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Tripawd Tuesday: Emerson the Labrador is Back at the Beach!

Emerson the Labrador Tripawd is proof that every story shared in this community matters. During Emerson’s recovery his humans may have had doubts about his future, but your stories helped them stay strong. Now they’re back at their favorite beach and having a blast! Here’s what Jez and Dee told us in this sweet email sent to us for Tripawd Tuesday.

A “Can-Do” Attitude Made All the Difference for Emerson the Labrador Tripawd

Emerson the Labrador Tripawd

“Dear Tripawds,

I just wanted to say – to you and all Tripawds members and posters – how incredibly helpful and valuable has been such a wealth of posts from people detailing their experience of pre and post-operative periods, and with such positivity and useful information.

Emerson the Labrador Tripawd

When our black Labrador Emerson was panting and whining all night and day post-op, we found many posts from people whose dogs had been the same, which was SO reassuring, and even one suggestion that a particular painkiller could be a cause of that, which we were using, so we switched, to apparent good effect. Thank you. All the individual stories are heartlifting and breaking at the same time, of course, especially when you have your own three-legger.

Emerson the Labrador Tripawd

Perhaps the most valuable take-out of the lot was how much things can be down to attitude – get out and do stuff, don’t sit around too long in recovery mode. The off-leash park behind the beach at Curl Curl here in Sydney is our favourite place to take Emerson, and I so wanted to get him back there, and I think reading your posts persuaded us to take him back there weeks before we might otherwise have tried. And of course he bounded all over the place having a great time. (We’re pacing things, of course.)

Emerson the Labrador Tripawd

The video here, if you can see it, is of the next day, his second trip back

As we read in the posts, there’s no knowing how well things will go and how long he has. But we’re loving every day more than ever, and bursting with pride at his recovery so far.

With thanks from Jez and Dee, Sydney, Australia.

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7 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Emerson the Labrador is Back at the Beach!”

  1. Hi, I absolutely loved this story about beautiful Emerson. Being from Sydney, it is very reassuring.
    Our boy has recently been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma and we are devastated.
    My partner has never seen a three legged dog and very nervous about it. He hasn’t slept in days. I try and show him these inspiring stories but I think he needs to see it with his own eyes to believe how great dogs do adapt.
    Thank you so much

    • Aww I’m so glad you read his story Leona. There are mannnnny more so please tell your partner to come on over and we will try to help him feel better about the decision. Best wishes to you and your boy.

  2. Emerson is a gorgeous boy with a big beautiful heart, and humans who love him to bits – right from the get go he’s always been a puppy with a can do- attitude, just like his humans Dee and Jez. Thanks for sharing his story – and the video – wow! he is one very happy doggie, I cried buckets when I saw it, it’s beautiful to see him running free (and up his usual mischevious self no doubt!)

    Thinking of you all, big hugs from us xxxxx
    Carrol, Wayne, Mitch, Sophie and Diesel

  3. Thank you all, and to Tripawds again! Sunday morning and we’re just back from Curl Curl again – a 34-degree Sydney morning, mind you, so a little hot for a black Labrador, half bouncing around and meeting other dogs, half slumped in the shade! In the last week he’s entirely regained his pre-op personality, and yesterday was so enthusiastic to go walking that he made it down all the 70 steps we have from our front door to the road (coming up them is still one of the goals to be overcome). Best of all, his biopsy has come back as being on the less aggressive end of the osteosarcoma scale, with a low chance of metastasising. Who knows, of course, but he’s certainly happy and pain-free at the moment, and back to focusing on when he might next be able to get food from us. Love to all – Jez, Dee & Emerson!

  4. I met Emerson when he first entered the household of Dee and Jez, observed him in doggie school, watched his wonderful interactions with other canines, felt joy when he went swimming at Dee Why , so my utter sadness when he became ill was quite unbearable so to see him now and the videos of him gallivanting at the beach, and his sheer determination is an example to all of us. I have been a registered nurse for 55 years and can honestly say that Emerson is an example to all humanoids that may face physical obstacles–having a loving family and support system is also paramount to ones recovery. I get updates weekly , and know that each day is precious and should be embraced wholeheartedly. All my love from North Carolina!!!! Arf Arf

  5. OH….AND BEST OF ALLL….THAT VIDEO BROUGHT TEARS OF JOY TO MY EYES!!! REALLY!!! The “Rocky” lead-in music…the silhouette of him running happy up kn the hill…WONDERFUL VIDEO!!!

    This needs to go in our TRIPAWD VIDEO GALLERY!! Please email Rnen!

    Soooo glad to hear how well you are doing and liviw life to the fullest!! 🙂

    You and your humans stayed strong and got through thst rough recovery period! And seeing a post like this with thst great video is EXACTLY why we do what we do!! Extended time with NO pain…Just fun and loving and spoiling!! 🙂 🙂

    Thanks for the great update! Continuing to send you best wishes for a gazzillion more beach days…and couch days…and tummy rub days….and rubber chixken days……and treat days….etc

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!


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