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Jasmine: Two Years Later, Still Beating the Odds

Jasmine: Bone Cancer SurvivorWe love hearing from other canine cancer heroes who have been living healthy, happy lives, long past their vet’s prognosis.

My vet said I would only live four months, at most, past my diagnosis. And look at me now . . . it’s almost been one year!

And recently, we heard from Jasmine, who is throwing those post-cancer predictions off the charts. She had her amputation surgery over two years ago!

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Go Genie, Go!

Genie Bone Cancer Survivor with Ruff Wear HarnessGenie is my new friend in Canada, and she became a Tripawd this past week. Genie is 12 years old, and because she was such a healthy girl to begin with, she is now doing so great after her amputation surgery.

Genie’s Mom has been feeding her a completely holistic diet since she was a little puppy. So now that she’s battling cancer, she has a real “leg up” for beating the odds, because she is in such great health already.

Here is a great story about how her Mom Jessie has given her the best life a dog could ask for, after being adopted from the pound. Her Mom wrote it and sent it in to us. Read more to learn about how you can create a healthy diet and lifestyle for us dawgs, with or without a disease like cancer.

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Calpurnia’s Story: A Working Dog Bounces Back from Cancer

For anyone who isn’t sure if a dog can lead a happy life as a tripod, meet Calpurnia, a gorgeous gal from Colorado, who became a new member of the Tripawd family on September 14, 2007. Here is her recovery story that her Dad just sent to me.

Sled Dogs Bone Cancer Recovery 5For nearly 12 years, Calpurnia has been an enthusiastic working sled dog – running lead for nearly 10,000 miles through the snowy back country of Colorado. She was an amazing leader and we have shared many adventures together by sled and dog team.

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Super Senior Tripawds

Senior dog bone cancer survivorI get a lot of letters from dog parents who are dealing with a bone cancer diagnosis. Many parents aren’t sure if their senior dog can handle being a tripawd.

We know that amputation is a tough decision, especially when older dogs are involved. And there’s no “right” answer; every dog has a different health situation, and responds to it in their own way, usually pawsitively!

Based on the dog parents we’ve talked to, it seems that most dogs who are good candidates for the surgery (your vet can advise) will bounce right back to their old selves in no time, once that nasty pain is gone.

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Speaking of Ice Cream for Dogs…

After tiring me out at Sand Beach and feasting on lobster, my people went into a market while in Northeast Harbor, Maine in search of some local wine. They found some, but I don’t care about that. I wish they would’ve bought something else they found… ice cream treats for dogs! This is the first time they had ever heard … Read more.

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