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Meet Lalla from Tel Aviv!

Lalla from TelAviv Israel

I just got a letter from my first overseas International Visitor, Lalla, a canine cancer survivor from Israel.

Lalla had her rear right leg amputated last September, due to osteosarcoma.

Lalla says that she didn’t have chemo, because “It would have really disrupted my normal happy routine: no beach, no pals and no treats!”

And even though the doctors told her she only had about 2 months left on earth. That was a year ago! Just like me, she has beaten the odds, and is now living life to the max!

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Tripawds Merchandise Now Available!

 Big news! We have just officially launched our Tripawds Café Press Store!

tripawds store merchandise

Show your tripawd pride with t-shirts, mugs, caps, mouse pads, stickers and more. We even offer a dog t-shirt* perfect for protecting your new three legged friend’s stitches after surgery. Use the Tripawd Journal to keep track of important diet information and health care tips.

Do you know a new tripawd? Send them my funny canine cancer get well card. Or get a pack of 20 inspirational note cards and send them out as thank you notes or personal memos.

Your purchase helps support tripawds everywhere by promoting awareness of osteosarcoma in dogs and amputation as a solution for continued health and well being.

*Many sizes available. Optional: You may choose to sew up the empty limb hole.

Three Barks for California Sammy!!!

Samuel Jacob, Rock StarLife is good. Lately I’ve been living with my people in the woods near Eau Claire, Wisconsin, just soaking up the sun and loving life. But recently, I heard from a fellow Tripawd, Sammy. He was looking for some ideas for a back and ear scratcher for dogs without the use of back legs. Got any? Scratching ideas, not legs, silly!

See how Sammy tries to scratch:

Sammy is blazing through his amputation recovery like a Rock Star, even though he has faced some really big health problems. He found me because he went to the wonderful people at the University of California at Davis’ Vet Teaching Hospital too. Sammy even met my girlfriend there, Theresa Varland!

You can read all about it on his Dogster page, but here’s the short version of what 10-year old Sammy has battled. Ha, you think you’ve got it bad sometimes?

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Timber’s Story

3-legged Timber Girl ShepherdI’ve got a new Tripawd Pal! Timber is 9 year old pretty pretty girl recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma after she broke her leg. Considering her back legs have pins and plates after both of her ACLs tore when she was 3 and 4, I’d say she’s quite a trooper!

After dealing with her surgery, Timber’s people took the time to send me the following detailed update on her post-op progress, complete with more pictures… Tell your people thanks Timber! We wish you the best.

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Wading in the Mississippi Headwaters

Wading Across the MississippiI’ve been feeling sad about Rumpelstilskin. My people encouraged his to proceed with his operation and I do believe that was the best choice, but unfortunately bad things can happen during these procedures. I guess I got lucky. I wish them the best, and wish I could’ve met ol’ Rumpel.

If you’ve lost a beloved pet to cancer, send me a photo or a few words and we’ll gladly include a tribute here on my site.

Recently we went to the Lake Itasca State Park while staying at Joe’s Lodge near Bemidji, MN to continue spreading the word about how life ain’t so bad on three legs. I got a lot of attention, which I just love. And my people told everyone about what happened to me and how well I get along now. They enjoy telling people about the benefits of my surgery and the canine cancer treatment plan they’ve chosen for me, though they are cautious now to mention that complications sometimes can arise.

Educating the masses

Did you know you can walk across the Mississippi River here? This place is where that big long river begins as a little stream. It’s kinda funny to think that later on during our sabbatical RV road trip we may be crossing this river again some 2,300+ miles to the south. Though I doubt we’ll be wading across down there!

P.S.: Be sure to check out my videos page to see my new three-legged dog swimming movie we made at Long Lake in Otter Tail County, MN. Here is a quick one of me enjoying the grass at lake Itasca…

Tribute to: Rumpelstilskin


October 22nd, 2001-July 5th, 2007

A true friend, always there, always happy, my buddy.

Silly yet stoic, with a personality that was magnificent.

Your funny pig face that you did will always be remembered

Rumpelstilskin 2

Now in heaven playing with the children

If love could have cured you, you would have lived forever!

– Roseann and Mychal LaVia

Rumpelstilskin 2

Another Tripawd Shows The World What We Can Do

Bill from Oak Park, ILThis is Bill, my buddy from Illinois. He just had surgery five days ago, and doesn’t he look great? He’s already playing fetch around the yard, and trying to take on a very big apartment staircase, all by himself. But, his parents are freaked out about the stairs and playing too hard, just like mine were after I had my surgery. Silly humans, they think that we are as slow to adapt to change as they are!

Hang in there Bill, your Mom and Dad will chill out and relax soon. Till then, keep on keepin’ on, we’re thinking of you! Get well soon so you can get back out there and play, play, play!

– Jerry

The Badlands Ain’t so Bad

Hesperocyon GregariuisThis is supposedly one of my distant ancestors. Looks like a stiff to me. But not bad for being 37 Million years old! My people took this picture of Hesperocyon Gregarius at the Badlands Visitor’s Center. From the heat outside, I don’t think I missed much. I stayed in the trailer which remained pretty cool while they were gone.

They said it was the best interpretive center they’ve seen at any National Park. It was an impressive little natural history museum. I suppose that’s why they stayed to watch the short informative movie that showed there, or maybe it was the nice air conditioned theater.

Later that evening we went and listened to a ranger talk about the Badlands, and its history at an outdoor amphitheater next to the Cedar Pass campground where we spent the night. The next morning, Jim gave me a bath with our trailer’s exterior utility shower to empty the fresh water tank he had filled up the day before in preparation for the heat.

It was certainly hot, but tolerable even though there was nowhere to swim. Our trailer cast a big shadow for us, there was a nice steady breeze, and the view was incredible.

Jerry in the Badlands

We would have posted this sooner, but we’ve been driving a lot the past few days through lots of farmland. And we didn’t have internet access at our last stop at Roy Lake because of all the trees. The swimming wasn’t that great since there was no beach for easy access, but I did have fun chasing all the jumping frogs! I’d never even seen a frog before. We’ll upload a movie of that as soon as we get the chance.

Jerry and his people at Mt. RushmoreThe highlight from this part of our full-time RVing road trip adventure, however, had to be going to see the great big faces carved in the rock at a place my people called Mt. Rushmore. This is another one of those silly National Park places where dogs are not allowed for whatever reason. (But kids can run around free and toss juice boxes on the ground! I’ll never understand that.)

But as a sly social experiment, Jim put on his sunglasses, held me close by the harness and grabbed Rene’s arm with his other hand. He tilted his head slightly as if listening intently as we walked right into the park past rangers and other people who would jump out of our way.

It was quite interesting to see people’s reactions as they grabbed their children out of the way and seemed to feel sorry for us – and not just because I have three legs for once!

New movies online!

Spearfish City Dog Park?As promised, we’ve posted some new movies to my three-legged dog videos page. You can see me swim at Keyhole Wyoming State Park and catch frisbees at Devil’s Tower, WY.

We’ve had some time to do this catching up while staying at Whistler Gulch Campground in Deadwood, SD while on our full-time RVing sabbatical. My people have spent the past few days here checking out the area. We even went to Sturgis – check out my tripawd dog photo gallery for a picture of me at the world famous Roadkill Café.

The picture above is supposedly of the city dog park in Spearfish, SD. The sign says otherwise, and I didn’t see any sign of other dogs so we didn’t even get out of the truck. It’s still pretty hot though, so we stopped at Spearfish Canyon Creek on the way back and got wet.

Jerry cools off at Spearfish Canyon Creek

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