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Dog Prescription Labels and Information Sheets: Please Read them

Cottage cheese and doxycyline interactionMy Metronomic protocol therapy calls for taking the antibiotic Doxycyline on a regular basis. But just the other day, my pawrents noticed that the Doxycycline prescription label says, in very tiny letters, “Do Not Take with Dairy Products.” They just noticed that!

Mom panicked, because I’ve been taking the Doxycline with my dinner, which includes a hefty dose of cottage cheese. With so many supplements to take, it was too easy for her to overlook this important instruction.

Mom immediately turned to the Internet. She learned that some studies say that doxycycline’s effectiveness is reduced when taken with dairy. Other studies say it isn’t. To get the scoop, she called my wonderful doctor, Dr. Mullins, who said:

“Doxycycline should be given without dairy as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. That being said, you do not need to change his diet, just give the doxycycline before his meal (about 1/2 hr) should be sufficient.”

Well, that’s a good thing, because I have been loosely following the Budgwig Diet for the last 21 months, which calls for cottage cheese and flax oil, and we’re pretty sure this has a lot to do with my longevity after the cancer diagnosis.

Mom wanted tell you this story, so that you all remember to carefully check your Tripawd’s prescription labels and information sheets carefully.

2 thoughts on “Dog Prescription Labels and Information Sheets: Please Read them”

  1. Well, I can’t say for sure if the vet neglected to tell us. There’s so much information on my pawrent’s brains when we go to the vet. It may have been that they just didn’t hear these important instructions while we were at the clinic (though I think Mom would’ve remembered them if we were told, because cottage cheese is such an important part of my diet). We are just thankful that this wasn’t anything serious.

  2. I just wish the vets would warn pawrents about things like this! How scary to find out (after the fact) that doxycycline shouldn’t be taken with dairy products. Even human doctors don’t tell you the side-effects and precautions that should be taken with pills. I find this to be very disgraceful conduct on their part.


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