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Three-legged Barnaby needs a home!

adopt or foster barnaby three legged rescue dogA fellow dog lover just let us know about this special pup at the Lost and Found Dog Rescue in Wilmington, Delaware who is still in need of a foster home. Please visit the L&F website for complete information about adopting Barnaby.

Barnaby is a Lab/Hound mix about one and a half years old. A special friend has paid his vet bills, so there will be no adoption donation required for Barnaby! Plus the shelter will provide a one year supply of the the joint pain medication he needs to manage his pain from losing his leg.

He is a very loving boy and gets along well with most dogs, but not cats. He is young and strong but the weight of his body makes his remaining front leg bend in a painful way.

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Only Natural Pet Opens First Retail Store!

Jerry Knows Petco Cheese Treat is Bad for DogsI’m so happy to hear that Only Natural Pet Store just opened their first retail store in Boulder, CO.

I’m glad because we’re spending the summer in Colorado and maybe I’ll get to visit this new super pet store that sells only natural dog and cat products. But I’m especially happy to hear this news, because society needs more stores like this. Hopefully it’s the first of many to come!

This news reminds me of how upset I get about the mass market crap pushed on unsuspecting pet owners by the leading pet store chains. One time we received a free gift from one of the major “pet marts” but I would have nothing to do with it. The list of ingredients on this “treat” reminded my people of the tainted pet food recall tragedy.

all natural pet products

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My Visit to the Animal Acupuncture Doctor In Colorado

Many weeks ago, I hurt my knee somehow. Maybe I caught the frisbee one too many times, I don’t know. But now, my doctor thinks that I have a partial ACL tear, and she recommended acupuncture treatment to help me feel better. I know that I don’t like Tramadol, so I was willing to try anything, even getting pins stuck in my flesh.

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