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Tripawd Tuesday: Orinoco the Greyhound Beats the Osteosarcoma Odds

We love it when another member gives osteosarcoma the heave-ho! Today’s Tripawd Tuesday celebrates the amazing two year ampuversary of Orinoco, a gorgeous bone cancer hero in the United Kingdom. Read on to celebrate with us and learn how this lovely Tripawd Greyhound beats the osteosarcoma odds.

Orinoco the Tripawd Greyhound
Meet Orinoco, the Greyhound Bone Cancer Fighter

In this interview, Orinoco’s mom Claire shares the procedures and protocols that have worked so well for this beautiful ten-year old Greyhound. 

Tell us about Orinoco’s lung lobectomy. What went through your mind when they suggested the procedure? And who exactly is Orinoco’s vet? Where do they practice? 

We are based in the UK, Orinoco is being looked after by the Oncology Team at the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals part of the Royal Veterinary College

Orinoco the Tripawd Greyhound

When they spoke to us about removing the lung lobe, there were 2 growths in the same lobe they had been tracking for about 6 months, originally thought they were presenting like calcifications but at the beginning of this year, thought one looked more like osteosarcoma so suggested it was removed. Apart from those 2 in that lobe, there was no other spread to his lungs. They presented it as fairly straightforward, wouldn’t really impact him afterwards, although he may have a little less stamina.

It was a shock, since we had gone for 13 months with nothing sinister on his lungs from the scans.  However if we left it, the tumour would continue to grow so was a fairly easy decision to make.

Orinoco the Tripawd Greyhound

We got him home about 3 days after the surgery and he was a little tired but fine.  We kept him restricted for 10 days so he didn’t damage his wound, and the biggest issue was that he got bored and frustrated.

Since he recovered from the surgery, we’ve seen no difference in his stamina or energy levels he’s carried on as normal. 

What is the general protocol your vets are giving? You mentioned more carboplatin, but how many sessions? And will he go back on metronomics when the sessions are done? If so, can he use cytoxan/cyclophosphamide again or does he have to switch to Leukeran or another alternative drug?

Orinoco the Tripawd Greyhound

We are seeing how he tolerates the carboplatin for now and he’ll have another scan in December, so we’ll review options after that. We haven’t talked to the oncologists yet about other metronomic options.

He won’t be able to go back on cyclophosphamide again as he developed cystitis on that which is why we switched to chloroambucil/leukeran. There was an option of doxorubicin rather than carboplatin, but he has an existing heart murmur so we weren’t keen on that.

Finally, are you doing anything else on your own, such as acupuncture, hydrotherapy, nutrition changes, etc? If so, what exactly?

Orinoco goes to hydrotherapy once a week for swimming and massage.  This helps to keep him moving, we notice if he misses a week that he gets stiff so it helps, and he does enjoy it. I also give him a supplement on his breakfast for joint health. 

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3 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Orinoco the Greyhound Beats the Osteosarcoma Odds”

    • You are so welcome! Yes, as Sally mentioned, that boy is such a trailblazer and a hero. His mum and dad were willing to take a chance with the lobectomy and wow, what great rewards came of it! SO happy to see him getting to enjoy more quality time, we love sharing the inspawration. Thanks for reading.


    I was hanging o to every word. Absolutely riveting! To know how well Orinoco handled the procedure and recovery adterwatw is so helpful for anyone considering this option..

    We look forward ro following Orinoco’s journey and celebrating his continued victories! A true hero among us!
    Thank you for sharing this miraculous story!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!


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