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Misha’s Message of Pawsitivity

Brand New Children’s Book about 3 legged Dog – Misha’s Message of Pawsitivity

By Dana Hollis, Illustrated by James Koenig

Misha's MessageBased on a chocolate lab’s inspiring true story of love, adventure, loss and determination.

My husband and I had two labrador retrievers: Luna and Misha.  The four of us did everything together.  We had a lot of great adventures. At different times, Luna and Misha both got Cancer.  The illness did not let it change their vitality for life, love and adventure.

The neighborhood children watched as Misha lost her leg to Cancer; experienced her grief, which turned into determination, which then turned into confidence and pawsitivity!  It was the neighborhood kids who urged me to write a book about the experience – Misha’s Message of Pawsitivity.

“Luna and Misha have taught me a lot about the challenges of life.  They’ve taught me to live in the present with a grateful spirit.  In spite of it all, I’ve learned to accept myself for whatever flaws/disabilities/perceptions and to enjoy the ride of life.”
—Dana Hollis


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Children’s book about 3 legged dog, based on a true story:

A chocolate lab named Misha shares her stories of adventure.  But she discovers that every adventure seems to come with an unexpected challenge.  She finds that not only is she battling Cancer, but so is her best friend, Luna.  After much loss and grief, she must cope with losing her leg.  Misha must find her way back to her joyful self.  In the end, a fortunate experience helps give her loss meaning.  Choosing a positive mindset isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it.

Misha's Message

Misha’s Message of Pawsitivity is a cute and heart warming story for anyone looking to explain Cancer, loss, or disabilities to a child.  This story can help encourage young and old alike, who need a little more pawsitivity!!

Misha's Message

About the Author

Dana Hollis is a former Music Industry executive with time spent in New York City and Los Angeles.  She left her 20 year career to get married.  She and her husband live on the coast of Rhode Island.  Besides her passion for music, Dana has always had a passion for animals, especially Labrador Retrievers.  She has had labs all her life.  She has volunteered as a foster parent for Save A Lab Rescue, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of displaced Labrador Retrievers and Lab mixes.

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December 2017: #1 New Release on Amazon for the Category of Pet Loss Grief

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12 thoughts on “Misha’s Message of Pawsitivity”

  1. If we use the link above to purchase from Amazon – will this benefit Tripawds? My mom is known for using the wrong link to purchase tripawd merchandise and she wants to make sure she does it right! Let us know.

    Thank you,
    Hannah B Dawg

  2. Misha certainly was in tune with her mission in life, as is Dana. Quite an inspirational team!! Pawsitivity pushes away the fear and shows everyone how to focus on the present! And Luna certainly helped everyone to do that roo! And the art work is delightful.

    Your Mish is a stunning girl! She has aa stronw Warrior Spirit (as does her Mom) and will continue to inspire and touch lives furever arpund here!
    Lpve and light
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • hi Benny55! I’m just getting around to seeing these comments. I don’t know how i missed them, Thank you for your words! They are wonderful!! I am hoping you can do me a favor and go on Amazon to give the book a 5 star review with your thoughts above. With every 5 star review, the book climbs up the ladder of, well, books!!!
      Thank you so much
      Love and light to you!!

  3. What a wonderful idea! My oldest grandson is autistic. He has not met Huckleberry yet because we live 1000 miles away from each other but we talk and do videos often. They will be coming for a visit this summer. He always mentions Huckleberry and that he only has 3 legs. Huck lost his leg for a different reason, but I already ordered it and it’s on his way to him as I type this. He will LOVE this book!
    Jackie and Huckleberry

    • hi jacky!!
      Thank you for ordering my book. I hope your grandson enjoyed it and continues to like and identify with it.
      I hope the book allows children to understand misfortunes a little better and know that they are merely
      obstacles to be conquered!!

  4. thanks!! The adventure with the seal was like living in a Disney movie!!! We also had fun with dolphins too!
    Thanks for your enthusiasm!!


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