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2024 Tripawds Virtual Marathon Racery App Update

Thanks to the Racery app, the 2024 Tripawds Virtual Marathon is under way and this year has already been the most exciting and fun! We’re also already getting close to reaching our fundraising goal. With your help, this year’s event will be the most successful race yet. Just remember, it’s not a race!

Three paws up to everyone participating! It’s fun to see all the photos and comments as you log your activity. And it’s heartwarming to watch the fundraising progress as we get closer to reaching our goal. Check out some of the current statistics, and stay tuned for the final push up the mountain.

Racery App Stats for Tripawds Virtual Marathon

The Racery app provides comprehensive stats for every stage of the race. We’re excited to so many “runners” join us this year. And we’re forever grateful for your outreach and fundraising efforts.

racery app stats

No, it’s not a race. But we do need to give a shout out to those leading the pack. Thank you for your support! And, keep up the good work. We’ve only got a few more days to go.

Top 10 Teams (Miles)

  1. teamtripawds
    146.40 miles
  2. husksdors
    141.18 miles
  3. wagwithhope
    84.92 miles
  4. buddysbuddies
    58.48 miles
  5. willowswalkers
    57.84 miles
  6. teamarwen
    37.87 miles
  7. laceysfanclub
    32.90 miles
  8. mingosmom
    31.43 miles
  9. applesauce
    21.66 miles
  10. angelboone
    21.35 miles

Top 10 Fundraisers

  1. Nelson Endert
  2. Selina Haltom
  3. Robert Fair
  4. Brad Raughley
  5. Amy Moses
  6. Dawnmarie Zakowicz
  7. Julie Moses
  8. Elizabeth Moses
  9. Diesel Pederson
  10. Jeanette Gardiner

Top 10 Longest Runs

  1. 1 Pattie Fields: 12.00
  2. Rene Agredano: 11.50
  3. Emily & Kalina Hall: 10.5
  4. Jim Nelson: 9.9
  5. Carol Teel: 8.52
  6. Stephanie Tompkins: 8.34
  7. Selina Haltom: 8.00
  8. Jennifer Griener: 7.91
  9. Tasha Hollis: 7.34
  10. Brenda Wilson: 7.15

Keep logging those miles and sharing your link. The “Race” ends April 28.

Remember: The “race” ends Sunday, April 28.

So please be sure to share your personal link everywhere.

  • The Racery app makes it simple to edit your personal fundraising page. Click your Runner pic and then the Edit link to add a custom title and message for your page.
  • Then share your link with friends and family. Post on social media and be sure to tag @Tripawds so we can share.

Here’s Admin Guy’s example page.’Here’s Admin Guy’s example page.

racery app
Easily edit and share your personal link!

Watch the video below to check the progress as we trek up Mount Everest together to help amputee pets and their people everywhere! And, see how easy and fun Racery The Virtual Race Platform makes it to log your miles, and cheer on the team.

All proceeds support free pet amputation resources and assistance programs.

It’s not too late to join the fun and support the cause!

Download the Racery app and get started.

Check out the progress so far as we’ve passed the halfway point for the 2024 Tripawds Virtual Marathon…

With the Racery app, it’s simple to log your miles. Or, convert many activities automatically.

  • Be sure to share a photo and comment from your “run” so others can see where you’re participating. Then check the Runners tab to cheer others on. Tap the heart to Like any activity.
  • Click the Comments icon to add a message.
  • Visit the Chat tab to shout out everyone with words of encouragement, or keep a conversation going with yout team members.

Check out the Street View when you log your miles. The fine folks at Racery have added some breathtaking views of Everest along the route. With the Racery app, you can move your phone around to see a 360º view of your spot on the course.

racery app
racery app
racery app

The Racery app makes it easy and fun to log your activity, cheer others on, and see views from along your route.

The good people at Racery have donated their time and platform to our community since 2018. Racery is the best platform to quickly launch a virtual 5k, create a virtual fitness challenge, or customize a virtual 5k for charity. We can’t thank Racery enough for making this fun event possible.

Check out the Racery app at

And we owe this year’s success to all of you. So, keep logging those miles and sharing those links…we’re almost there!

But remember, it’s not a race. 😉

Sharing is Caring!

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