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Help Find Scrap; Casting Call Update

We just received this email from our friend Geoff Talbot, creator of the soon-to-be-produced movie “Lucky & Rich.” (Talbot currently has a worldwide casting call in search of a three legged dog for his movie):

Hi everybody,

Here is a 2 minute promotional video featuring many of your wonderful tripods! I’m sorry if your “incredible” dog didn’t make the video. We just used the most suitable photos and videos.

What if we could get over one million people to view this video and see your incredible dogs? I would be honored if you could help me. Here are some ideas… Basically it’s just simple word of mouth but you are doing it online?

  • Email the link to your friends and ask them pass it on.
  • Tweet the link to all friends on twitter.
  • Send the link to your friends on face-book, linked in or MySpace.
  • If you have a website or a blog… feel free to post the video on your site.
  • Send the link to any friends you have in the Animal or Film Media.

If you have any questions or complaints then please contact me. Also if there is any way in which I can help you then please let me know.

Much thanks

Geoff Talbot

Thanks, Henry! Changing Lives and Helping Tripawds Everywhere

At Tripawds, we talk a lot about our three legged canine pals, but here’s a story about our awesome new feline tripawd friend.

Meet Henry, the Three Legged Cat.

Henry’s Mom, Cathy, recently wrote to us to share his story, and tell us about their heartwarming book, “Henry’s World: A Three Legged Cat’s View of Human Absurdity.”

“Henry would like to take this opportunity to share his book with people worldwide and to particularly help Tripawds raise money for their website.

For every book that you buy, $12 will be given to Tripawds.

You can buy them at Henry’s website :, through PayPal. Just write in the message part the word “Tripawds” so we know where to send the profits.

Now, a bit about the book:

The more we expose our children to books that promote respect for diversity, compassion, courage, and resiliency, the more we will see children who thrive in this incredibly complex diverse world. We would love to get this true tale about Henry the three-legged cat into the hands of all children!

At its core, it’s about so much more than a cat. Henry’s owners were devoted “dog only” people who didn’t even like cats.

Sometimes, we don’t always get to decide what happens to us in life. What we do get to decide is how we respond. When Henry shows up with a front leg beyond repair, his owners respond in a way that changes their lives as well the lives of thousands of others.

There are many powerful messages in this book, but I love how Henry’s life reminds us that we are not defined by our misfortunes, but by our responses to them. In the back of the book are “Kibble for Thought,” life lessons from Henry himself.

The end of Henry’s World actually is only the beginning, as we learn that Henry is now a cat with a mission to help animals and children in need. To date, he is answered over 33,000 letters from around the world and over 30,000 of his two books have found their way into the hands of humans who need them. This is without being in one bookstore, so that all the profits can go to animals and children in need. Buy a bunch now, you will not be disappointed.

Henry is happy to announce that his canine sister, Dollydog, finally has her own book, “What About Me? I’m Here Too.” Visit Henry’s World for details.”

Cathy Conheim, Cat Scribe >^..^<
La Jolla, CA

Winner: What’s the Matter with Henry?
ASPCA Humane Issues Award 2006
Best Gift Book 2006 Cat Writers Association

Cancer Doesn’t Trouble Miss Trouble

Trouble is a three legged pit bull girl from Orange, Texas. Last November she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at age nine, and underwent amputation to remove her bad leg.

Since then, she hasn’t looked back. In May, she had her two-month post chemotherapy check up, and passed it with flying colors. Although she is bothered by arthritis, you sure wouldn’t know it by looking at her!

Tripawds Wanted: Help Find Scrap

We think all Tripawds have star quality, but there’s only one out there that will fit the role that filmmaker Geoff Talbot has created in his upcoming movie, “Lucky and Scrap.”

You may have seen his casting calls on Twitter or Facebook lately, because Talbot is taking his casting call worldwide, and giving the general public a chance to make their Tripawd a star.

