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Frida Says Life is for Living and Learning

Three Legged Pit Bull FridaOne day my pawrents stumbled upon Experience Life Magazine, a great publication about healthy living lifestyles. Inside was a letter from magazine editor Pilar Gerasimo, who shared her story about her beloved dog Frida, and how she came to be a tripawd:

Alas, in that vast category of precious things not fully appreciated until they are gone, I must now list my little dog’s left front leg.

A few days ago, our pal Frida (a.k.a., The Muppy, pictured here with all four paws intact) was run over by a hit-and-run driver and ended up at the University of Minnesota Small Animal Hospital faced with wounds we were not at all sure she’d survive.

Survive, thank goodness, she did. And while my husband and I are still heartbroken about the loss of her leg, we are also more keenly aware than ever of just how easily even the most fundamental things can be whisked away while we’re busy focusing on the things that seem important — until they’re not.

Seeing our dog hobbling bravely on her three remaining paws, and making the very best of a tragic and challenging situation, has made a few things very clear to me.

Pilar’s editorial about making the best of ruff times is worth a read. So sit back, click here, and enjoy.

Help Find Scrap: Final Voting Week

Hey everyone, just got word from Geoff Talbott, creator of “Lucky and Rich,” that the casting call for the next three legged movie star is now closed. Let the voting begin!

Here’s what he said:

Hello my furry 3-legged friends,

Just a quick reminder that voting for “Scrap” closes at midnight July 31st West Coast time (Los Angeles)… You can get your friends to vote by sending them the following link…

Any tripod that receives more than 1000 votes is guaranteed to go through into the next round of casting! We will select other “WILDCARD” canines that we think have our potential to be our movie star.

Talk soon


Tripawds Pawty in Longmont, Colorado, on 8/16

Three Legged Agility Dog SerenaOn Sunday, August 16, our inspirational Tripawds and their humans are gathering at Longmont’s Dog Park #2 to show the world that “It’s Better to Hop on Three Legs Than Limp on Four.”

This is our first official Tripawds get-together, and we hope to make it an annual thing. Friends and family are invited, including those of the four legged variety. Festivities start at 11 am. Nothing formal, just a group of dogs getting together to have a great time at the park. Beverages will be provided and if you can make it, be sure to bring a snack to share.

To chat with others about it and stay current on updates, please visit our Tripawds Pawty Forum Thread.

Longmont Dog Park #2:

Located at Airport Road and St.Vrain Roads. Parking is provided at the site (behind the Public Works facility at 375 Airport Road). This fenced-in park includes a water spigot and shade shelters. Dog bags are provided

Happy Ampuversary Lily. Two Years Later, Still Going Strong

On July 23, 2007, nine year old Lily was told that she only had 3 or 4 months to live. In June, 2008, her cancer metastasized to her lungs, and her oncologist said that she only had 2 months to live.

But two years later, after successfully recuperating from three major surgeries (including a limb sparing procedure and an amputation) and undergoing fourteen rounds of chemo, Lily is thriving and kicking cancer’s butt!

Her Mom, Hope, says “We have a lot of people to thank. We didn’t make it two years without a lot of help. My primary vets and technicians have also been amazing. I also had a group of friends praying for Lily.”

She added, “For anyone who doubts amputation, Lily is just as happy as she can be.”

Ain’t that the truth. Congratulations Lily, thank you for inspiring all of us here to keep on keepin’ on!

limb sparing foundation calendar girl lilly

When a Tripawd Needs Another Leg Surgery

It’s a tripawd pawrent’s worst nightmare; being told that your tripawd needs another major leg surgery. What do you do? Can your Tripawd handle another confinement and recuperation? Will he ever be the same?

Chuy is one pup from Arizona who says: “Yes, indeed! Just look at me!

Chuy is a Tripawd friend who was diagnosed with Legg-Calve Perthes Disease, which is a fracture in the ball of the femur. In May 2009, he underwent Femoral Head Osteotomy (FHO) surgery on his rear leg, the same side in which he’s already missing a leg.

This “simple” surgery involves the head of the femur or the attachment to the hip. A new joint is formed by just the muscles of the hind legs, similar to how the shoulder blade is normally attached to the dogs body, by muscle alone.

If you have a Tripawd that needs to undergo another major leg surgery,  try not to worry. Check out Chuy’s Mom’s diary she sent to us, to help comfort other pawrents in this situation:

“Research is the key. Research the type of surgery your dog is going to have, the medications your dog will be on, the side effects and withdrawals symptoms. Research the actions you may need to take for your dogs recovery i.e. physical therapy, nursing, home preparation. Make sure you trust your vet, but remember, your vet doesn’t know everything, you need to talk to others that have been through similar experiences.”

Here are more details that Chuy’s Mom shared with us about his recovery:

Read the rest of this entry »

Help Find Scrap; Casting Call Update

We just received this email from our friend Geoff Talbot, creator of the soon-to-be-produced movie “Lucky & Rich.” (Talbot currently has a worldwide casting call in search of a three legged dog for his movie):

Hi everybody,

Here is a 2 minute promotional video featuring many of your wonderful tripods! I’m sorry if your “incredible” dog didn’t make the video. We just used the most suitable photos and videos.

What if we could get over one million people to view this video and see your incredible dogs? I would be honored if you could help me. Here are some ideas… Basically it’s just simple word of mouth but you are doing it online?

  • Email the link to your friends and ask them pass it on.
  • Tweet the link to all friends on twitter.
  • Send the link to your friends on face-book, linked in or MySpace.
  • If you have a website or a blog… feel free to post the video on your site.
  • Send the link to any friends you have in the Animal or Film Media.

