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Our Sami Gurl, the 14 year old Senior Tripawd

The following post was generously written by Tripawd pawrent Stephen Zurek. For a cool Bone Cancer Hero t-shirt like the one Sami is wearing, check out her Mom Michelle’s Bone Cancer Hero store.

Senior bone cancer hero dog SamiWe would like to start off by saying thank you to Tripawds, for being such a great source of support and information for us. We are so grateful. All of you guys have really helped us through this! Your posting about The Top Five Questions About Amputation And Coping with Bone Cancer is going to help a lot of folks with this tough decision.

We are so grateful our Sami gurl is still here At the ripe old age of 14, she is going on 11 months as a tripawd and still hanging in there. When we first took her to the vet because of a limp last year, the last thing we were expecting to hear was bone cancer. It hit us like a brick and we thought it was time to say goodbye to our baby. After we got over the initial shock, the vet recommended that we amputate.

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Tripawd Adopted: Meet Koa, a Korean Dog Farm Survivor

ku-Wan three legged korean rescue dogSometimes we hear about a courageous pup and just have to share his story! Some wonderful people in Los Angeles just told us about Koa, a lucky little tripawd who’s made it from the worst of all puppy “mills” – dog meat farms in Korea – to the streets of Los Angeles, where he’s now seeking his forever home. Here’s what his kind foster folks had to say …

We are happy to introduce you to Koa.

Koa, like all of our rescued dogs, is a very special little guy. He was rescued from a dog farm in South Korea that breeds and sells dogs for their meat. At only 2 months old, a healthy Koa was attacked by other dogs at the farm. The attack left Koa with a terribly damaged front leg. The injury was beyond repair or concern of the meat farmer, so his leg was amputated.

Because of his condition, Koa could no longer be sold as “healthy” dog meat, so in June of 2008 the dog farmer voluntarily turned Koa over to our partner shelter in South Korea. The American rescue organization now representing Koa is based in Los Angeles, and they are called Happy Ending Rescue. They adopt dogs who are rescued from meat farms in Korea. Many have been abused and have special needs. You can read more about this wonderful group  at

Our now 4 month old Koa has healed beautifully. “Koa” means “strong” in Hawaiian.  He now has three names; Koa Ku-won Tipo (translates to Strong, Saved, Tripawd). As best we can tell, Koa is a Korean Jindo and a Shepard dog mix, and will be about 90 pounds when full grown.

Koa loves playing tug-of-war, and acts like any other puppy his age. He is such an amazing, playful, loving, smart puppy. We are so lucky! He seems unfazed with the loss of his leg, bouncing around and wrestling with other dogs. When he does take a tumble, he quickly rights himself by pushing off the floor with his chin; he’s quite the little gymnast.

korean dog meat farm puppy rescue Koa has find a loving home. Coincidentally … we just received a notice from Dogster about this Humane Society petition to stop Petland from supporting puppy mills. Please take a moment to support the cause.

Adopt a Tripawd: Beautiful Husky Girl Seeks Forever Home

Adopt a three legged husky dogHey everyone. We hope you’ll consider opening your hearts to this beautiful Husky girl we just heard about, thanks to our friend Calpurnia.

Her name is Dreamer, and she joined the Tripawd community just last week, after being hit by a car. The good people at Utah’s Enoch Animal Shelter have given her the medical help and love she needs to recuperate. Now, this girl is ready for her forever home.

She’s good with kids, other dogs, and seems to be good with cats so far. And while she is in Utah, her rescue people say they’ll find a way to transport her to her future pawrents.  Won’t you consider making her a member of your family?

For more information, please contact us here at Tripawds.

Three legged husky dog for adoption

Let Us Give Thanks for Our Tripawd Heroes

three legged dog thanksgiving posterThis week we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday here in America. It’s a day to reflect and remember all of the gifts, big and small, that we each have in our lives, and to give thanks for their blessings.

Here at Tripawds, we are incredibly thankful for our Tripawd heroes and their pawrents. The love, support and encouragement that’s shared in our community is unlike anything we ever imagined this website could be. We are so thankful for the friends we have made, and feel deep gratitude for allowing us to be a part of your lives.

Our dear friend Sasha, Spirit Lalla‘s Mom, has created a beautiful Tripawd Thanksgiving poster featuring many, if not all, of our Tripawd friends who have submitted photos at one time or another. If we missed anyone, we are very sorry, please know it was accidental.