Talbot is specifically looking for a rear-leg amputee with “big cinematic doggie eyes.”  This romantic comedy is a 24- hour Bohemian love story between a Czech street girl called Lucky and a homeless New Zealand guy named Rich, who has a three legged dog.

The future Scrap and his or her human must be fit and cleared to travel internationally to Prauge for about 20 days of on-location filming in February 2010. A veterinarian will be on the set at all times to ensure proper care of the future canine star.

The “Find Scrap” contest is currently running on Talbot’s blog. Since May, over 80 Tripawds have applied from countries as far away as New Zealand, America, Wales, England, Greece, Canada and Australia. Over 14,000 votes have already been cast. Tripawds can apply by sending a JPEG photo to

Talbot is encouraging more dogs to apply. “We want every three-legged dog on the face of this planet to hear about this competition, and at least have the opportunity to be our star. Each dog as an incredible story of courage that deserves to be told.”

In late June, the contestant field will be narrowed down to 12 runners-up. A winner will be then chosen from the results of an exciting interactive online TV show called “World 3-legged Dog Idol.” Stay tuned for more information here.

Photos and videos of the Tripawd applicants can be viewed on the filmmakers blog,

Schedule your own live chats!

More big news for tripawds and their people who wish to connect with others! We just created a new tripawd discussion forum where members can schedule live chat sessions of their own.

My people always try to be available in the chat room most evenings. But often there is no one their to chat with others in their time of need. Now there is a way to schedule your own chats, or just let everyone know when you may be online. Here are some other ideas that would make the Tripawd Chat Room an even better resource for everyone:

  • Add a new topic for scheduling breed-specific chats
  • Create a topic for scheduled live chats about specific issues
  • Announce a schedule of regular times you will be in the chat room
  • Update topics with a summary of the chat

Simply add a topic for your scheduled chat(s). Be sure to provide ample notification time for your chat considering some members may check the forums weekly. Optionally, use the Private Messaging (Inbox) system to invite specific members. Then, just be available in the chat room at your specified time and hopefully others will arrive. We’ll certainly try to be there!Jerry meets a puppy at Watsons Pet Products

After the chat, post a reply to your forum topic with a summary or transcript. If you do not refresh the page during your chat, all comments can be copied from the shout box and pasted into a forum post. Keep in mind, however, that emptying the shout box by reloading the page can improve browser performance during busy chats.

Anyway, we hope this new scheduled chat forum will help members utilize the chat room better. We’ll certainly use it to schedule tripawd chats of our own, so stay tuned!

A Letter to Lalla

Three Legged Dog Lalla on the BeachWhen we lose a loved one, we enter into a series of long dark days, trapped in loneliness we think we will never escape from. Slowly and eventually though, we learn to honor our beloved’s memory by continuing to appreciate all the beauty life has to offer. It’s not that time has healed our wounds, but we just learn to more easily accept things as they are.

One year ago on June 2nd, my girlfriend Lalla, who battled bone cancer just as I did, was released from her broken body. We roam free together now, forever and always, an image that always brings true joy to our pawrents hearts.

As hard as it was for her Mom Sasha to say goodbye, Lalla’s spirit continues to play a big part in the life of her entire  earth-bound family. Sasha wrote this letter to Lalla, on the anniversary of her passing.

Dear Lalla

I am obliged to celebrate your life rather than mourn for you one year after you left.

There are countless reasons, after all, as a dog you taught me all about living in the now. There are so many lessons learned from you, the main one being I think is never to relate to someone with a disability as disabled. I got that from you when three weeks after your surgery when you chased a heron across another one of your seized waves.

So many of your achievements have manifested into goodness which your family and friends at all share. Even Daddy, Cesar Millan‘s own lovely companion, was inspired by you to choose you as his 2008 Valentine’s Day Sweetheart and gave a wonderful donation to the Rolling Dogs Ranch on your behalf.

And so your family and friends carry on; Eli and Sylvia still sing to world peace and understanding. Orit has a little girl now called Ella who will hear your name and smile when her mummy tells her stories about how much you loved ice cream. And Troy is here as you know keeping us in track – and very wet and sandy!

