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Tripawds Wanted: Help Find Scrap

We think all Tripawds have star quality, but there’s only one out there that will fit the role that filmmaker Geoff Talbot has created in his upcoming movie, “Lucky and Scrap.”

You may have seen his casting calls on Twitter or Facebook lately, because Talbot is taking his casting call worldwide, and giving the general public a chance to make their Tripawd a star.

Talbot is specifically looking for a rear-leg amputee with “big cinematic doggie eyes.”  This romantic comedy is a 24- hour Bohemian love story between a Czech street girl called Lucky and a homeless New Zealand guy named Rich, who has a three legged dog.

The future Scrap and his or her human must be fit and cleared to travel internationally to Prauge for about 20 days of on-location filming in February 2010. A veterinarian will be on the set at all times to ensure proper care of the future canine star.

The “Find Scrap” contest is currently running on Talbot’s blog. Since May, over 80 Tripawds have applied from countries as far away as New Zealand, America, Wales, England, Greece, Canada and Australia. Over 14,000 votes have already been cast. Tripawds can apply by sending a JPEG photo to

Talbot is encouraging more dogs to apply. “We want every three-legged dog on the face of this planet to hear about this competition, and at least have the opportunity to be our star. Each dog as an incredible story of courage that deserves to be told.”

In late June, the contestant field will be narrowed down to 12 runners-up. A winner will be then chosen from the results of an exciting interactive online TV show called “World 3-legged Dog Idol.” Stay tuned for more information here.

Photos and videos of the Tripawd applicants can be viewed on the filmmakers blog,

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