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Latest Metronomic Chemo News on Tripawd Talk Radio, February 8

Wondering about metronomic therapy and how it can help your dog fight cancer?

CSU Vet Dr. Barbara Biller

Mark your calendar now for a special Tripawd Talk Radio show about the latest metronomic chemotherapy breakthroughs for cancer dogs, with the world-renowned Dr. Barbara Biller, Veterinarian and Assistant Professor of Oncology at Colorado State University Animal Cancer Center.

Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2012
3:00pm PST (4:00 MT, 6:00 Eastern)
30 min.
Call In Number:
(310) 388-9739*

Tune In Here: Metronomic Chemotherapy for Canine Cancer
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*You do not need to call to hear the show. Listen live here and join us in the chat room or call (310) 388-9739 with your questions. If you can’t listen live, a podcast will be available after the broadcast.

Dr. Biller Shares Metronomic Chemo Research News

We are so thrilled to have Dr. Biller join us! The primary focus of her research is on the interactions between the anti-tumor immune response and metronomic chemotherapy. We learned about Dr. Biller’s work when we read about her study for Morris Animal Foundation (MAF), for which she evaluated metronomic chemotherapy treatment on dogs with soft-tissue sarcomas.

During the study, it was Dr. Biller’s mission to learn more specifics on how to treat dogs using metronomic chemotherapy protocols. She says:

“Even though veterinarians have been using metronomic chemotherapy on patients, we have been guessing on important factors like what drugs we should use, what dose is needed and at what intervals we should treat the patient. We hope to determine some of those factors.”

Dr. Biller is also involved in a number of collaborative studies with investigators at the University of Colorado Cancer Center and the Garden State Cancer Center evaluating immunotherapies in dogs with lymphoma and brain tumors.

Join us in the Tripawds Live Chat during the show! We will be taking your calls and questions for Dr. Biller.

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1 thought on “Latest Metronomic Chemo News on Tripawd Talk Radio, February 8”

  1. My 9yo greyhound is currently on metronomic therapy following diagnosis, amputation, and chemotherapy with bone cancer. He has been on an every other day dosage (he doesn’t tolerate everyday dosage) since February 2011. In your opinion, how long should he continue this treatment as there is a fine line between keeping the cancer from growing and causing damage from cychlophosphamide to his organs? One of his oncologists says he will be on his therapy until the end and his other oncologist wants him to be off the therapy by this time next year if he is still with us.


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