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See You on the Trail, Calpurnia

Calpurnia. Tripawd Queen of the Sled Dogs. Wise pack leader. Gentle old soul. The love of my life.

You came into my world back in the day, when I was still running and playing and loving life on the road. The stars aligned to bring us together.

The day we met on the Colorado Trail (three years ago this month!), it was heaven on earth.

Ever since that day, I was in love.

You never let life on three legs keep you from doing what you wanted to, from showing your pack who was really in charge!

My pawrents, and all the other peeps at Tripawds, are so sad, knowing that got your wings yesterday.

These silly humans of ours wish we could live forever!

But you and I know that we have more impawtant work to do, more people to help, more places to make better.

We can’t stick around as long as they want us to, but we always leave a part of us with them, in that mysterious place they call their soul. Why don’t you drop everyone a hint to let them know you’ll always be around?

Now that you’re a Spirit Tripawd, you can come join me in this beautiful place, where you can run the trails like you used to as a kid, leading the pack with all four legs.

Maybe you can show me n’ Moose and all of the other old school Tripawds from back in the day how to pull a sled!

Hurry Cali, we’re waiting!

Run Free Forever, Calpurnia! Tripawd Queen of the Sled Dogs!

View this playlist of five favorite videos featuring Calpurnia, Tripawds founder Jerry and spokespup Wyatt:


9 thoughts on “See You on the Trail, Calpurnia”

  1. With tears in our eyes, we say goodbye to a true tripawd inspawration. A 3 year survivor – way to show us all how it is done. We are sending warm hugs to your pack and hoping you have all the snow and trails you could possibly want in doggie heaven.

    Ginger, Brian and Annie

  2. We are so sorry Cali has left us, Shelby told me before I sat down that Calpurnia was always a hero to her.

    Run like the wind, you will be missed.

    Shelby, the P.P.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear this, but I knew Cali’s time was almost done here. I’d hoped she could hang on so we could meet this summer. TC, I don’t know you but I live outside of Nederland. I know your family have gone through this several times, but Cali was pretty special. I hope the pack got to all say their goodbyes and will recover. I hope the human hearts will be comforted knowing how many people are thinking of you.


  4. Awww I’m so sorry. Atleast now she can be your guardian angel protecting you from above, at the right hand of God 🙂


    Kailyn and Ellie (woof)

  5. R.I.P. Calpurnia. We never had the pleasure of meeting you, but some Husky friends of mine met you up in Montana. RA & Isis send their deepest sympathy.

  6. Nice tribute to a special girl. My thoughts are with you. I think we met once or twice in Longmont but if not, I feel I knew her from here. Hopefully she has met my sweet Annie and Abbeygirl as well by now. Love, Casey

      • What a beautiful tribute and an amazing husky story ~ may her spirit run free and live on in the hearts of all who love her… All dog breeds are very special..all tripawds are very special..and husky’s have a very special place in my heart!! Thank you for sharing! I loved watching the video and seeing the beautiful pictures!
        Much love,
        Indiana’s mom ~ Carol~

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