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How Tripawds Parties Build Furrever Friendships

The Tripawds online community is a lifesaver for many people, but there is something extra special that happens when members meet in person. These Tripawds parties are a perfect example of how Internet friendships can blossom into so much more. 

When Virtual Friendships Blossom in the Real World

Tripawds parties
L to R: Michelle, Karma, Elizabeth, Linda, Sally, Tina, Donna, Paula, Terri. (image:

Earlier this summer, eight Tripawds members from all across the U.S. and Germany, met in Virginia for a group vacation. This wasn’t one of our “official” Tripawds parties. It was simply a group of dear friends vacationing together, who happened to meet years ago in our Discussion Forums

Of course they didn’t always know each other well enough to share a rental house for a week! Once, they were Tripawds Forum friends only, at a time when they were on their individual dog cancer journeys. Then they got together at a Tripawds party in Virginia.

tripawds parties virginia 2017
An “official” Tripawds party in Virginia, 2017

Several years later, these women are now sisters to one another, all because they made the leap from online to offline friendships, by hosting Tripawds parties where they live.

During their 2019 vacation, we asked them if they would have a brief on-camera discussion about what the community means to them, and how meeting here has changed their lives. Here is what they said:

Tripawds Parties are as Close as Your Nearest Pet-Friendly Park

We’re not saying that all Tripawds parties result in these kinds of lasting friendships, but when pet parents of three-legged dogs and cats get together, anything is pawsible!

plan Tripawds parties
Click to plan your own three-leged pet pawty!

If you’re interested in organizing Tripawds parties where you live, we are happy to help. Post your announcement to host one in our Tripawds Parties Discussion Forum topic. We’ll do what we can to support you in your efforts to meet other Tripawds parents and have your own epic time too. You never know what kind of furrever friendships can form!

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13 thoughts on “How Tripawds Parties Build Furrever Friendships”

  1. I came back and watched this again. Smiling and crying. Alot has happened in 2 years since this video was made. We still went on vacation during the Covid pandemic and yes it was great to see everyone. In a few weeks we will be going again. <3 I miss these gals. We all have been through so much together.

  2. How is it I’m just now seeing this? One would think I’d been busy trying to build a house or keep a dog from eating the neighbors. So, so lovely to see everyone and of course I was crying and grinning throughout.
    Highly recommend IRL gatherings!

  3. Awww everyone, I’m thrilled you enjoyed the video and hope we captured the essence of your magical sisterhood. Thank you so much for doing the video for the community!

  4. It’s so hard to put into one short video what Tripawds has done for us! Yes we met in the forums and the chat room first, then a few of us met in Chicago at PuppyUp. Then even more at the Epic Pawty in Virginia. Our friendship has just grown and grown and grown. We’ve been there for each other through the hard times and through the good times too. And each year we get together and we reminisce about our babies – it’s so good to have people we can talk to about them, those that remember our journey with us, and we can feel with, we can let the tears fall without being embarrassed, because they remember too, and they loved them too. It truly is like having a bunch of sisters!

    • And we spend a great deal of our time together talking about our Tripawd Hero’s – hours and hours worth. And we never get tired of listening to each other about different aspects of the journey. You’d think after 3 years of vacations together we’d run out of things to say about them, but we don’t. This keeps our heart dogs alive for us…I can’t put into words how important this is. Their lives mattered, the horrible journey was not for nothing – it all happened for a reason. WE FOUND EACH OTHER, WE FOUND FAMILY!

      Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

  5. That is just PAWSOME!!!!! I smiled throughout that whole video.. even though I only know a few of you.. I certainly feel the awsesome friendship you have developed together!!!

    Christine.. with Franklin and Maggie in hed heart!!

  6. My tears are flowing right with you Michelle! Lump in my throat, warm fuzzies, tears, reconnected with our sister and great times through your “preeentation”…………GREAT JOB RENE!!! AO WELL DONE!!!

    The thought you gave to incorporating the ohotos pf our Spirit Dogs was just beautiful! Every photo was PERFECT!!! Yes, they are the heroes that brought us all together. They were all gifts on loan to us for too short a time, yet they are the gifts that keep on giving and always live in through us, and through our friendships.❤❤❤

    And the first hero of all, Jerry!!! He was…and continues to be….an eternal gift to all of us (with a little help from his hoomans and Wyatt)

    Thank you Soul Sisters, thank you Spirit Angel Dogs, thank Jerry…..and the pawty continues on!!
    BTW…all it takes is two for a pawty! Numbers don’t matter. Bonding with someone who “understands” the depth of love we have for our animals is the prize

    With love and appreciation to all
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • You are right it doesn’t matter the numbers. Just a meet up with one other person and it can grow from there.


  7. And, next year will be year 4 of us getting together – in Wisconsin this time! Can’t wait to see my “family” again!

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

    P.S. good job Rene of editing all our craziness

  8. Brings back so many memories of a fabulous vacation with my sisters! They truly did get me through one of the most difficult times in my life. Everyone should be so lucky to meet their soul mates! Come on tripawd people…..plan a party and meet yours!

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

  9. I love it. But not smiling crying (of course I am LOL). I miss my gals and family. This is the greatest family on earth. Everyone of these ladies I would trust with my heart and soul. We have been through some of the roughest times together. But we also have shared some of the greatest together as well. When I said family I truly mean it.

    The Tripawds party in VA (the greatest epic party) was the first real vacation I had in years way before Sassy got cancer. I met some of the greatest people. What you didn’t see was we were missing a few ( Clare, Alison, Amy and Glenn, Donna’s husband, was at the first party.)

    All of us ladies have a great time when we are together. We bonded, when we get together each year its like we just left off where we were before.

    Michelle & Angels Sassy & Bosch

  10. Great job ladies!! I am just grinning from ear to ear here seeing all of you! Love the t -shirts
    Thank you Rene for putting that together, it is so special to see the bonds that are made here.
    Hugs to all of you, just made my morning
    Jackie and Huckleberry


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