Lalla, I am so lucky you are a part of my life. I would like to end with a short song a little boy wearing a superman cape once sang to you at the beach when you were only a puppy:

Lalla you are so beautiful
You don’t know
How beautiful you are


Chat with Tripawds, Saturday 5/16 at 8 pm EST

04. Jerry and the Rotties at the Tripawd partyDid you know that most nights, we are usually in the Chat Room? Sometimes though, we miss visitors who stop by, which is a bummer. So, we thought we would see if any of you are interested in a regular date to get together and talk.

So, let’s call it our first date! This Saturday, May 16, at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific, we will be in the Tripawds Chat room.

See you there!

Meet the Great Yellow Texas Tripawd, Barney B.

We love traveling to new places and meeting our Tripawd family members, especially after we’ve been chatting with them for a long time, in our Forums. Recently, we met up with Barney Baldwin, from Houston Texas, and his Mom Linda, and Dad Bob.

Barney is an 80 pound Lab who lost his leg due to bone cancer, back in February, 2008, over one year ago. What a survivor! His Mom Linda says:

From the moment I met Barney, when he jumped up and “hugged” me with his front paws around my neck and gave me a big, wet sloppy kiss, he has been a bright spot in my life, a constant source of love and happy memories.

He’s slower than he used to be, tires out more easily when he walks, and he’s definitely more affected by the heat and humidity since the chemo, but overall he’s doing great and we’re so grateful for each and every day with this beautiful boy.  I will tell you though, that he’s still quite spry when it comes to running toward the kitchen when he hear a bag rattling, or a cooking pot coming out of the cabinet.  His ability to steal food off of the counter has not been diminished either!

For a rescue dog who has not only battled histiocytic sarcoma cancer but other recurrent medical issues, Barney really amazed us with his energetic romps around the park. He wanted to play with every dog who crossed his path, and barked hellos to anyone nearby. He is the classic lovable, adorable Lab with a heart of gold. We sure love Barney, and feel especially fortunate to call his Mom and Dad our friends.

Here’s a special movie we made about our pal, Barney B:

2 Tripawds Pals Meet 2 Dogs Heroes

We sure love Twitter! Last week our pal Luke, of 2Dogs2000, Tweeted that he would be attending the “Everything Pets Expo” in Cincinnati, Ohio.Tripawds Friends Meet 2 Dogs Pals

We immediately thought of our Cinci friends Karen and Scott Weiland, and dropped them a line to let them know about Luke’s appearance.

Karen and Scott are pawrents of Maruk, a beloved Spirit Tripawd pal who lives on in our hearts here. Karen took her copy of the custom “Tripawd Heroes and Tributes” book we designed for her, which featured Maruk on the cover. Luke’s own Spirit Tripawd, Malcolm, is also in it.

2 Dogs 2000 Miles Luke Robinson

“I had tears creeping into my eyes as I pulled out the book to show him Malcom’s page. It really is a wonderful keepsake,” she said in her email to us.

Luke told Karen he has completed 1,100 miles. “He’s on the down hill side of the adventure!” she was happy to hear.

Karen was so happy to meet Murphy and Hudson in person, and said “Those two boys were so special.  Very mellow.  They had a huuuuge amount of greeters.”

This week, Luke and the boys continue their journey to Boston.

100 More Tripawd Pal Photos

While it’s sad to hear about so many dogs losing a leg around here, we’re happy to announce our second Tripawd Pals gallery now includes 100 of our three-legged friends. We’ve started our third Tripawd Pals Gallery so keep those photos coming.

This slideshow includes Pals 101 through 200. You can check out the first 100 here. These photos continue to provide inspawration for those questioning amputation for their own dogs. But they take up server space, and that costs money.

Please read about our efforts to keep this website up and running at peak performance and consider a small contribution to the Tripawds web server upgrade campaign! Many thanks to those who have already helped, and thank you all for your continued support and participation.

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