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Tripawd Angels, Guide Us in 2011

All year long, we welcome new parents and Tripawds in a bittersweet embrace. We’re always so happy to have new members, but the reason why they join us is devastating. This is the club nopawdy wants to join.

Most have cancer, some chased one too many cars, a few suffered at the hands of horrible humans, and others came into the world as Tripawds. Despite the tragedy that has befallen them, our Tripawd warriors fight on, and live life to the fullest despite adversity and illness.

Every new member who arrives here serves to remind us about what’s really important in life: loving the people around you, and having a good time even when life feels like the pits.

Many of our friends earn their wings far too soon. Their losses reverberate throughout this community, but in the spirit of our Tripawd Warriors, we fight on. With their lessons staying strong in our hearts, we are here to help newcomers, share information, find Tripawds homes, and kick butt to put an end to canine bone cancer.

We salute everyone who has ever shared a story about their Tripawd, joined us in the Forums or in the Chat, and blogged about their beloved Tripawd. Thank you for making Tripawds such a helpful and supportive environment for so many. This community would be nothing without you.

Let us take a moment to honor our heroic Tripawds, their siblings and close friends, who earned their wings this year:

Pawrents, please accept our deepest condolences for your tremendous loss. We are so very sorry.

If your beloved pup’s name isn’t on here, we sincerely apologize, it was a mistake. All of these heroes were recognized in our Coping with Loss Discussion Forum. We may have accidentally missed the names of beloved pups whose parents only write in their Blog, not in the Forums. Please share their names with us in the comments section below.

Thank you for being here everyone, we look forward to another great year ahead with our Tripawds family.

Fight on, Tripawds, fight on!

16 thoughts on “Tripawd Angels, Guide Us in 2011”

  1. Jim, the new site looks great! I LOVE this new page that clearly lists the blogs of our dog’s who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, and of course I am SO proud and touched that Indi is represented in that beautiful photo Rhonda took at our Portland Tripwads Pawty! Thank you 🙂 When Indi died I thought I was going to have to leave the Tripawds community. Now I see that all the angel pawrents and spirit tripawds are still welcome and represented– now more than ever– and we still have stories to share and friends to make. It is heart breaking that we have lost so many tripawds in these last two months. Strange how it comes in waves, huh? God only knows. Love Raina, Tripawd Indi’s Mom.

  2. Please add our Xena to the list of angels to keep in your prayers. She fought for over 2 1/2 years after her diagnosis and amputation. She was truly an inspiration to all. A champion in strength and spirit. She is sorely missed each and every day.

    • Oh Brian, please forgive us for that oversight. Xena was an amazing, strong girl who will always inspire others here at Tripawds. We send our love to your pack.

  3. Its been over a month (Nov 26, 2010) since Apollo’s passing. Its been very hard to deal with him not being here with me. Its hard to share his final days with others without breaking into tears. From the last post wich was 2 weeks before he earned his wings, things had rapidly begun to fail. He stopped eating for a week until I made a satin ball mixture but then we had trouble getting him up and out. The last days his back legs had ceased to work and I looked at my husband and said it’s time. Making that decision to let him go was the hardest one Ive ever had to make. We loaded him up into my new SUV, which I had bought to be able to get him to and from the Vet, and made our way to the vet. When we got there I called the whole family. Apollo earned his wings with the people who loved him gathered around him. Even as I type this, tears are streaming down my face.

    Thank you to the Tripawd community for all that you do. Thank you for remembering our courageous heros.

    Savor all the moments…

    Nadia, Apollo’s mommy

    • Nadia, our hearts go out to you, we are so sorry.

      It never feels like we have enough time with our best friends. But in their short lives, we learn so very much. I truly believe that a force that powerful in the Universe never goes away, it just changes form. Apollo is with you now, but in other ways that will reveal themselves as time passes. Hang onto his love in your heart, and feel his presence. He is still there.

      Losta love coming your way.

  4. AARrrrooooooo
    A mournful howl to pay respects to those that have left the Tripawds pack. Thanks for the lessons you have taught us.

  5. With deep sadness and tears in my eyes, I am writing to let you know that James the Poodle has died. He did not die from the osteosarcoma; that was under control. But he stopped eating and then started losing weight even on a feeding tube. And continued to fail until I knew it was his time to go.

    I have been unable to write in James’ blog due to the sorrow and heaviness I am feeling.

    Best Wishes to everyone in 2011.

    Nancy, Spirit James’ Mom

    • Oh Nancy,

      I’m so sorry for your loss of James. 🙁 You and he fought so hard. You did your best for him!!!

      Hugs to you as you recover from loosing your precious James..


      Tracy & Maggie

    • Nancy, we are so sorry to hear about James. He was a really tough little fighter, and we know he fought as best he could to the end. We will miss hearing about him. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this tough time.

    • Sending you love, Nancy. Even though James is gone, you are an integral part of the angel mom’s community now. We are still here for sharing and love and support. I’m sorry I’m reading this so late! I feel bad for not checking in. When you are ready, check out the loss and support forums.
      Love, Raina, Spirit Indi’s Mom.

  6. Thank you for remembering all of our fallen tripawd heroes. May their stories provide inspawration and hope to all of the warriors who fight on.
    Laura, Angel Tai’s Mum

  7. Thank you so much for remembering our beautiful Tripawds.

    Happy New Year and let’s pray next year the list is a lot shorter!

    Darlene (Angel Tehya’s Mom)


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