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Lalla’s Lagoon: Seize the Wave

Remembering Tripod Dog Lalla Tel Aviv IsraelThe following was contributed by our friend Sasha, on December 2nd.

There is special place on the beach facing our home which we affectionately named “Lalla’s Lagoon.”

It’s a hi-rise path leading into the ocean from a breaker surrounded by small, mossy pools.

Dogs love walking on the path because they can run across it and jump free-style into the ocean.

Lalla’s thing at her lagoon was to chase and swim after the migrating herons while Troy has discovered his true hunter/retriever call there and swims after the fish. The lagoon received it’s “official” name after Lalla braved the waters to chase her first heron there only weeks after her amputation surgery, leading me to realize that the best therapy I could give her was never to relate to her as disabled, as she had no intention to relate to herself as such – a fact which she reaffirmed repeatedly (maybe doggedly would be the more appropriate word) over nearly two years before she left – again, on her own terms – on June 2, 2008.

This morning (December 2) marked 6 months since that date. Troy and I walked to her lagoon with a lock of her hair which I’d saved and let it free into the ocean, but not before we both kissed it with love from all her family, friends and fellow tripawds at

Dearest, brave Lalla, even this morning someone asked where you are. What an impact you had on everyone. Even Troy refuses to sleep on anything except your old patchwork blanket. We let you go to the place you love just as you guided us.

Seize the Wave

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6 thoughts on “Lalla’s Lagoon: Seize the Wave”

  1. The tribute to Lalla was so lovely and beautifully written, and the photo was amazing. It could win some kind of contest, you can just feel the “vibe” of that photo and the story behind it makes it even more special.

    It has been about four months since we lost our “Luna”. The holidays made the loss more poignant, too, which is common. By reading these words, I realize that we are not alone in our feelings and memories of our beloved tripawd.

    Wishing all a very happy and healthy new year in 2009!



    Sandra Thomas
    Burghard Shepherds

  2. Thank you for the beautiful photo on Lalla’s lagoon and your written tribute as well. She had a wonderful life with you and Troy.
    As we say goodbye to 2008 with all it’s memories, good and difficult, I am so grateful for you, Sasha, and all the others who have helped me through it. May 2009 bring continued healing to our hearts to those of us who have endured losses.
    Diane Riley


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