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Jerry Tries The Pet Support Suit

UPDATE (01/19/10): The new and improved AST Get A Grip harness is now available in the Tripawds Gear blog! Read the updated review. Recently, the great people at Animal Suspension Technologies sent Jerry their new Pet Support Suit to test out. Below is a movie and a product review of this great new product. Believe […]

I can’t wait to meet Buzz!

I just got an email from my cousin Buzz Lightyear. He looks cool, and that aunt Helen is pretty cute too! I can’t wait to visit them. My people plan to spend some time at their home when we pass through Troy, NY on our full-time RVing adventure later this year. Check out our road […]

Dog Tired from the Heat!

I sure hope my people choose somewhere a lot cooler to settle down, if they ever do. After spending a week in a hot, dry, dusty, Flastaff Arizona KOA campground, I am sure ready to move on to a cooler climate. To top off the week they dragged me through the steep streets of the […]

Online Doggy Dating

I just got this email from a hot young Southern California dog: “I’m 5 years old (35 young doggie years) and love long walks on the beach, chasing the dogs next door, barking at raccoons and coyotes and snuggling with my peeps.  I have beautiful fur and stand about waist high with a long bushy […]

My New “Routine”

Used to be that my daily walks were the same ol’ same ol’. We’d walk up past the beauty college, where I’d try to sniff the latest muck on the street. Then I’d hop a little more, say hi to my neighborhood pals, turn around the corner and come back. Same thing every day. But […]

Camping’s Hard Work!

Woof! I’m so tired! My best pal in the whole world, Winston, came to see me at Lake Francis Resort this weekend. I was sooo surprised that he came all the way from Oakland just for me! Man, we had a great time. That kid really wears me out though. I’ll be snoozin for days!

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