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My Visit From Spirit Dog

Looking for Spirit DogBefore my recent appointment in Santa Fe, we camped out overnight in the parking lot of Rancho de las Golandrinas.

My people checked out the vast living history museum during the day while I gladly rested in the rig. This was just fine with me really, considering I didn’t care for the canon fire from the civil war reenactment going on!

But we did meet some new friends who worked there and arranged for us to stay overnight. And that evening, we were visited by Spirit Dog.

While we were all sitting around like the calm submissive pack creatures we are, a beautiful brown husky dog suddenly appeared at our screen door without a sound. My people were as surprised as I was and didn’t even have time to grab their camera before he disappeared. I for one, was no longer calm.

I admit it, I’m a whiner. And I wouldn’t let up. This pup was out there somewhere, and I wanted to play! (This was before we knew about my ACL injury.) So we went out to look. But this mystery dog was gone with the wind. Nowhere to be found.

Big Ears and Bushy Tail Watching for Spirit DogI dutifully marked my territory all around the trailer, and tried to calm down a bit. We went inside and within minutes our visitor appeared again. Right at the door. Silent. Stoic.

Somewhere in the deep blue of his one white eye, ran the souls of all my canine brethren who have passed before. And then he was gone again. I spent the rest of the evening – and the next morning – standing watch.

We never saw our mystery mutt again. And when we left, we saw the three dogs who supposedly lived nearby. None of which matched the description of our Spirit Dog.

I can’t explain why we were privileged to have this visit. Perhaps he was there to tell me all would be well at my Vet Cancer Care Clinic appointment the next day. Which it was. Or perhaps he was bringing a message from Daisy – a fellow cancer survivor – who we later learned was put to rest later that week. Regardless, we feel honored. Thank you Spirit Dog, wherever you are.

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5 thoughts on “My Visit From Spirit Dog”

  1. I have a wonderful black lab that is 10 years old. She is one of my best friends. She has hiked the Gorge in Oregon/ Washinton (helping me prepare for a climb to St. Helens rim), snow shoes with me in the winter months, and is willing to hike or walk anywhere, anytime and doesn’t care about the weather. When I broke my ankle 3 yrs ago, she sat ON me licking me as if to say, “Get up mom”. It was hours before help came, but she stayed there.
    A few months ago she tore her ACL. I have her on Rimadyl @ night. It seems to get better in several days then she’ll bound off the deck to chase deer, etc. from our property, and re-injurgys herself. Rimadyl is hard on the liver and her health. I hear conflicking dections about surgery. I did talk with a vet acupunturist who said “do the surgery”. On the other hand I hear IF you do the surgery good chance she’ll blow the other leg. Besides the cost, do I put her thru this? Any input would be appreaticated.
    Another Dog lover 🙂

    • Hi Debbie. Thnaks for asking, it’s a tough question indeed, but if your pup is otherwise fit and healthy, she should manage on three legs just fine. But we’re not vets, and every dog is different. Please consider posting in the discussion forums where you will get much more advice and help from the entire Tripawds community than we alone can provide here.

  2. Jerry,

    What an exciting and special story about your “Spirit Dog”. This dog had a special message for you–you are very special, Jerry.

    Your accounts of your travels and experiences have helped more dogs and their people than you will ever know. There is a “connection” among all of us, in the animal world and in the human world, and between those two worlds as well. Your “Spirit Dog” perhaps was visiting you to honor you for all you have done for so many.

    Sandra & “Luna”


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