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Tripawd Tuesday: Murphy’s Miraculous Milestone

In the recent past, when a Tripawd needed another leg surgery or had a hip issue, there were few, if any options to provide a better quality of life.

murphyswindellBut thanks to a few forward-thinking veterinarians and courageous Tripawds and pawrents, exciting new orthopedic procedures are being perfected to give Tripawds another lease on life.

Murphy is a Labrador Retriever from Idaho. He’s a three-legged dog who has firsthand experience with today’s advances in orthopedic veterinary surgery procedures and he’s our featured Tripawd Tuesday Hero.

Read on for an inspiring way to start your day!

Total Hip Replacement After Rear Leg Amputation

In March 2013 his Mom Kathi joined the Tripawds community and shared his recovery story:

Murphy was hit by a car in October, which was what started this whole experience. His left knee was completely torn up to the point that after three weeks in the hospital, the doctor decided that it was best for his recovery if the leg was amputated.  The femoral nerve was damaged so badly that he had no retraction response and the leg just dragged along when he tried to walk.

In addition to the damage to the left leg, his right hip was dislocated. He has very shallow hip joints, and consequently became a chronic dislocater. This is what led to the (total hip replacement) THR. We were very fortunate to have an outstanding orthopedic surgeon-+ less than four hours from us (not terribly far by Idaho standards). He refused to give up on Murphy even when I was almost at the end of my rope.

The THR was the eighth surgical procedure since October, and I just wasn’t sure how much more we could put Murphy through. He was a great patient and so very resiliant. Nothing much ever seemed to get him down. The last time the hip went out, he was almost walking on his front legs like a circus dog. In all, he spent more than a month in the hospital since his accident.

He is now almost four months post amputation and five weeks post total hip replacement.  The doctor feels that the muscles in his leg are now strong enough that there isn’t as much worry about another dislocation. The KYON replacement that he has needs about four months’ healing time for the bone to grow into the implant. Our biggest problem is keeping him slowed down. We can’t wait for the day when he can go out into the yard without a leash.

tripawd, three legged, lab, hip replacement
Gus (left) with Murphy (right)

Our surgeon teaches the hip replacement to other vets and is a nationally renowned orthopedist.  Murphy is his fourth tripod, and all of them have done well.  Here is a link to the hip replacement that he had, if anyone is interested: Sun Valley Animal Center.

Murphy has passed his one year ampuversary with flying colors and just this week passed his one year “hip-u-versary” of the date he had his total hip replacement. He’s doing great! You can follow Murphy’s story here in the Tripawds Discussion Forums, at Murphy’s Facebook Page and over at his YouTube Channel, Murphy the Three-legged Dog.

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6 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Murphy’s Miraculous Milestone”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your story. We are about to go through a THR with our tripawd buddy. He’s older than Murphy but still has a lot of “want to”. Seeing the videos you posted encourage us as well as give us a realistic timeframe to know what to expect when. I think we have the basics figured out. Lots of rugs around to keep him from slipping. Really good vet and rehab folks in waiting. Some boredombuster ideas.
    Is there anything that you can think of after the fact that you wished you’d thought of earlier or anything acquired wisdom that you can share now? Thansk!

    • Great questions! If Kathi doesn’t see this please post in the Forums where we can help you and your boy OK? Best wishes to you both, and cheers for a speedy recovery.

  2. I cannot believe it’s been a year! WOWsiers! Look how amazing he is…AND YOU! Oh my goodness: the bills, the driving, the stress, the rehab, the tightly-held leash AND harness walks! Amazing that it’s behind you. I bet when going through it, you wondered if it’d ever get better? Well, now, you can sit back and watch Murphy amaze us all! He’s a trooper, a fighter, and a pal.
    Hop on, Murphy!
    ~ Katy & Jackson

  3. Thanks, Sally. We owe a lot to the Tripawds community and hope that Murphy’s story will make a difference to others.

    Thanks also to Rene and her pack for choosing to showcase Murphy’s story here.

    Kathi and Murphy

  4. Yes, great surgeons indeed!

    But without the dedication and devotion and never-ending patience of Murphy’s mom and dad, this could NEVER have happened. Throw in one of the best natured, happy-go-lucky, determined, resilient dogs in the Universe and you’ve got a magical team!
    And of course, you have Gus cheering him on from the side lines!

    The story of Murphy astounds me! It is full of hope and nspiration…and so much courage on everyone’s part.

    Thanks to all of Murphy’s team for being such an important part of the tripawd community on so many different levels! We love you guys!

    HAPPY ONE YEAR AMUVERSARY and HAPY HIP-U-VERSARY!!!!!! In fact, this calls for a big…


    Standing ovation going on over here!

    Sally and Happy Hannah


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