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Jerry Update: Metronomic Protocol is Working!

Well, it’s official: my metronomic protocol therapy is doing what it’s supposed to do.

Tumor Reduction Metastis X RayLast week I saw Dr. Mullins one more time before leaving New Mexico, and she gave us the great news; the chemotherapy is doing its job, and has shrunk those nasty lung tumors by ten percent! We were really hoppy to hear that, especially because we are on the road again, this time in Colorado.

So that was the good news. The less good news is that Dr. Mullins thinks I might have a partial ACL tear in my rear right knee. How I did that, I don’t know. I used to play Frisbee a lot, and had a habit of falling on that knee, so it may have been there for years.

But lately I have been a little gimpier than usual, and Mom and Dad got worried because they thought the cancer might have returned in my leg. Well, it didn’t, thank dog. But, I do have to stay medicated for a while, to keep me mellow so that I can heal. Mom and Dad are taking me on real short walks, and not letting me play hard, for now.

Veterinary Cancer Care Santa FeMy health is good, overall, and I’m not letting the cancer slow me down. Even though these nasty tumors reduce my lung capacity by about 30 percent, I can run, jump and chase cats just like every other dog.

Did you know that dogs can live with only 50 percent of lung capacity? Just like you humans.

Meanwhile, I’m doing my best to stay mellow out here in Colorado, but dang, it’s ruff. There’s so many places to run and swim. I love it here!

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16 thoughts on “Jerry Update: Metronomic Protocol is Working!”

  1. Thinking of you Jerry…hope the leg gets better soon…be a good patient for your mom and dad. Thanks for giving Mom some more info for her arsenol against this thing that Mom calls cancer that I seem to have.

    Paws forever 🙂

  2. that’s such great news guys!! hope your leg gets better soon! thinking of you all! mwah—sami, stephen & michelle

  3. Hi Jerry, hope you are doing well and having fun in Colorado. Good luck with that ACL tear and keep on fighting those tumors! Remember: If you can DREAM it, you can DO it! So keep on dreaming and thinking happy thoughts!!
    Love, Dee

  4. Jerry,

    Wow! What great news! Congratulations on the terrific results of the Metronomics! It really does work!

    Hope your leg gets better real soon, just take it easy and you’ll be back to A1 play condition in no time!


    Sandra T. and “Luna”

  5. Good news that the protocol is working! Now take it easy on that leg!!

    In Colorado? Stop by and say hi! 🙂 (Fort Collins is home for us!)

  6. That picture of my lungs is “just” an x-ray, but it is a newfangled digital x-ray which provides incredible resolution. My primary tumor is seen as a kidney shaped mass just off center to the right.

    These x-rays showed a smaller third mass we hadn’t noticed before, but Doctor Mullins believes this was there the whole time but was hidden in the dark exposure of my last traditional film x-rays.

    All the new facilities and equipment at the Santa Fe Vet Cancer Care clinic are just amazing! The new group practice now includes a physical therapist, dentist, neurologist, and an incredible yet daunting looking emergency surgery center.

  7. Hey there Jerry!

    We’re happy to hear the Metronomic is working. That is fabulous news! By the way, is that picture of your chest/lung just a regular old x-ray, or is it some of the new technology diagnostics?

    Hang in there and let your ACL heal, then you can be back to check out all the Colorado sights and smells!

    Barney B and Mom, Linda


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