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How to Plan a Tripawds Chapter Party for Triday

It’s just a few weeks until Tripawd Awareness Day on March 3rd. There’s no better time to plan a Tripawds chapter party where you live! Here are three easy steps to make your #Triday celebration happen.

Let’s Pawty on 3/3 to Raise Tripawd Awareness!


Happy Triday! As a Tripawd parent, you already know that It’s better to hop on three than to limp on four! But the rest of the world needs to know too. That’s why March 3 is such an important day for Tripawds everywhere! It’s the biggest opportunity of the year to spread the message that amputee dogs, cats, and other animals can have happy lives even if they lose a leg. 

Tripawds Chapter Party in Virginia

Host a Tripawds chapter party where you live and you can help get the word out. It can be in your back yard, at the park, or even a cat cafe! Wherever you choose to meet other amputee pet parents and their Tripawds is great.

Every gathering that gets shared on social media and across television and newspapers is another opportunity to let people know that amputation doesn’t have to mean the end of the story for their beloved pet.

How to Host a Tripawds Chapter Party Where You Live on TriDay

Want to meet other Tripawds parents on Triday? It’s easy!

STEP 1: Announce your Tripawds Chapter Party

Tripawds party announcement

Schedule a local get-together for three-legged friends, and share the news in our Tripawds Parties Discussion Forum topic.

Or, post in popular Facebook Groups for Tripawds, like:

Tripaws – three legged dogs

and Tripawds

also, Tripawds of Alberta

and way across the pond, Tripawds Australia

Tripawds Chapter Party in Colorado
Tripawds Chapter Party in Virginia

STEP 2: Tell us your party date and location

We will help spread the word about your big day!

Tag @Tripawds on Facebook with a link to your local Triday party. We’ll share it everywhere! Or, once you’ve confirmed the details we’ll create an official Tripawds event for you to share.

Tripawds Chapter Party

STEP 3: Tell the world about your three-legged pet celebration!

Use your social media profile to share the Tripawds Chapter Party news. Post with these hashtags so we can follow along and share:





@TripawdsCommunity (Instagram)

Tripawds Chapter Party in California

And don’t forget to tag your local television, print, and other media too! Let everyone you know about the big day.

Pawty with Tripawd Awareness Bling!

Once you’ve confirmed attendees will be coming to your event, let us know. We’ll mail you a free Tripawds Ambassador Kit filled with goodies for you and your guests. Or, purchase one or more kits and we will chip in more fun stuff to share on the big day. (Free kits available while supplies last.)

Tripawds Ambassador Kit

And, don’t forget to download your #MyTri Meme! Print the sign and fill in the blank . Take photos with your heroes and tag @Tripawds on social media so we can share away!

Download. Print. Share photo and tag #mytri.
Everypawdy who shares #mytri photos will be included in the Triday Gallery!

Let the World Know: One week before your event, contact your local news stations and newspapers. Tell them that you’re hosting an official Tripawds Chapter party for Triday – International Tripawd Awareness Day. Let them know how many three-legged dogs and cats you expect to attend. And tell them Tripawds founders Rene and Jim are available for remote interview. For more information, refer media contacts to:

Thank you For Sharing Tripawd Awareness on 3/3

There’s nothing better than meeting other pet parents who know exactly how you felt when you found out your pet needed amputation surgery. A Tripawds chapter party is always a good time, a place where lifelong friendships bloom. We can’t wait to see where Tripawds chapter parties happen this year!

Sharing is Caring!

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