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Life After Lalla: Three Big Paws to Fill

The following post was generously written by Sasha, dog Mom to our dear beloved friend Lalla, who sadly passed away in June.

Three legged Israeli dog hero meets TroyYesterday marked a big event in the life of Troy, our new eighteen month old chocolate Labrador; he met Star, our hero Tripawd neighbor.

It was fascinating to watch this hyper-love bundle glue himself to Star’s side as they walked together, and I am sure that Star imparted a lot of information (backed by affectionate “get off, you big lump” growls) in a way that I never could to our new boy.

Troy arrived a week ago, with the healing power of a dynamo powered Mack truck, embracing life with an attitude that Lalla had as well; in fact many people who meet Troy think he’s Lalla’s own son, a legacy I’m sure he bears with pride. He hears her name on a regular basis, and her story is marked in his environment.

I really had no idea when I was going to take a new dog on into my life; I was mourning, and still mourn for Lalla, but her joy and bravery vanquishes nearly every up and coming flood of tears. That’s what it’s like when you’ve had the privilege of living with a hero – you’re inspired.

Tripod Dog Lalla's step brother TroyAnd then came Troy, at first a photograph in a recue agency posting, and then an immediate decision that this was the dog I wanted to be with. He greeted me with a big, goofy smile and eyes like shining stars. My days have been taken over by the energy of a young, happy dog who needs and enjoys lots of exercise and adventure keeps me as alert and energetic as he is.

Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, very cleverly advises to let your new dog be just that – the new dog, and not to use your new dog to heal the wound of your loss.

Troy and I are discovering each other as new beings to one another every day, it’s a complete miracle to both of us. Last night I walked Star as his pawrent, Gil walked Troy (who has generously offered to give Troy a few obedience classes), and Gil was overcome by walking a four-legged dog, while I found myself naturally falling into Star’s Tripawd pace; but it’s Star’s pace that serves as a reminder to Troy and myself to seize the day – or as Lalla would say: “seize the wave”.

Tripod Lalla plays in the ocean

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6 thoughts on “Life After Lalla: Three Big Paws to Fill”

  1. I could not agree more; our new puppy, Layla, will not replace Abbey. She has her own personality for us to enjoy and we are looking forward to creating new memories with her. We do however, feel an approval from our Abbey as if to say “They are good people, you will love being their dog!”

  2. It is really wonderful to hear how you found Troy and, of course, you will never try to replace her spirit with his. The little dog I now have practically saved my life. I was grieving over the loss of my wirehaired dachshund, Drucy, I thought I’d never get through the depression and then I was told by a friend that there was a little miniature poodle named Blazer who desperately needed to be taken in or his owner was going to send him to a shelter and label him as a “biter”. Not a good thing to do to a sweet little dog, so I took him in. Over the years, Blazer has learned to trust me so much that he’s lost all of the bad habits he learned while living with that mean woman. She could have cared less who I was, she just wanted to get rid of the dog. I almost thought I couldn’t do it, that I needed to finish my grieving for Drucy, but no way did I want him sent away and probably put down because he might bite. I hope Troy can give you as much joy as Blazer has given me. We know in our hearts that our other babies are waiting at the Bridge. I wish you the very happiest of times with Troy. He sounds like a great dog!

    Warmly, Blazer, Kimber & Vicki Tankersley

  3. YEAH!! Although Lalla will always be with you in spirit, she would never want you to be without the incredible, loving spirit that only a furry companion can offer. She is smiling, knowing that you are in Troy’s care. Our little saviors.
    I have so enjoyed the L sticks and J sticks segments. Thank you so very much.


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