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Dog Tired from the Heat!

Poor Hot JerryI sure hope my people choose somewhere a lot cooler to settle down, if they ever do. After spending a week in a hot, dry, dusty, Flastaff Arizona KOA campground, I am sure ready to move on to a cooler climate.

To top off the week they dragged me through the steep streets of the historic mining town of Jerome. At least the barkeep at Paul and Jerry’s saloon was kind enough to share his tip jar with me. I didn’t make any money … he just filled it with water after feeling bad for not letting me in.

On the way back to the trailer at least we got to stop and play in the water at shady Oak Creek Canyon.

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Online Doggy Dating

cute california girl dogI just got this email from a hot young Southern California dog:

I’m 5 years old (35 young doggie years) and love long walks on the beach, chasing the dogs next door, barking at raccoons and coyotes and snuggling with my peeps.  I have beautiful fur and stand about waist high with a long bushy tail.

I would love to go out on a date with you but please treat me like the dog I am and no doggy style till the 3rd date…If your ever around Fallbrook stop in and see me…

Too bad we’ve already past through California on our full-time RV road trip. If only I knew her name…

All Meat and No Kibble Makes Me One Skinny Dawg

Jerry Keeping GuardI’ve been having so much fun running around, keeping an eye on varmints and deer, that Mom says I’ve lost some weight. She seemed a little worried, so yesterday she went out of her way to find a pet store that sold my special brand of food, Innova Evo kibble. Lucky dog that we have satellite internet on our trip.

I used to eat the kibble all the time, along with raw meat a few times a week. Then Mom thought she could convert me to straight raw meat meals on this trip. Well, I love the meat, but I guess it ain’t enough or she doesn’t know what she’s doing, because I’ve dropped some weight!

In Bishop, Mom found a store called Pet Friendzy that sold my high-end pet food. She stocked up, and is trying to fatten me up again! Now, I get meat, and kibble with veggies for dinner every night! Yum!

What’s Really in Your Pet’s Food and Why You Need to Know

Dear Readers,
My Mom wrote this for her Toastmasters speech. I hope you enjoy it. –Jerry

It’s estimated that thousands of cats and dogs died from the recent outbreak of contaminated pet food. How could so many animal lovers let this happen to their beloved pets? The sad truth is, they just didn’t know any better. Until my own dog got sick from a diet of cheap food, I didn’t know either.

Like most people, at one time I put a lot of faith in the big brand pet foods. I believed the claims about how nutritious their food would be for my dog. In the first years of Jerry Dog’s life, I chose his food by buying whatever seemed better than the generic bulk stuff at Winco. Jerry ate it up, and grew into what I thought was a healthy adult dog. But when he got to be about 5, his teeth started yellowing, and his skin turned flaky. Then he started having seizures. After some expensive trips to his vet, I started doing my own research. All I had to do was Google “commercial pet food ingredients.” What I found, horrified me, and it should scare you too.

Read more.What’s Really in Your Pet’s Food and Why You Need to Know

My New “Routine”

Used to be that my daily walks were the same ol’ same ol’. We’d walk up past the beauty college, where I’d try to sniff the latest muck on the street. Then I’d hop a little more, say hi to my neighborhood pals, turn around the corner and come back. Same thing every day.

Silver Lake Kids

But not anymore. Now there’s so many new things, every day! From kids, to bear scat to rivers and lakes, my tail can’t even keep up with the trail of crazy scents and activities on my walks.

Yesterday I met some fun kids near my camp spot who wore me out before I could even go on a walk. Today, I went for a hike on the river that goes to Silver Lake, in the El Dorado National Forest near South Tahoe. I ate pine cones and swam in the shallow spots. Now this is different!

Camping’s Hard Work!

No, it's Mine!Woof! I’m so tired! My best pal in the whole world, Winston, came to see me at Lake Francis Resort this weekend. I was sooo surprised that he came all the way from Oakland just for me! Man, we had a great time. That kid really wears me out though. I’ll be snoozin for days!

What fun we’re having!

Meet my new friends!Boy… or girls, rather … I’ve got some catching up to do with these blog posts! But I couldn’t wait to share this one with you… I met these beautiful young ladies at Lake Francis near Dobbins, CA. They were enjoying Father’s day weekend with their folks in a site next to ours.

They were having lots of fun and were kind enough to let me show them how well I can play basketball. The next time we checked our email, they had already signed my guestbook so I asked them to send this photo. I’m starting to enjoy seeing all these different places meeting all the new people on this trip!

Stay tuned and we’ll soon post the video of me playing basketball back at home so you can see what a superstar I really am!

I’m A Star!

Too Cool Jerry Three-legged Superstar DogBefore we left town on our Full-Time RV Adventure, my people took me to see their friend Sam at 4 Paws & Wet Noses in old town Eureka as they made the rounds saying goodbye to folks and running last minute errands.

Purely by coincidence, we discovered that the Miles Of Smiles pet photographer was set up there taking pictures of pups. My people couldn’t resist, but also didn’t believe she could actually get me to stay still with sunglasses on my head. Normally I wouldn’t, but I figured it would make them happy.

Whatch’ya think? Do I look like a rock star or what? Check out my Gallery Page for more photos and watch my three-legged dog videos.

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