around the leg securing the pack in place.

How to Apply Hot Cold Pain Pack On Dog With ACL TearMy people have done this a number of times with me standing up. And the pack has stayed on, covering my knee with soothing warmth, even after I lay down and get back up for a drink of water.

Be sure not to overheat the pack.

Or, just tell the nice folks at Bella’s that Jerry from sent you.

Swimming is the best exercise for dogs with an ACL tear. As much as we want to, don’t let us run and jump! Calm, leashed walks are OK.

Heat applied to the knee will help improve circulation. A cold compress will help reduce swelling. And my people have found the best way to apply either is to use Bella’s Hot/Cold Pain Relief Pack.

Bella’s Pain Relief Pack is no longer available. Please see:

Hot Cold Therapy Pack Options for Dogs, Cats

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5 thoughts on “Pain Relief Pack Good for My ACL Tear!”

  1. Is it normal that my dog wot ACL tear wont even get u to eat or pee? He is in that much pain!.. I don’t know what to give him. would this work?

  2. we have a 25 pound 13 year old Sheltie; she’s in good health, except for some arthritic back legs/hip area….we take slow walks, and at times she will stumble. She’s on Rymadel for the inflammation; the small heating device looks promising… can you recommend an item to help us apply heat? (she is indoors & outdoors – when outdoors she has a wonderful heating pad in her house)..


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