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Triday Parties Kick Off Trimonth 2024!

Wow! This year’s Triday Parties were an incredible way to kick off Trimonth, 31 days where we gather to spotlight the incredible lives of our 3-legged heroes. The Tripawds community came out in a big way this year, let’s keep the pawty going!

Three is the Magic Number for Trimonth 2024

Tripawd Awareness Day and Month Parties 2024
How are YOU celebrating Trimonth?

On March 3, parties were held across the nation to celebrate amputee animals and their people. But why only celebrate on one day? This year, we are hoppy to announce Trimonth 2024, an entire month to raise Tripawd awareness.

Why not host a Triday party of your own? Here’s what happened when Amy Moses hosted another one of her famous Tripawd Awareness Gatherings. She writes:

Virginia Tripawd Heroes Have a Great Triday Time!

Two Tripawds, Hope and Rudy, and seven of their four-legged pals gathered Sunday, March 3 on a gorgeous 65-degree afternoon to celebrate TriPawds Awareness Day!

Hope, Amy, and Spirit Wrigley and Gracie pawty on Triday 2024
Hope, Amy, and Spirit Wrigley and Gracie pawty on Triday 2024

The Alcova Heights neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia, has been home to three Tripawds on one street – all within a few blocks of each other – since I adopted my three-legged sweetheart, Hope, last June.

Then, just over a month ago, 8-year-old Rudy, on the adjacent street, lost his leg due to an accident. Rudy has been the talk of the neighborhood as everyone has been asking each other when out on walks – or via texts – “Have you seen the newest Tripawd in the neighborhood?” Rudy’s mom, Joanne, says she is glad to be welcomed into this special community.

Amy and Hope’s Tripawd Awareness Day 2024 party

Neighbors who gathered on TriDay learned more about the Tripawds Foundation and why we celebrate on March 3. The people who attended enjoyed a special 3/3 cake, charcuterie that included three cheeses, three meats and three types of crackers, as well as dog or “three” themed beverages (e.g. tripel beer).

The pups in attendance patiently (or in Hope’s case impatiently) waited for the homemade goodies I baked – peanut butter/oatmeal pupcakes with yogurt frosting and pumpkin paw and bone cookies. Both recipes were from a cookbook my late friend and huge Tripawds supporter Holly, gave me this past Christmas, shortly before passing away.

It’s a blessing to live in a community who gathers together to celebrate each other and our unique characteristics. A huge thank you to the community of Alcova Heights for supporting its Tripawds, who are living their best life on three, and their families!

Delaware Dogs with Three Legs Party Too!

And over in Delaware, Michael Morris, owner of Yarn & Bone Pet Supply, and shop manager Donna Cheetham, reported that their Triday Celebration went great too.

Snuggy celebrates life on three legs!
Snuggy celebrates life on three legs!

Snuggy and Jane visited our Georgetown store for International TriDay! 💜

Thank you Tripawds for the support!

Yarn & Bone Pet Supply, Georgetown, Delaware
Jane is pretty in her pink Tripawds bandanna!
Jane is pretty in her pink Tripawds bandanna!

The Pennsylvania Pups Triday Gathering Was a Hit!

Finally, Triday Party organizer Kristin Sanger posted a Facebook update about one of the biggest gatherings. At least that we know about! That’s where over 30 amputee dogs gathered to show their stuff!

Triday 2024 party in Wind Gap, PA
Scenes from the Triday 2024 party in Wind Gap, PA

How to Host a Tripawds Party in Trimonth 2024

Why stop with Triday, we ask?

All it takes is one person to kick things off and start planning. Let it be you!

See “Gracie’s Fun Ideas for Triday Parties on March 3,” for ideas. Also check out “How to Plan a Tripawds Chapter Party for Triday.”

We will support your efforts with official Tripawds bling. And we will corral any media we can gather to attend. Tell us about your official Trimonth 2024 party and let’s get your organizing started! Together we are all raising Tripawds Awareness!

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