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Three Years, Three Paws; No Problem!

It’s not every day that a fifteen year-old Tripawd celebrates her three year ampuversary!

Yes, you read that right: September marks our friend Calpurnia’s three year ampuversary after losing her leg to a soft tissue sarcoma. Wooo hooo Cali, congratulations!

As a working sled dog, Calpurnia has not only survived a spiral fracture that took plates and screws to repair, she has lived life on three legs as beautifully has she ever did on four.


She runs! She plays! She sprints!

And she’s the girl who caught my eye.

Cali also happens to be one of our earliest Tripawds members (from a time when we didn’t even have Discussion Forums).

Yes, Calpurnia is especially dear to our hearts.

This winter, Cali the Queen is heading to Alaska, to live as an Alaskan sled dog. Can life get any better?
May this very special working girl live life to the fullest in the great white north, and continue inspiring all of us for a long, long time!

Three cheers for Calpurnia! Hip! Hip! Hoooooorrrraaaaay!

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10 thoughts on “Three Years, Three Paws; No Problem!”

  1. Congratulations Cali!!!You are inspiring for sure. When I read the post about how to celebrate, I was going to suggest hanging out at the Iditerod, but that seemed “over the top”. I recently spent 2 weeks in Alaska and got to meet some mushers and sled dogs. I met Lance Mackey and one of his dogs “Prego” I also visited Jeff King’s kennel and learned so much about mushing and the awesome dogs (and got to play with some puppies!) I think Cali would love it there! Please keep us posted on her adventure!

  2. You go girl!! Whip those other sleds dogs into shape and show ’em how a Tripawd really rocks.

    You are a great inspawration to us all.

  3. Hip! Hip! Hoooooorrrraaaaay!
    Hip! Hip! Hoooooorrrraaaaay!
    Hip! Hip! Hoooooorrrraaaaay!

    Stories like yours gave us the hope and courage to take the amputation

    A true thriver/survivor. Congrats and keep on keepin on.
    Happy three year ampuversary.

    Angel JD’s mom

  4. Way to go, Calpurnia!! You are such a hero! We are looking forward to hearing all about your adventures in Alaska!
    Hugs to a pawsome girl,
    Holly, Zuzu and Susan

  5. This old gal has plenty of miles left in her! She inspires us each and every day to get up and get out there – the next great adventure is just around the corner. Thanks to all the Tripawds, past and present, who have helped us along our path.


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