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Meet Three Legged English Mastiff Tazzie

Here’s another mighty fine dog my people recently met … and I do mean mighty!

Tazzie is an English Mastiff who weighs in at about 175 lbs! Whoever says giant breed dogs and amputation aren’t a good fit obviously hasn’t been hanging around the Tripawd Discussion Forums long enough. Tazzie is cared for by Dr. Pam who is a regular contributor. Boy, that Tazzie is one lucky dog!

15 thoughts on “Meet Three Legged English Mastiff Tazzie”

  1. Just wanted to drop a line about my three-legged baby. His name is Tank and is also an English Mastiff. He will be 1 year old on April 12, 2010. He is such a ham and such a loving boy. He can do anything his older brother can do too(except lift his leg to pee). His missing leg is his left front. I am so happy he adopted us!

  2. Wow!! I so desperately needed to see this! Could I ask you some specific questions if you have a moment? My girl is also and English Mastiff and she is also 170lbs. I needed to ask you when you took the leg – immediately on diagnosis (when she was still feeling good) or did you wait?


    Lori Hageman, DVM
    The Ark Pet Hospital
    Antioch, CA

  3. I enjoyed seeing your video of Tazzie. My Great Dane was just diagnosed with the same cancer and goes in for amputation of his right front leg Tuesday.
    How does Tazzie do on stairs?
    I see you have booties on Tazzie, does that help with not slipping? Where did you get them?
    Thank you

    • Sherri, glad you liked it. I’m sorry about your Dane, and hope that the surgery went well.

      You can find lots of info about Tazzie and how she liked the booties in our Discussion Forums. You’ll also find other pawrents who can offer you great advice about amputation and cancer.

      From what I know, Tazzie did great with the Ruffwear Skyliner booties, which you can actually order right from our Gear Blog.

      Hope this helps. Be sure to say hello and chat with our community in the Forums!

      • OK silly question….how many boots do you get in 1 order? I would assume 3 but not sure by the description.


      • Sherri, not a silly question at all! You can order one boot or four. If you’re interested in one, let us know and we can give you a price on that. We still haven’t added it to our storefront yet.

        The boot socks though, only come in 4 packs.

        Thanks for asking!

  4. What a sweet site to see Tazzie doing so good. I really needed this video, especially watching Tazzie play with the border collie which I want to say might be that border collie Poggi..what a pair. It was fun and beautiful to watch them as they are both doing so great. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you so much for posting this video! My 175lb St Bernard Chloe is scheduled for the amputation of her front leg this week because of osteosarcoma, and I keep worrying about whether we’re doing the right thing. Tazzie looks great (& happy), and while it certainly does seem to be a little tougher for her to get around (although it already is when you have bone cancer), she seems to be managing fine. I can now take Chloe to the vet this week with more confidence that we are doing the best thing for her – thanks!

    Hopefully we can share a similar video of Chloe in a couple of months!

  6. It was great to see the video of Tassie. I am currently dog sitting a beautiful Dane who just had her front leg amputated 10 days ago and truly this helped me see a brighter future. Right now it is hard to see this girl struggle. On a side note I have an English Mastiff as well. I laugh at how Tazzie behaves just like my Annie. One less leg doesn’t seem to slowher down.

  7. I absolutely love watching that video! Tazzie looks so good and so full of life and spunk! She’s doing amazingly well after just 2 months since surgery. Thanks for sharing the video.

    Love, Blazer, Kitty Kimber & Mom (Vicki)

  8. Tazzie – you are a beautiful girl~! We’re so happy you’re doing so well.

    Pam – do you have a 3-legged border collie too?

    Linda and Barney B


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