If you have any questions or complaints then please contact me. Also if there is any way in which I can help you then please let me know.

Much thanks

Geoff Talbot

Thanks, Henry! Changing Lives and Helping Tripawds Everywhere

At Tripawds, we talk a lot about our three legged canine pals, but here’s a story about our awesome new feline tripawd friend.

Meet Henry, the Three Legged Cat.

Henry’s Mom, Cathy, recently wrote to us to share his story, and tell us about their heartwarming book, “Henry’s World: A Three Legged Cat’s View of Human Absurdity.”

“Henry would like to take this opportunity to share his book with people worldwide and to particularly help Tripawds raise money for their website.

For every book that you buy, $12 will be given to Tripawds.

You can buy them at Henry’s website :, through PayPal. Just write in the message part the word “Tripawds” so we know where to send the profits.

Now, a bit about the book:

The more we expose our children to books that promote respect for diversity, compassion, courage, and resiliency, the more we will see children who thrive in this incredibly complex diverse world. We would love to get this true tale about Henry the three-legged cat into the hands of all children!

At its core, it’s about so much more than a cat. Henry’s owners were devoted “dog only” people who didn’t even like cats.

Sometimes, we don’t always get to decide what happens to us in life. What we do get to decide is how we respond. When Henry shows up with a front leg beyond repair, his owners respond in a way that changes their lives as well the lives of thousands of others.

There are many powerful messages in this book, but I love how Henry’s life reminds us that we are not defined by our misfortunes, but by our responses to them. In the back of the book are “Kibble for Thought,” life lessons from Henry himself.

The end of Henry’s World actually is only the beginning, as we learn that Henry is now a cat with a mission to help animals and children in need. To date, he is answered over 33,000 letters from around the world and over 30,000 of his two books have found their way into the hands of humans who need them. This is without being in one bookstore, so that all the profits can go to animals and children in need. Buy a bunch now, you will not be disappointed.

Henry is happy to announce that his canine sister, Dollydog, finally has her own book, “What About Me? I’m Here Too.” Visit Henry’s World for details.”

Cathy Conheim, Cat Scribe >^..^<
La Jolla, CA

Winner: What’s the Matter with Henry?
ASPCA Humane Issues Award 2006
Best Gift Book 2006 Cat Writers Association

Cancer Doesn’t Trouble Miss Trouble

Trouble is a three legged pit bull girl from Orange, Texas. Last November she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at age nine, and underwent amputation to remove her bad leg.

Since then, she hasn’t looked back. In May, she had her two-month post chemotherapy check up, and passed it with flying colors. Although she is bothered by arthritis, you sure wouldn’t know it by looking at her!

Tripawds Wanted: Help Find Scrap

We think all Tripawds have star quality, but there’s only one out there that will fit the role that filmmaker Geoff Talbot has created in his upcoming movie, “Lucky and Scrap.”

You may have seen his casting calls on Twitter or Facebook lately, because Talbot is taking his casting call worldwide, and giving the general public a chance to make their Tripawd a star.

Talbot is specifically looking for a rear-leg amputee with “big cinematic doggie eyes.”  This romantic comedy is a 24- hour Bohemian love story between a Czech street girl called Lucky and a homeless New Zealand guy named Rich, who has a three legged dog.

The future Scrap and his or her human must be fit and cleared to travel internationally to Prauge for about 20 days of on-location filming in February 2010. A veterinarian will be on the set at all times to ensure proper care of the future canine star.

The “Find Scrap” contest is currently running on Talbot’s blog. Since May, over 80 Tripawds have applied from countries as far away as New Zealand, America, Wales, England, Greece, Canada and Australia. Over 14,000 votes have already been cast. Tripawds can apply by sending a JPEG photo to

Talbot is encouraging more dogs to apply. “We want every three-legged dog on the face of this planet to hear about this competition, and at least have the opportunity to be our star. Each dog as an incredible story of courage that deserves to be told.”

In late June, the contestant field will be narrowed down to 12 runners-up. A winner will be then chosen from the results of an exciting interactive online TV show called “World 3-legged Dog Idol.” Stay tuned for more information here.

Photos and videos of the Tripawd applicants can be viewed on the filmmakers blog,

Schedule your own live chats!

More big news for tripawds and their people who wish to connect with others! We just created a new tripawd discussion forum where members can schedule live chat sessions of their own.

My people always try to be available in the chat room most evenings. But often there is no one their to chat with others in their time of need. Now there is a way to schedule your own chats, or just let everyone know when you may be online. Here are some other ideas that would make the Tripawd Chat Room an even better resource for everyone:

  • Add a new topic for scheduling breed-specific chats
  • Create a topic for scheduled live chats about specific issues
  • Announce a schedule of regular times you will be in the chat room
  • Update topics with a summary of the chat

Simply add a topic for your scheduled chat(s). Be sure to provide ample notification time for your chat considering some members may check the forums weekly. Optionally, use the Private Messaging (Inbox) system to invite specific members. Then, just be available in the chat room at your specified time and hopefully others will arrive. We’ll certainly try to be there!Jerry meets a puppy at Watsons Pet Products

After the chat, post a reply to your forum topic with a summary or transcript. If you do not refresh the page during your chat, all comments can be copied from the shout box and pasted into a forum post. Keep in mind, however, that emptying the shout box by reloading the page can improve browser performance during busy chats.

Anyway, we hope this new scheduled chat forum will help members utilize the chat room better. We’ll certainly use it to schedule tripawd chats of our own, so stay tuned!

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