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Two Tripawds

Oh Bob and Marianne, you are so funny! And thoughtful too. Thanks for my new buddy.

Jerry and the New TripawdI’m going to call him Hoppy. Only two creative types like you could think of me when you saw this cute four legged Beanie Baby, then lop it’s front left leg off so it’s just like me. I love him!

As you can see, he makes a comfy pal. I will think of you whenever I paw him around. And I keep my toys for a long, long time.

We’ll all miss you nutty Eurekans very much.

Bye Bye Zeus… Hello world!

I’m gonna miss my friend Zeus… My people and I are finally leaving town, and off on our way with this crazy new adventure! I knew we’d be leaving soon when all the strangers came and took all the boxes and furniture out of our big old house. I got so excited I ran through all the rooms barking and tossing my toys.

Jerry and Zeus

We just had to have Zeus over one more time this morning to say goodbye. We gave him a few of my favorite toys, some treats, and his favorite Tug and Toss Jolly Ball of mine that he quickly proceeded to eat.

We’ll post a new movie soon so you can see how high that crazy big dog can jump! As you can see, we could barely stand still for a photo. We had fun as usual… you can see movies of our previous play dates on my videos page.

We spent last night — our firt real night in the new trailer — parked at the curb in front of the house. Today we took off and stayed at the Mad River Rapids RV Park in Arcata, CA. Lots of my people’s closest friends came by to say hi, and bye. Tomorrow I hear we’re heading South. I’m just happy to be heading anywhere.

I love to travel, especially in our new truck where I can spread out and enjoy the ride. I enjoy meeting all the new dogs and their people. And I especially like our new home on wheels and the big couch I can call my own.

Stay tuned for more news from the road, photos, movies, and more. Right now, my people are tired. I think we may all just sleep for a couple weeks. That’s fine with me. But after that you can follow my three-legged adventures here, and theirs on the full-time RV travel blog they started at

I can’t wait to meet Scout!

Meet Scout!My friend Caz just got a new puppy. Isn’t he just adorable? I can’t wait to smell him and officially welcome him to my pack.

One of our first stops on this crazy new adventure we’re about to embark on will be to hook up with Caz and his folks so we can meet Scout.

We have all enjoyed many hiking trips deep into the woods of Northern California over the years. With my people’s big new home on wheels, I doubt we’ll do much backpacking this time, but I’m sure we’ll take a hike or two with Scout so we can pee on ferns and stuff together. That’s justs fine with me… I sure like the idea of sleeping on my new couch, rather than the hard ground in a tent after hiking for miles and miles.

Check out my new Website!

Dawg TiredWoof… I’m tired. All this programming makes me sleepy. 😉 Finally… A real blog! My people have been busy updating this site to make it easier to post so you’ll be hearing a lot more from me now.

This is the last week in our house and they are excited to wrap up training and finalize the sale of their graphics business. Me? I’m just excited that I won’t have to go up and down all the stairs here every day.

I keep hearing about this road trip we’re taking and can’t wait for all the upcoming adventures. Thank Dog our new trailer only has three steps! Be sure to check out our Full-Time RV’er blog to see what we’re up to…

¡Pascua Feliz!

Easter Party AftermathI took my first long distance trip this past week. Traveled over 1,000 miles to see friends and family for Easter, and I knocked all of their socks off with my excellent health!

In fact, when I was taking a break on the road, the manager of a Taco Bell ran out to meet me! She was so impressed, and said she had never seen a tripawd dog in real life. She’s a volunteer for PALS in Lodi CA, and helps find forever homes for pets. I was so happy to show her that we are just as spunky as our four legged pals!

Way to go Chloe!

Chloe RecuperatingI got some great news this week. My friend Chloe in Illinois, is doing much better after her amputation surgery three weeks ago. She had a rough go of it, but now I hear she even went swimming last week!

Read on for more more about Chloe and my latest adventures.

Read more.

Snow Day for Jerry

Snow Day for JerryWoo hoo! We had such a blast on Horse Mountain yesterday, playing in the snow! It was freezing cold but I didn’t care. I ate so much snow, and my belly got so full of water, that later that night after I ate my dinner, I puked it up all up in the middle of the night.

I gave Mom and Dad a good scare today. I was coughing all morning, and they thought it was a bad sign. So they rushed me to the vet to have my lungs x-rayed. And the good news is… no big signs of meta-somethings invading my lungs from the cancer!

That’s THREE months now past my diagnosis and surgery. Yeeeeaaaay!!!! Just look at how happy I am in these movies…

Back to the Beach…

Jerry at the BeachMy fur’s coming back, and now that the temperature outside hasn’t been as cold, my Mom says I don’t have to wear my dog coats as much. I’m really starting to feel like the rugged dog I used to be!

Mom also lets me hang out in the yard by myself when I want to, she’s not as paranoid now that I’ve shown her how capable I am!

I get to go to the beach pretty often now. Be sure to check out my latest movies and photos to see how I can still tear apart the kelp and play in the surf.

Hoppy Anniversary to Me!

It’s now been over two full months since my big surgery. We’ve proven at least one prognosis wrong. The first thing my people were told is I could be expected to live 2-3 months after being diagnosed with canine osterosarcoma with or without the surgery. Well here I am feeling my best going on my third month.

Jerry still loves the Frisbee gameI haven’t dog blogged for so long because I have been having to much fun at the beach … and developing this website to help people better cope with palliative care with their bone cancer dogs.

I’ve added web resources and health tips, and added two discussion forums for everyone to post their questions, answers, tips and treatment suggestions.
Jerry and ZeusBe sure to check out my latest tripawd videos and see just what great shape I’m in. I visit happy my friends at Happy Dog, play with my new friend Zeus and catch frisbees on the beach.

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