You can print your own copy of this beautiful 8.5″ x 11″ poster, by downloading the high resolution PDF file here.

From all of us to you, we wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving. Peace.

Pogi is one fast three legged Border Collie!

When my people recently met three legged English mastiff Tazzie, there was the cutest little black and white bundle of energy running around. More of a blur really … meet Pogi, one of the fastest little three legged rescue dogs we’ve ever seen.

She slowed down just enough for us to make this video interview with her mom about adopting a three legged dog:

If you think your three legged dog is fast, post a video to YouTube and send us the link with a photo and brief story. We’ll gladly publish it here.

Meet Three Legged English Mastiff Tazzie

Here’s another mighty fine dog my people recently met … and I do mean mighty!

Tazzie is an English Mastiff who weighs in at about 175 lbs! Whoever says giant breed dogs and amputation aren’t a good fit obviously hasn’t been hanging around the Tripawd Discussion Forums long enough. Tazzie is cared for by Dr. Pam who is a regular contributor. Boy, that Tazzie is one lucky dog!

Video Interview with Rocco and his People

three legged german shepherd roccoWhen my people first saw pictures of Rocco, they knew we just had to be related. And when we found out Rocco lived along the route we were taking on our full-time RVing roadtrip, we were all excited to meet him.

While I didn’t quite make it, Jim and René did get to meet Rocco. The visit, just a week or so after my passing, was therapeutic.

More than just looking like me, Rocco’s similarities were uncanny. We both play ball, eat grass, swim, and have great big smiles with worn down teeth.

Meet Rocco in this video and see what his wonderful people have to say about their battle with cancer, and his amazing recovery.

Check out these scrapbook pages showing how much Rocco and I really are alike, and see how you can get your own custom photo book here.

rocco and jerry rocco and jerry rocco and jerry

Toast Life with Three Legged Red

Too bad dogs can’t drink wine, because last summer, my pawrents got to try out Three Legged Red, a red wine made by Dunham Cellars of Walla Walla, Washington.

The good people at Dunham were nice enough to send us a bottle last summer, after my Mom told them about Tripawds.

Three Legged Red is dedicated to Port, Dunham’s three legged mascot, who is now romping around the heavens with me.

When we were in Colorado, Mom and Dad wanted to go someplace really special to try out the wine. In August, they packed up one of the jeeps at the ranch, and we went camping at the top of a beautiful mountain. We had cheese and crackers, and Mom and Dad tried the wine. They loved it! Mom says it goes beyond any red “everyday” wine they’ve ever had. It’s a little hard to find, but you can buy it online. Check out our review:

Months later, a strange thing happened, the day after I left for the heavens. Mom and Dad were walking around Yellowstone. They were so sad, and feeling really down, so they went into the Old Faithful Inn to have a tasty beverage. When they looked at the wine list, guess what they saw? You got it! Three Legged Red!

Coincidence? I don’t think so!

They had a couple of glasses, toasted our forever love, and basked in our memories together. Now, it’s their favorite all time wine.

Here’s to you and Tripawd pawrents everywhere! And a big Thank You to Dunham Cellars.

My Heart Belongs to a Tripawd

Three legged husky dog BusterThe following Guest Post was kindly written by our friend Kim. If you would like to share your Tripawds story here, please write to us today.

Buster will be 11 in mid December. On the 25th of this month it will be his 6th month ampuversary that he lost his leg to a chrondrosarcoma. It has been a learning experience to say the least. From the misdiagnoses to the amputation I’ve learned not to take the little things for granted.

Buster loves to lounge, go for walks and protect his turf. He recently took on a possum defending his territory. He truly is his happiest being outdoors close to nature, especially during this cool fall weather. I would say he ambulates well. He still has his good day and bad days, I would say due to the weather. Sort of like a barometer. So we go with the flow… Everyday is a happy husky day.

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Three Legged Dog Chat Room Now Live!

jerry hosts three legged dog chat discussionCan we talk here? We can now!

Join others in the new Tripawds Chat for live discussion of whatever is on your mind.

This live chat room is provided for tripawds blog subscribers and all registered users of the tripawd discussion forums. If you do not see the post functions beneath the chat room, please register or log-in to participate.

Periodically we may host scheduled chats with specific topics or perhaps special “ask a vet” sessions. So stay tuned, and until then tune in … you never know who might be online and able to offer support in the time of need. Perhaps you!

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