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Just Labs Celebrates Tripawd Awareness

What a joy to see the magazine Just Labs celebrating Tripawd Awareness Day this week! 

Just Labs Celebrates Tripawd Awareness Day
Just Labs Celebrates Tripawd Awareness Day

When longtime Tripawds supporter Amy Moses offered to help us get the word out about Tripawd Awareness Day, we were thrilled. Not only is she great at marketing and publicity, but she’s a fantastic writer, too. We knew she would come through with something pawesome. And she did. You are going to love her creation. 

The article features images from Labrador Retrievers who joined the Tripawds Community, like Radar, Murphy, Jack, and Homer.

Tripawd Awareness Labs

Take two minutes to check out Amy’s story Celebrate Three-Legged Dogs on International TriDay at Just Labs. It will make your day. She shares her own osteosarcoma journey with her beloved Wrigley. And she also explains what the Tripawds community is all about.

Diagnosis and the Search for Resources

Amy, Wrigley and Gracie celebrate Tripawd Awareness!

Upon receiving this diagnosis, his owners weren’t sure what to do or where to turn. Like many pet owners, they’d never heard of amputating a pet’s leg. The vet referred them to CSU and during the initial consult there, they received collateral about amputation and the clinical trial, but in the days between the diagnosis and initial consult, and even after that appointment, they scoured the internet for more information.

Luckily, while researching osteosarcoma and amputation, they came across the Tripawds Foundation – a user-supported community for three-legged animals and their owners.

Wrigley’s owners read the research and blogs on the site to learn about dogs recovering from amputation, going through chemo, living on three legs, special dietary needs, and much more. While the educational resources provided a solid foundation, the emotional support the group offered was pivotal to caring for Wrigley both pre- and post-amputation.

Tripawd Angel Wrigley
Angel Wrigley visits Amy and Gracie. (Image: Amy Moses)

Volunteers Make Tripawd Awareness Happen!

We are forever indebted to Amy’s help with media outreach. It’s assistance like this that helps share the Tripawds community mission, and all the goodness that happens here. You don’t have to be a writer to help get the word out. Whether you are a media expert, database geek, or just love meeting other people by organizing Tripawds Parties, we can always use the extra help.

If you’d like to volunteer to help raise Tripawd Awareness too, please contact us today.

Sharing is Caring!

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