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We will miss you Lalla.

Damn this nasty disease. It just took Lalla. OK, so it’s actually been a couple days now. But I’ve just felt speechless about losing my girlfriend.

Lalla and Barney
Lalla plays with the Barney Jerry sent.

One day she’s running on the beach and the next she’s gone. That’s the worst thing about cancer in dogs. These things happen. As much as we can try to learn to cope with cancer… As much as we try to prepare for the inevitable… It will never be enough.

Most people find out about their dog’s osteosarcoma rather abruptly. Often because a bone breaks. The next few days are usually a whirlwind of quick, important decisions. After recovery from amputation, life does go on. But just when you think you’ve got a leg up – or three – the aggressive cancer throws a curveball like this.

Lalla appeared relatively happy and to be loving life on three legs. And why not? She had Sasha – a most excellent human companion – and she got to run on the beach every day. Then a doctor found a mass in her abdomen and determined it could be removed since she was otherwise healthy and young. Then he found many more.

Lalla was my first fan. Together, we could save the world. Even though we never met because she lived half way around the world in Isreal, I will always consider Lalla my one true love. We often exchanged gifts and our people were always chatting. I sent her an extra harness we had because she could find one locally. She sent me treats and toys. And while she is now gone, I know her spirit lives on.

Lalla Dreams
Lalla dreams of Jerry.

As much as I am heartbroken, I find peace in knowing that Lalla is now at peace. She was saved the discomfort of whatever happens when tumors do their dirty work. And as miserable as Sasha must be, I’d like to think she was saved the misery of making that ultimately miserable decision someday down the road.

Lalla, we miss you. We shall continue to play on the beach in my dreams, and share more Tristix adventures.

Sasha, we are here for you. You are a wonderful person for caring so well for your three legged friend. We feel so blessed that you came into our lives. Thank you for all you do. We love you.

Lalla and Jerry
Lalla and Jerry on their Dream Beach
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15 thoughts on “We will miss you Lalla.”

  1. Sweet Lalla. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story with all of us. You have been a wonderful inspiration, and a great resource for the rest of us who have been fighting the good fight. Rest easy, and give some wags to all our friends on the other side.

  2. Lalla,
    Welcome to the bridge, sweet baby girl! We can finally play together, with all our legs!!

    I know your Mommy is super sad now, and for a very good reason. She is missing the smell of your ears and toes, the feel of your fur on the palm of her hand, and the sound of your bark. Nothing can fill that void.

    In time, you will be together again.

    In tears,
    Sammy & Jacqueline (mom)

  3. Dearest Sasha, you electronically stood by me and supported me through all of Eisen’s surgery and recovery. Even though we’ve never met, I feel that somehow or another we are all bonded and my heart grieves for your heart’s loss. Sending you a cyber hug and a cyber dog lick from Eisen πŸ™ – Eisen’s mama, Stacey in Colorado

  4. sasha, you and lalla are in our thoughts. you guys have helped so many of us fellow tripawds.

    in our hearts always, michelle, stephen and sami gurrrl

  5. Jerry, I KNOW you haven’t been to school or anything to learn how to write so beautifully, because I don’t think they let dogs into schools – so it must be entirely from the heart, with the help of a muse or two?

    Lalla is happy to wait for you.. you have eternity, so just take all the time you need here, and join her someday. Your muses need you for now.

  6. Jerry, sweetheart, you are Lalla’s knight in shining armor. There are now words to thank you for your beautiful tribute.

    We love you


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