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Tripawds Pawty in Northern CA, You Can Too

Almost every week someone asks us if there is an “official” Tripawds chapter in their area. To that we say:  there is, and it starts with you! Organizing your very own Tripawds chapter pawty is easy, here’s how you do it.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="449"] NorCal Tripawds Chapter pawties in Mill Valley.[/caption]

NorCal Tripawds Set the Example

No other Tripawds members in the world know how to pawty like the Northern California crew. Those folks get together about twice a year, in spring and fall. They’ve been doing this for several years now. Last weekend was their spring fling in Mill Valley, just north of San Francisco.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="446"]Tripawds chapter, pawty, gathering, meet-up, organize Mike and Iris join the NorCal crew for the 1st time.[/caption]

This Tripawds chapter has been pawtying longer than any other group of Tripawd parents. Their bond is strong: they’ve celebrated ampuversaries together and supported one another through the sad times too. Through the years they’ve continued meeting and welcoming anyone who wants to join the annual gathering. It’s held on a beautiful spot along the San Francisco Bay, at a dog park with lots of room to romp.

How to Organize a Tripawds Party

Each time the NorCal Tripawds (or our next busiest chapter, Tripawds of Alberta) are going to meet up they post an announcement in the Tripawds Parties Discussion Forum Topic. There’s no better place to start planning an event.

The next step is to post an announcement on the Tripawds Facebook Page. That’s a perfect way to remind Admin Guy to create an event announcement. That way, people who only stay on our Facebook page (imagine!) will know the pawty details.

Once the pawty details are set, we’ll do our best to help announce your gathering to the media. Just remind us to do so and we’ll have Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt Ray get on it!

Plus, we’ll also send you some Tripawd Bandannas so everyone can fly the Tripawds Flag together.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="452"]Tripawds chapter, pawty, gathering, meet-up, bandanna Austin flies the Tripawds Rule Flag![/caption]

We hope more folks will follow the NorCal group’s example (Tripawds of Alberta sure did!), and schedule a Tripawd gathering in their neighborhood. A lifetime of friendships and fun is just waiting to happen!

More Tripawds Event Planning Tips

Organize a Tripawds Pawty with a Downloadable DIY Flyer Template


East Coast Tripawds Rock Virginia

If you’ve ever thought about meeting other Tripawds in your city, this will inspire you to arrange a Tripawds pawty!

Amputee Tripawd dogs party Virginia

Three and Four Legged Dogs Party in Virginia

In honor of Pet Cancer Awareness Month, the Tripawds nation and Greyhounds Rock Fredericksburg came together on May 23 and 24th for the biggest three and four-legged community celebration ever!

Three legged dog party Virginia

With thanks to the mighty crew at Greyhounds Rock Fredericksburg, the pawty was a blast. Greyhounds Rock members from around Virginia and Tripawds packs from as far away as the Carolinas road-tripped to Fredericksburg for treats and fun!

Amputee pets party Virginia

We all finally got to meet our cherished online friends, many of whom helped each other through some of the roughest times of adjusting to life on three legs, and oftentimes, canine cancer.

Three-legged pets party Virginia

There are no strangers in the Tripawds community. Everyone who came left feeling like they reunited with old friends.

Amputee dogs celebration Virginia

Our generous sponsors made sure there was plenty of goodies and fun freebies for everypawdy. Let’s give a big shout out to these companies for supporting the Tripawds Nation:

The Honest Kitchen
That Pet Place
Tractor Supply Company
Paw Patch Pastries
K9 Medicinals

Tripawd party sponsors

The Tripawds Tribute Leash was on display. Some ribbons for Tripawd heroes and angels were added. Want to add one for your three-legged cat or dog? Here’s how.

Three-legge amputee tribute leash project

Three speakers gave wonderful presentations: Dr. Lori Pasternak, DVM of Helping Hands in Richmond talked about how her clinic prevents economic euthanasia, and holistic vet Dr. Anita Walton of Locust Grove Vet Hospital did a wonderful acupuncture demonstration. Canine exercise expert Beth Skewis also demonstrated fun activities to do with your dog!

Many laughs were shared throughout the weekend, and a few tears too as our Tripawd angels names were read during a beautiful bonfire ceremony at the conclusion on Sunday.Amputee pets honor cancer survivors Virginia

And in one of the most unforgettable parts of the weekend, we had the honor of meeting sweet Tripawd hero Nixon, now an angel. We will never forget you Nixon.

Greyhound amputee dog cancer survivor

All Tripawd pawties are fun but this one is definitely the biggest one our community has held in our history.

Special Thanks to Greyhounds Rock Fredericksburg

Please give extra big barks to our friends at Greyhounds Rock Fredericksburg for making it all pawsible. They literally arranged everything from the tables and chairs, to our pawesome presenters, to the event location itself. Ticket sales were slated to be split between our two groups but we feel they deserve whatever is left after event costs are paid. Tripawds is donating our share to this pawesome canine cancer awareness fundraising group. We don’t know the exact amount yet but will update soon.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work Greyhounds Rock!

Greyhounds Rock pet cancer awareness group Virginia

Tripawds is brought to you by Tripawds.