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Xena and Her Big Dog Stroller

As you know, Tripawds get around great in life. And although we can do anything a four-legger can, we tend to just do it with  shorter bursts of energy.

Sometimes after surgery our stamina can decrease, especially if we are coping with cancer. Our walks may become much shorter, and our people may get sad that we can no longer go as far as we once did.

But now our people don’t need to be sad about those shorter walks! We just heard from a tripawd named Xena, who gets around all of Manhattan with a Houndabout dog stroller. Her dad Brian says:

“Xena has had surgery on both cruciates. In addition to that, she had a tumor that ruptured her spleen in 2007. She had to have her spleen removed. Shortly after that she had bloat which required emergency surgery. So to say she’s been “through the mill” is an understatement. The scariest thing by far was her being diagnosed with osteosarcoma and having to make the decision to amputate her leg.

Now a year later, after the surgery and the chemotherapy, she is still with us. She stays as active as she can given her ailments and her age. We still take her for walks in the city, and she even has her own “carriage” to get in when she gets too tired.

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NOTE: Solvit no longer makes the HoundAbout Pet Bicycle Trailer.

Three legged Rottie Xena

I highly recommend the product to anyone. We get tons of people asking about it when we walk through NYC. It is well built, folds down for transport or storage and the company’s customer service is very helpful.

Xena loves riding in it. As you can see, even at 94 pounds, she fits in it comfortably. It also allows us to go places with her that we normally could not. We took her right inside the mall with it.”

We think this dog stroller by SolvIt is fabulous. If you get one for your Tripawd, just remember to introduce him to it slowly. There are lots of ways to get a dog used to being carted on wheels, much like crate training, so that the stroller becomes a comfortable place of refuge for your Tripawd.

Dog strollers and trailers are also available in various sizes at Petco.

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15 thoughts on “Xena and Her Big Dog Stroller”

  1. Hello…I just started inquiring about this amazing stroller and learned that it has been discontinued?! Does anyone know of a similar product?

    • Hi Ellen me again. I just spoke with David
      at 866-676-5848 x 112 and they still have this product. It’s just sold a little differntly.. It is the bike trailer and then a conversion kit for a stroller.
      They are sooooo helpful.

    • Thanks Rosalie! Drats, I thought my comment was here already, I called earlier…

      Yes, we called and they definitely do still make them. They just created a new stroller/trailer combo product that is now sold as one unit, which is why our links said “discontinued”…that was the old model.

      The new one is even better. Check out our links above and let us know if you decide to get one!

  2. Thank you all for your comments. Xena is doing really well and I truly can’t say enough about this product. You would think I’m a salesperson for them but I’m not. This “buggy” has made such a difference in our lives. It lets Xena still get out and enjoy life and it allows us to wander a little farther from our home than just a block. Having gone through so many health issues with Xena, if anyone is in the same situation I will be happy to give you any info I have or just simply some support. Thank you all again for your well wishes.

    • Rosalie, that is so great to hear! Please give that girl a big ol hug from us, and stop by the Discussion Forums sometime to introduce yourselves. I know lots of folks would love to hear more abuot your amazing girl!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. Xena looks really happy in her stroller. I really needed something like this last fall when my Lily was in pain. Lily is felling much better now but I think I’m going to go ahead and get one.


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