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The Tripawds Trademark: It’s Official

Tripawds Registered Trademark CertificateBack in November, 2006, when my Dad first heard three legged dogs referred to as “Tripods,” he thought it sounded kinda derogatory. That’s when he thought it would be neat to empower that word and turn it into something more pawsitive, so he started spelling it “Tripawd” and registered the domain for this website.

Last year, my parents filed a USPTO trademark application for the word “Tripawd.” They did this because they wanted a way of protecting the special meaning of the word to make sure that it would only be used in pawsitive ways to help three legged dogs and show the world that … It’s better to hop on three legs than limp on four!

“TRIPAWD/s” is now a registered service mark (Serial #77491232 / Registration #3586016 ), found under the name of “Agreda Communications,” which is the company run by my parents, Jim and René where I served as the Chief Fun Officer. is a special project near and dear to the hearts of the Agreda team.

My parents trademarked Tripawds not to capitalize on the word, but to ensure it’s proper use and integrity. They don’t want anything in return from anyone who wants to use the word “Tripawds” for limited, personal use, other than giving credit to the website. It is management of the TRIPAWD/s brand which helps us accomplish our mission to help amputee pets around the world.

Official Usage Policy

TRIPAWD/s is a registered trademark. The word and/or graphic mark may be used at no charge for personal use only if attribution is given to The Tripawds brand shall not be used in any form for sale on any items in any venue without prior written permission or licensing agreement.

Additional Registered Trademarks Bound by This Policy:

  • Tripawd
  • Tripawds
  • It’s better to hop on three legs than to limp on four
  • Be More Dog
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6 thoughts on “The Tripawds Trademark: It’s Official”

  1. Congratulations on the Trademark becoming official! Don’t forget your special saying that “Dogs are born with three legs and a spare.” to go with “It’s better to hop on three legs, than limp on four.” 🙂

  2. Congratulations guys!!! It’s now official! What an amazingly pawsitive influence you guys have had on the canine bone cancer community! I can’t imagine what the journey with Jake would have been like without I feel the term “tripawd” carries this sense of heroic honor and is said with a great sense of pride and passion. Thank you for making such a wonderful and positive difference in this world!


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